Chapter 916 – Kill Ji Mo Ya

However, he had already spoken, so he could only grit his teeth and go along with it, “I want two plates!”

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Huan Qing Yan opened the door and passed the Coco Shrimps to Shang Qiu Meng Qian, “This is for you, no need to pay. After you finished eating, stop coming to find me whenever you want, or my husband will beat you to death.”

After she was done speaking, the door closed with a slight slam and she went back into the building.

Shang Qiu Meng Qian shouted a couple of times outside the door when he discovered that there were no more reactions, he carried the plate of Coco Shrimps and left resentfully.

The door might not be fully opened, but who is he?

He had used his divine sense and had noticed Huan Qing Yan’s swelling belly long ago, the person with excellent spirit treasure affinity with him was carrying the child of another.

Sigh, she had already become someone’s mother.

It was not easy for cultivators to get pregnant, let alone someone with Young Master Ya’s talents. If he continues to have designs for Huan Qing Yan, the people of Ji Mo Clan would likely not have it anymore.

Nothing good would come out of it.

Pui! Ji Mo Ya was really lucky!

If only he were the first to meet Huan Qing Yan, losing a heaven-sent person with excellent spirit treasure affinity with him. He seems like he was destined to be alone in this life.

Since his hopes of getting a wife were gone, Shang Qiu Meng Qian decided to return to his clan and enter closed-door cultivation.

With no wife, he plans to increase his cultivation as a form of consoling his wounded heart.

Shang Qiu Meng Qian ate a Coco Shrimp and was astounded at how great it tasted.

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This made him felt even more regretful, not only was she a person with excellent spirit treasure affinity, but she was also a High-Rank Spirit Chef!

Ji Mo Ya really was lucky, what a great loss.

He really wanted to send someone to kill Ji Mo Ya!


Ji Mo Ya sensed that someone was cursing him and casually glanced at his surroundings.

Plant Sage was not around as he left Holy City to handle some affairs.

Only Wine Sage was currently around and he was now deep in thought.

A rare expression of seriousness.

“Devil Energy is found on Spirit Treasure Continent. If someone else told this old man, I would not have believed the person…”

Ji Mo Ya also told Wine Sage the last words of the Gnome Sage when he was in the Gnome Kingdom.

Wine Sage instantly went wide-eyed, and jumped in shock, “The last words of a Sage, this is a great matter, why did you only bring it up now?”

Ji Mo Ya did not expect Wine Sage to have such a great reaction. “The Gnome Sage told me to inform my Master, but Master has not contacted me for years, that is why…”

Wine Sage slapped the table and said with a serious expression, “All the more reason you should have told us earlier.”

Ji Mo Ya did not reply.

“Do you know what the Plant Sage went out to do? This is something that should not be known by the juniors, but it is time I tell you. Do you know why no sages have appeared on Spirit Treasure Continent for a thousand years? Why in such a large continent, only Plant Sage and I did not enter closed-door cultivation?”

Wine Sage kept talking.

Ji Mo Ya looked like him, a matter that a junior like him should not be told, yet Wine Sage did not care.

Wine Sage continued, “What are you looking at me for? You can no longer be considered a junior, it is best to let you know about certain matters sooner. Someone is going around and affecting our Spirit Treasure Continent’s Power of Will, that is why Plant Sage went out to investigate. Why are the other Half-Sages behind closed-doors? It is not because they wanted to cultivate and breakthrough, it is to suppress their cultivation as they are afraid of becoming a Sage!”

Ji Mo Ya was shocked, and asked, “Why?”

Won’t becoming a Sage allow them to rise higher and go further?

Wine Sage replied, “Because, over the past few years, the Ascended Sages have used various means to tell us not to ascend beyond our current plane… There seemed to be unavoidable dangers in the upper plane. This is something that this old man should not be telling you; your Ji Mo Clan has more information regarding this, your clan’s Cai Sage should be the one to tell you this. However, this old man cannot endure it any longer today.”

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