Chapter 168 – Corruption Elf

“To prevent your words from being a lie, we need you to come with us.”

A large man beside the girl immediately acted to grab Yang Tian.

“Uncle Kang, since he has already told us the location, let us not make things difficult for him.”

The girl stopped the man, the man unwillingly retracted his hand after hearing the girl’s words.

“Since Young Miss has spoken, count yourself lucky, brat.”

“Is it really just luck?”

“What are you trying to say brat?”

The man immediately shouted out when he heard Yang Tian mumbled.

“How laughable.”

Yang Tian has never been lenient against such people who did not know where they stand.

Venom was summoned, a terrifying black monster appeared in front of the man. Compared to the black monster, the large man looked like a cute kitten.

“So you have some tricks up your sleeves, see how I will teach you a lesson.”

The man was startled by Venom, but he had seen his fair share of metahumans who could transform in the post-apocalyptic era;€ he did not panic when facing against the transformed Yang Tian.

When Yang Tian entered Venom form, he noticed that Venom was different from before. Venom possessed the ability to imitate and was able to mimic the powerful dual-energy form after Yang Tian and Violent Corpse Worm Queen merged.

And now, the power of Dark and Light has appeared on Venom’s arms. Although it was not as powerful as Yang Tian displayed, it was still at the level equivalent to Venom.

Mid Rank 3 Dark and Mid Rank 3 Light power, but they were both common-tier. However, the element of dark and light are known to be the most mysterious. When wielded correctly, they might be able to win against elite-tier or commander-tier elements when only at common-tier.

Dark Element appeared on Yang Tian’s left arm.

Yang Tian’s form turned into an illusion, giving off a vibe that made people feel uneasy.

“Are you worthy?”

The man felt danger coming from Yang Tian, but he still chose to attack the latter.

Two fists were covered in rock, increasing the lethality of his attacks.


Yang Tian’s left palm suddenly expanded and slapped against the double fists of the man. The latter was very confident with his attacks and did not feel that Yang Tian could be stronger than him, that was why he did not choose to avoid Yang Tian’s move. The two fists crashed against Yang Tian’s large palm, and the man regretted the next second immediately. He felt as though he was hitting a quagmire when his fists struck the black palm, the fists were firmly stuck, causing the man to be unable to pull it out. 

Moreover, the man could feel a destructive and corrosive power destroying the rocks that encased his fist within the palm.

“Save… save me!”

The man panicked and immediately seek help. The man had a strong feeling that his fists would completely disappear after some time.

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“Hold it!”

The girl pulled out the sharp sword on her waist and hacks down on Yang Tian’s giant palm.

“Light Element? That High Rank 3 weapon possessed the Light Element.”

Experience Light Sword, it has a 10% suppression effect against Dark Element or Undead Creatures.

Yang Tian could not help but temporarily let go of the man, after tossing the man to one side, Yang Tian quickly stepped back.

The man promptly checked his arms after landing and noticed that the rocks that covered it has mostly gone.

He was an Early Rank 3 Rock Warrior, rocks were his main fighting power, it could grant him a powerful boost to his attack and defense.

His rock meta-ability on his arms have obviously experienced destruction, even after trying several times, rocks no longer covered his arms like before.

“What did you do to him?”

The girl’s Experience Light Sword pointed at Yang Tian, the man might be brutish, but he was very loyal to her. Moreover, his was a vital fighting power, yet his current condition made the girl wonder how much fighting ability he has left.

“Let me remind you as well, if you enter too late, that child might turn into a pile of feces.”


“Young Miss, let us rescue Young Master first! Or else we might really not make it in time.”

After looking at the situation, several metahumans voiced out their thoughts, the large man was undoubtedly not as important as the Young Master they spoke of.

“Let’s go.”

The girl brought the man and dived into the cave. However, the girl left some words for Yang Tian before he left:

“We are the Wu Family of A City. You have offended us, we will definitely seek revenge.”

They quickly left after her words.

What the girl did not know was that Yang Tian would never leave any potential trouble unchecked. When she spoke those words, she had sealed their fate as Yang Tian’s prey.

“I wonder if there are any zombie forces other than human forces within A City.”

It was quite a distance from A City from this place, this group had likely expended quite a large amount of energy to pursue the Nightwalker Bats.

That girl was also a metahuman, a Mid Rank 3 metahuman.

Other than the girl and large man, there was also another Early Rank 3 metahuman in the group. The rest were all Rank 2 metahumans, just from the makeup of this team, one could guess that the Wu Family of A City was likely, not weak.

However, Yang Tian had never heard of any Wu Family of A City in his previous life, he guessed that the family was likely destroyed during the early phase of the post-apocalyptic era.

After Yang Tian left the area, he located a large tree hole.

He slowly took out the pale blue spirit plant.

Corruption Elf, Special Spirit Plant

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The Corruption Elf was a very special spirit plant, in the hands of a mental-type metahuman, its effect was at least equivalent to a Commander-Tier Spirit Plant. However, in the hands of other metahumans, it was not different as a weed.

The effects of ingesting the Corruption Elf was entirely up to the one who ate it, that was why the plant was categorized as Special.

Special-Type Spirit Plants did not have a distinct categorization because their effects varied and depended on the person who ate it. Some people might reach Rank 5 from Rank 1 after ingesting a Special-Type Spirit Plant, while some would feel as though they were just eating a piece of candy.

Corruption Elf was a Mental-Type Special Spirit Plant; its effects were limited, but it did not prevent any mental-type metahuman from vying to acquire it.

“What a mysterious spirit plant.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was able to detect the uniqueness of Corruption Elf and commented.

“Protect me while I refine it.”


Corruption Elf entered Yang Tian’s brain, under the refining of his mental power, Corruption Elf turned into bundles of pure energy and was absorbed by Yang Tian.

Corruption Elf, as its name suggested, possessed both the Corruption Attribute and the unique trait of Elves.

No matter which aspect, his mental power would undergo a distinct increase.

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