Chapter 170 – Chanced Encounter

“As expected of the Elf Race, the physique of a Null Elf is so powerful.”

“Time to end this.”

Yang Tian had obtained a sketch of understanding about his new body and did not want to continue fighting with the Rank 2 metahuman.

Venom quickly covered his body, the Rank 2 metahuman was killed with a punch.

“Next is to kill the rest of them.”

Yang Tian quickly entered the Nightwalker Bat Cave, sounds of fighting and screaming were heard coming from within. Moreover, this period was when the Nightwalker Bats which had gone out to forage has likely returned.

Nearly ten thousand Nightwalker Bats was not a small number. Despite being only Rank 1 creatures, their combined fighting power was not something to be underestimated.

Moreover, there were a large amount of Nightwalker Bat droppings accumulated on the ground inside the cave, the rescuers would have no choice but to move through the feces. The terrain would also affect their fighting ability.

Yang Tian used Examine to investigate, and saw… feces flying everywhere.

Each metahuman was covered in quite an amount of it, on their hair, ears, face, even on some of their lips.

Yang Tian originally wanted to enter, but he suddenly felt a sense of rejection coming from his body.

“Elf Mysophobia? Get lost!”

Since it was his own body, there should be no mysophobia, everything should be his personal decision.

Yang Tian climbed the walls of the cave and was about to go deeper.

“It’s her.”

The girl that was holding the Experience Light Sword was currently carrying a five six-year-old boy and was running out hurriedly.

Her body was also covered in filth as well, but she did not look bothered by it.

It looks like she had abandoned her team inside the cave.

Yang Tian exited the cave and waited outside for her.

“It’s you!”

The girl shouted out! She could sense the killing intent coming from Yang Tian, she had already used up a lot of her stamina inside the cave and did not have much fighting power left.

“It’s me, do you have a problem?”

“What do you want to do?” the girl asked cautiously.

“I never like to leave any loose ends!”

The girl was heavily injured, she couldn’t fight against Yang Tian, especially when she also has a lethal wound on her neck now. 

Yang Tian’s arms turned into blades as he slowly approached the girl. The boy in her arm sensed the terror coming from the girl and jumped in front of the girl to block Yang Tian.

“Don’t bully my elder sister!”

“Who do you think you are?”

Yang Tian sent the boy flying with a kick, the black blade stabbed towards the girl’s head.

“Chen Fei!?

The girl ignored the incoming blade when she says the boy being kicked away and wanted to run to the boy to check on him.

“Wu Chen Fei? Then are you Wu Ying Xue?”

“How did you know?”

Yang Tian looked at them, his expression was erratic.

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When Yang Tian spent the night with Yu’er, he learned her real name, Wu Xiao Yu. During that conversation, he also learned that she has a younger sister and younger brother.

However, Yu’er did not tell Yang Tian where she came from, she only briefly told him she was from a large family, and she was only a child adopted by the Family Head randomly. Although the Family Head had instructed that Yu’er was his daughter, how many people would really accept it?

Yu’er once told Yang Tian this: The family is very large, but I had always felt like I am an outsider. They have never treated me like family as well, the only one who would call me elder sister is Ying Xue and Chen Fei. My luck was also pretty good as I met master, allowing my status within the family to soar by leaps and bounds. I am very thankful towards master, that was why I am willing to serve you today when he asked me.

When Yang Tian heard the name Chen Fei, he asked to confirm their identities. In fact, he also knew about some unique traits of Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei. Wu Ying Xue has a birthmark on her stomach while Wu Chen Fei as a golden tooth!

At that time, Yang Tian even joked about the boy having a golden tooth, but Yu’er said that Wu Chen Fei’s golden tooth was natural, that made Yang Tian feel that Wu Chen Fei might not be a simple character.

Yang Tian tore off Wu Ying Xue’s clothes, revealing the fist-size birthmark. He also went to find Wu Chen Fei and confirmed that he has a golden tooth in his mouth.

It was not a common golden tooth, the golden tooth might have a dull color, but Yang Tian was able to sense sharp energy coming from it.

“Let me go, don’t bully my elder sister!”

Yang Tian lifted the boy up, but the boy was being stubborn and tried to free himself from Yang Tian’s grip. However, he did not remain long in Yang Tian’s hold before Yang Tian handed him to Wu Ying Xue.

“Tell me something regarding Xiao Yu.”

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Yang Tian kept Venom and revealed his real face to Wu Ying Xue.


Wu Ying Xue discovered that Yang Tian looked considerably different from before, the former displayed a strange expression. However, Yang Tian suddenly brought up Xiao Yu. Wu Ying Xue chose not to reply as she did not know much about Yang Tian.

“Not saying? Sure, I will not make things difficult for you guys. I will bring you back.”

Yang Tian did not know if Yu’er was in A City, but these two in front of him were dear to Yu’er and Yang tian was willing to help Yu’er.

“Who are you, and what is your relationship with my elder sister?”

“You do not need to know, just clean up your brother and yourself. The smell on the both of you might attract certain creatures.”

Not far away was a river, Yang Tian brought them there. As for any mutated leeches or similar creatures in the water, they have been destroyed by Yang Tian.

It might be because of the mysophobia, Yang Tian was unwilling to carry around two bundles of ‘feces’ with him.

There were only men’s clothes inside Yang Tian Archaic Bronze Ring, he gave two sets to them.

“Sis, I am hungry.”

After cleaning up, Wu Chen Fei’s stomach growled, but Wu Ying Xie did not bring food with her when she left home.

“Bear with it for a while.”


“No need to endure, eat this.”

Yang Tian threw several chocolates over to him while taking out several Red Fruits for Wu Ying Xue. The Red Fruits healing effects were not as effective when used by a Rank 3 metahuman, but that was the only healing item Yang Tian brought with him.

Wu Ying Xue displayed a struggling expression, Yang Tian had wanted to kill them just moments ago, yet he suddenly treated them so nicely in a blink of an eye. Wu Ying Xue was unable to handle the change for a moment, but she also perfectly understand her brother’s and her own current situation; that was why she eventually decided to accept the food and Red Fruit given by Yang Tian.

“Thank you.”

“We will rest here for today and set off tomorrow.”

Yang Tian sat on the ground and started cultivating Purple Sun Divine Art.

Yang Tian’s original body required considerable effort to become a Martialist, but this situation changed after he obtained a natural physique suitable for a Martialist.

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