Chapter 914 – Send Away

He has earned big time, being able to be connected to Young Master Ya. It meant that he, Ma Tian Yin, would have a great backer in the future as well.

Over the years, he has been crawling and rolling about within the cultivation world as a wandering cultivator, experiencing countless difficulties. Although his cultivation reached True Spirit Master, a level enough to enjoy wealth and fame in the secular world, that was not what Ma Tian Yin wanted. Any cultivator, as long as they were not too old or unable to break through their bottlenecks, no one would want to waste their life and wait for death in the secular world.

For the sake of his future, he must find all sorts of opportunities.

He was currently feeling grateful towards the poisonous Corpse Pearl, allowing him to obtain a master.

“Don’t over exaggerate, didn’t I tell you before? I will cancel the servant contract after we leave the Blood Moon Hidden Realm. Are you here to dissolve the bond?”

Ma Tian Yin immediately shook his head like a rattle-drum, “No no no. Master, Ma Tian Yin has recognized you as Master, it must mean that we have some fate. Ma Tian Yin will only recognize one Master and is willing to serve you for the rest of my life…”

Ji Mo Ya threw a probing gaze, Ma Tian Yin got even more alert.

Huan Qing Yan said, “You will not get anything good if you follow me. Moreover, you are also a True Spirit Master, your future is great, why be like this.”

“Ma Tian Yin is a person who follows my vow, and since I have recognized a Master, it will not be changed for the rest of my life. If Master wants me to go east, I will never face the west… Please order me as you like, I am willing to die to fulfill Master’s orders…”

On and on…

Huan Qing Yan glanced at Ji Mo Ya, the two of them still need to rush to the Holy Court, they couldn’t bring excess baggage with them.

“Fine, since you are so adamant. Can you head to the Hanging Cloud Empire and protect my family for some time?” As Huan Qing Yan was thinking of what to do about him, she remembered her Mama and Xing Han; she was worried they would be bullied again when she was not around…

Therefore, she thought of this idea.

Ma Tian Yin immediately accepted, “No problem Master! Ma Tian Yin will definitely protect them well!”

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His repeated addressing of Master was causing Huan Qing Yan a headache.

Ji Mo Ya remained silent throughout the entire exchange when he suddenly gave Ma Tian Yin a token, the crest of the Ji Mo Clan was engraved on it, “If there are any problems, take this token and seek aid from any organization under the Ji Mo Clan influence.”

Ma Tian Yin was delighted, “Thank you Young Master Ya!”

After a couple of sentences, Ma Tian Yin was sent away to Hanging Cloud Empire.

Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan immediately set off for the Holy City. As Huan Qing Yan was pregnant and not suited to tale long journeys, Ji Mo Ya expended his resources to activate the Teleportation Formation between Surging Wave Academia and the Holy City, arriving at the Holy City immediately.



Nan Gong Bei Cheng released a long sigh as he closed his three eyes tiredly.

He has checked the two drops of blood in front of him multiple times and naturally has already confirmed it.

“To think that Aunt was right, she was really related to the Bai Li Clan. How strange…” Nan Gong Bei Cheng mumbled.


It was the first time Huan Qing Yan used the Teleportation Formation and it had felt very magical.

When she learned that activating the Teleportation Formation needs over a hundred million spirit stones and a large number of contribution points to humanity, she was dumbstruck. She had thought that she could act like a rich woman after earning several million spirit stones inside the Blood Moon Hidden Realm.

But from the looks of it, she was still very far from that.

No matter how rich you are, to the point of having unlimited spirit stones, you will still be unable to activate the Teleportation Formation; you still need Humanity Contribution Points. The points were managed by the Holy Court, and it was up to them to decide.

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