Chapter 169 – Null Attribute?

However, it was under the premise that your luck was not too bad.

“The Corruption Attribute? Disappeared?”

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Yang Tian thought he would obtain the Corruption Attribute, if his mental power gained the Corruption Attribute, it will undoubtedly significantly increase the offensive ability of his mental power, he might even obtain a new mental-type skill as well.

“It’s the Elf Trait.”

Elves are a major race and could be further split into various types. Dark Elves that embrace the darkness, Light Elves that live within light, there were also Fallen Elves that served Fallen Angels, Water Elves, Fire Elves…

There were countless types.

The Elf Trait would give you one of the abilities of elves. However, what kind of Elf Trait will he acquire from this? Yang Tian, without a doubt, was hoping to obtain the Dark Elf Trait.

Dark Elves was a terrifying race when within the darkness, amongst them was the Dark Elf King that even Yang Tian had not met before in his previous life. However, some Dark Creatures had told Yang Tian before that the Dark Elf King was absolutely terrifying and not one to be casually trifled with.

Yang Tian was already a Legendary Rank Tamer at that time, yet he was still given such a warning, this meant that the Dark Elf King possessed a fighting power that was even more terrifying than a Legendary Rank.

“A Null Elf?”

Yang Tian was at a loss, the so-called Null Elf are elves that have the Null Attribute, it meant that they did not have any attributes yet will be able to take and wield all other attributes.

Null Elves are like a piece of white paper, if you give it the Fire Attribute, it would be able to use the power of fire. It will be able to use any attributes given to them. This might look like a beautiful thing, but it is not.

Comparing a Null Elf and a Fire Elf, was like comparing a blank piece of paper and a fiery red paper. If you add a bit of red onto a blank piece of paper, would it be able to compare with the entirely red paper?

That was why Null Elves were very careful when taking in other attributes. If they have too many attributes, the fighting power of the Null Elf will experience a sharp drop.

Yang Tian had obtained one of the Null Elf’s traits, but what trait was given to Yang Tian?

Yang Tian thought he had received nothing until he discovered…

The body of Null Elf

That’s right, Yang Tian’s body had turned into the body of a Null Elf. In a certain sense, Yang Tian had become a member of the elves.

“F*** this!”

Yang Tian could not help but cursed, the traits of any other elves would be better than one from a Null Elf.

Yang Tian’s body was currently transforming.

His half-dragon eyes were still the same, but his brows and lashes have turned white, even his hair was the same. His ears started to lengthen and become pointed like an elf. The elves had always been a race with attractive appearances, this transformation had also turned Yang Tian handsome.

Yang Tian’s body and form were developing towards a perfect state, but the tattoos on his arms remained.

When he finished evolving, Yang Tian became a handsome and charming man.

“The looks of elves is truly disgusting.”

Yang Tian was very disgusted at the change of his appearance, but he was also helpless about it. However, he was still pretty satisfied that his body had evolved as he sensed that he could train as a Martialist now.

This might be due to the influence of Purple Sun Divine Art.

His body’s explosiveness and strength were much better than before. His physique had also reached the requirement of a Rank 1 Martialist, plus having cultivated Purple Sun Divine Art till Rank 1, Yang Tian was not a Rank 1 Martialist.


Shock replaced Yang Tian’s face of disgust.

The Light Attribute that Yang Tian was unable to locate before has now appeared, the uniqueness of Null Elves have brought out all the attributes that Yang Tian possessed.

Light and Dark, plus the strongest mental power.

The attributes that Yang Tian possessed have surfaced. Light and Dark were not very outstanding, but they truly existed.

“When did Light Attribute entered my body?”

Yang Tian was clear of the Dark Attribute he has as he had used several Dark skills in the past, it was not surprising that he was tainted by the Dark Attribute, but Yang Tian had never come in contact with Light.

The only explanation he could think of was that the Light Attribute was born and remained latent within Yang Tian’s body when he experienced his first Blood Rain.

But why had Yang Tian been unable to detect the Light Attribute inside his body?

The Light and Dark attributes were currently not very strong, they were not powerful enough to cause Yang Tian’s new body to experience a change. However, he was now able to unleash a bit of Light or Dark energy.

Yang Tian’s face turned ugly, he had initially planned to transform his body into a mental-type elf such as Nightmare Elf or Charm Elf, but now he had three attributes appearing at the same time. Light, Dark, and Mental Power, this was utterly a Jumble Elf.

Although the three attributes were very inherently powerful, it was not a good matter when appearing inside only one elf.

“Your body…”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen had also noticed Yang Tian’s anomaly.

“Elf body? Yes, from what I understand about elves, your body is definitely an elf’s body.”

“But why is your elf body somewhat strange?”

“Shut up.”

Yang Tian was currently in a bad mood, his tone would naturally not be pleasant.

Yang Tian’s appearance had changed entirely. No one would be able to recognize that he was Yang Tian without looking in detail.

“Let’s go kill some people first.”

Yang Tian moved towards the Nightwalker Bat’s cave without using Venom. His current body had given Yang Tian a pretty decent movement speed.

Rank 1 Martialist, Yang Tian wanted to try the fighting power of a Rank 1 Martialist.

When Yang Tian was near the cave, a Rank 2 metahuman happened to rush out at the same time.

“There are so many terrifying creatures, save him yourself if you want to, this daddy is not going to throw my life away for you guys.”

The man mumbled as he escaped.

From his form, he was a Rank 2 Wolf Warrior.

“You are the one then.”

Yang Tian blocked the man’s path. The Rank 2 metahuman thought something terrible has happened, but released a sigh after seeing Yang Tian.

A thug with his hair dyed white, and the guy looked pretty handsome as well.

“Get lost if you know your place, or else I will take your life. Don’t think that because you are a boss just because you dyed your hair and have tattoos, I do not take such crap.”

The Rank 2 metahuman raised his hand to slap away Yang Tian, who was blocking him.


The wolf claw of the Rank 2 metahuman was grabbed by Yang Tian.

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“Strength is high enough to fight against a Rank 2 Beast Warrior, not bad.” Yang Tian silently assessed his current physique.

The Rank 2 metahuman was startled for a moment, he did not expect Yang Tian to resist and immediately he attacked again.

In terms of speed and strength, Yang Tian was able to reach a draw using his Rank 1 Martialist abilities when pitting against the Rank 2 Beast Warrior. This outcome was achieved due to this body.

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