Chapter 171 – Fog Country

In terms of cultivation and learning martial arts, Yang Tian’s talent was also first-rate.

Yang Tian sat on the ground to make it easy to observe his surroundings as well.

When it was near midnight, Yang Tian heard crunching sounds. Five dark figures were slowly approaching them.

However, there was a familiar scent that allowed Yang Tian to recognize their identities.

Two Rank 3 metahumans and three Rank 2 metahumans from Wu Ying Xue’s team.

“Young Lady, Young Lady!”

The large man called out to Wu Ying Xue, the latter and Wu Chen Fei immediately woke up after hearing the shouts of the man.

“Uncle Kang!”

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Wu Ying Xue shouted out excitedly, she initially thought that they would have died inside the cave, but seeing them alive now, Wu Ying Xue was delighted.

Yang Tian was awake all along, but the current Yang Tian was too different from before, that was why the group did not recognize how dangerous this man in front of them was.

“Thank you for saving them, brother.”

Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei were currently wearing men’s clothes; when they saw Yang Tian, they guessed that Yang Tian was their rescuer.

Wu Ying Xue initially wanted to explain the situation, but she was worried a problem might appear between both sides after her clarification. Moreover, Yang Tian seems to know her elder sister, so Wu Ying Xue decided to just let it be.

“It’s no bother.”

When Yang Tian saw Wu Ying Xue not reveal his identity, he decided to accept their thanks. Moreover, Yang Tian still wanted to take a look at Yu’er’s home, he would naturally not want to fall out with them.

“Brother, look at us all injured. Can I request of you to escort us back? Our Wu Family will certainly repay this grace.”

The large man who was wounded by Yang Tian asked. Although such words did not mean much in the post-apocalyptic world, the man and his team were undoubtedly in a bad situation, that was why they wanted to give it a try.

Yang Tian’s original goal was to pay the Wu Family a visit and naturally accepted the request.

“You are too polite, I will escort all of you back.”

“Thank you, brother!”

They did not expect Yang Tian to agree so easily. Moreover, Yang Tian’s current looks were no different than a young master. In the eyes of the man, Yang Tian was some Young Master of a family who sneaked out and did not understand how cruel the post-apocalyptic world was. Even if he had awakened an excellent ability, leaving the family means he has to be prepared to suffer losses outside.

Unfortunately, the large man did not know that within that young body, was a soul which had already rolled about in the post-apocalyptic world for a few decades.

Yang Tian naturally knew what they were thinking, to use him as a shield when they encounter danger, but they forgot about one thing, they have overestimated their importance.

“It is still midnight, let us leave when day breaks!”

“Okay, we will listen to brother.”

Yang Tian silently laughed at the respectful attitude of the large man, playing such acts in front of me? You are still too young.

In the night, the large man and the other Early Rank 3 metahumans did not plan to sleep, they approached Yang Tian instead.

“May I ask which family did brother come from?”

“My family is very far from here, you might not know even after me telling you.”

Yang Tian deliberately displayed a disdainful expression, treating them as though they were a bunch of bumpkins.

Being looked down upon by a young man had naturally caused the large man to feel uncomfortable.

“Has brother heard of Misty Sect?”

How could Yang Tian not know of Misty Sect! It was one of the most mysterious martial sects in the post-apocalyptic world, no one knew how strong they were. That was also why no organization dared to offend them without cause!

“Misty Sect is a large martial sect, of course, I have heard of them.”

“I do not mind telling brother, one of our family members is a disciple of Misty Sect.”

The large man displayed a smug expression when he said that; Yang Tian even played along and looked very impressed to satisfy the vanity of the man.

“If that’s the case, your family must likely be a large clan as well.”

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Is Yu’er from Misty Sect? Does that mean that Misty Sect was the one that was supporting Sky Hegemon Blade Sage? No one has heard of Misty Sect supporting a Child of Heaven, Yang Tian could not help but feel suspicious.

The metahuman beside the large man immediately prodded him, the man noticed that he seems to have spoken too much and quickly change the topic.

“Brother, can you tell us about your family?”

Tell you? Spinning one up was easy.

“My family is not only one like yours, but we are also a clan of four families. Signifying the four primordial beasts: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix, Black Turtle. Even those martial sects that were hiding would not dare to offend us.”

Yang Tian was talking about an enemy clan in his previous life; he was speaking of a mighty family that caused Yang Tian to suffered many losses. This clan even produced four Children of Heaven in one shot and were each supported by a different martial sect. However, the four Children of Heaven were unwilling to submit under each other, causing the clan to split into four in the end.

“Have you heard of us before?”

“We… we really have not heard of this before.”

The large man has not heard of this family before, the metahuman beside him was equally at a loss. What kind of family is that? However, they noticed that Yang Tian’s clan was extraordinary from his tone.

“Can you tell us….”

Before the large man could finish his question, a large group of zombies suddenly appeared.

“Not good, zombies from the Fog Country.”

Fog Country was a force built by the zombies of A City, the zombies of A City were defeated by the humans, but they were still able to occupy an area near A City as their territory.

The zombie king of A City called their territory as Fog Country.

Yang Tian did not know much about the zombies of Fog Country. However, Yang Tian did know one thing, they would eventually be destroyed by a Bone Dragon from the Abyss World during the middle period of the post-apocalyptic world.

The enemies were mostly Rank 1 zombies with some Rank 2 mixed amongst them.

However, they were still not easy enemies for a group of injured metahumans.

Ravenous Wolf Blade appeared in Yang Tian’s hand, he was prepared for a battle. The other five metahumans were still injured, while Wu Ying Xue has mostly recovered after consuming the Red Fruit. Her situation was considered much better than the other five.

“Young Lady, be careful.”

“I know, Uncle Kang and the rest be careful as well. Do not aggravate your injuries.”

“Rest assured, Young Lady.”

The zombies reached them, Yang Tian circulated Purple Sun Divine Art to maintain his body at top condition. Coupled with the Ravenous Wolf Blade in his hand, the Rank 1 zombies were easily killed by Yang Tian.

Wu Ying Xue needed to protect Wu Chen Fei while fighting the zombies, causing her to feel quite an amount of pressure.

“Are you really going to fight like this? This is quite a number of zombies.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen cautioned Yang Tian.

The combined total of these Rank 1 and Rank 2 zombies numbered a thousand.

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