Chapter 918 – Paralyzed In Fear

With Mu Rong Xin Nuo, Madam Ru left the Saintess Palace.

Halfway on their journey, she suddenly felt that in such circumstances, it was not good leaving Bai Li Zi Xi without consoling her. What if her son was still affected by Devil Energy and Bai Li Zi Xi will not want to help because Huan Qing Yan was pregnant?

Madam Ru got Mu Rong Xin Nuo to return first before returning to the Saintess Palace.

She swept the area with her divine sense to see if Bai Li Zi Xi was sad and disappointed.

When out of the blue, she saw someone leaving through the back door of the Saintess Palace; it was a woman in disguise, but Madam Ru was still able to recognize the person.

It was Bai Li Zi Xi!

Why had she disguised herself?

Madam Ru felt suspicious and decided to silently follow her after some thinking.

After passing through a few busy streets, they arrived at a secluded backyard of an inn.

There seems to be a man waiting for Bai Li Zi Xi inside; after Bai Li Zi Xi entered the building, a stealth formation was activated…

Madam Ru did not act lightly despite being a King Spirit Master.

Touching the formation would only cause her to be discovered by the people inside.

After waiting for half a day, Bai Li Zi Xi left the formation. Her expression looked excited and agitated, after checking her surroundings, she silently left.

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Although it was silent, there was a black shadow following her.

As a King Spirit Master, Madam Ru possesses the highest cultivation amongst everyone in the area, so no one was able to discover her. When she saw the attire of the black shadow, she found it familiar, like it was someone from the Ji Mo Clan.

Madam Ru pondered for a moment and was no longer bothered to follow after Bai Li Zi Xi, she chose to focus on the person inside the building instead.

It was a fierce-looking man, in his hand was a large stack of spirit stone cards…

Madam Ru silently placed her divine sense on him without alerting him.

The man was very cautious, after counting the spirit stone cards, he collected his stuff and left the inn, breaking into a run immediately after he left Holy City.

In less than an hour, the man was several dozen miles away from the Holy City.

After feeling safer, he displayed a cold sneer and mumbled, “This method was not bad, easily conning money from that bitch. A pity I never really got to sleep with Young Master Ya’s woman, and could only create a fake scene to cheat that bitch’s money. Young Master Ya’s woman must have tasted really well. However, being able to borrow Young Master Ya’s hand to kill off those trashes was also pretty good…”

Just as the man was gloating, the noble voice of a woman appeared beside him.

“This Madam is a little interested in what you have just said. Can you explain to me in detail?”

The fierce-looking man jumped in shock and looked around; seeing that there was no one, he was only more terrified, “Who are you?”

Madam Ru suddenly appeared in front of him.

A typical almond-shaped face of beauty, fair skin, and voluptuous body. An alluring body yet noble, just that her face was expressionless and was giving off a terrifying vibe.

When the fierce-looking man saw the King Spirit Treasure in her arms, he stood paralyzed in fear.


After Huan Qing Yan sent Shang Qiu Meng Qian away, she continued eating.

After having her fill, she took a long nap. Ji Mo Ya has yet to return, but she could sense that someone was outside the door.

When she went outside to look, she saw Ji Mo Ya being blocked outside the door, sitting on the ground meditating.

It was already dark, the faint moonlight covered his perfect face, like a beautiful snow mountain that was not tainted by anything.

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