Chapter 167 – Dark Prison Cage

What power is this? Yang Tian was unable to understand as he had never experienced this type of power before.

Yang Tian had once borrowed the power of his tamed beast and has even wielded the power of a Legendary Rank tamed beast before. However, this was the first time he had experienced this type of power, one that completely exceeded his imagination.

Venom’s arms changed and they turned into purple-black arms that were incredibly thick. Strange tattoos were also covering the surface of the arms.

Venom was also affected that the power, that was why the color of Venom changed, it was no longer pure black but contained traces of purple. This trace of purple also formed the tattoos that covered it, the tattoos on both arms were the same, and were emitting strange energy.

Yang Tian shook his arms that was imbued with power, the action caused three-meters of the earth to crumble and revealed Yang Tian in Venom form.

Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat felt a sense of uneasiness coming from Yang Tian, the Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat felt danger enveloping its body.

“You are useless.”

You Zi was unable to endure the attacks of Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat and had collapsed onto the ground with blood covering his entire body. You Zi’s life about to reach its end and when he saw Yang Tian appeared, his pale lips trembled as he used his final strength to speak.


Yang Tian ignored You Zi and focused his attention on Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat. The latter beat its wings uneasily when Yang Tian’s gaze landed on it.

“I do not know what this power is, but I know that it is more than enough to deal with you.”


Yang Tian smashed his fists onto the ground, a series of pulses appeared and expanded out from Yang Tian’s body.

“Is this the power of darkness?”

Yang Tian suddenly sensed a familiar power from his power, it was the power of darkness! No one would understand the power of darkness more than him, but appearing along with it was a power he disliked, the power of light.

Two opposite powers have appeared inside Yang Tian’s body, but these two power was distinctively different from the power he felt earlier on, what is happening?

“Let’s first deal with you!”

The power of darkness could display twice the might in the hands of Yang Tian.

“Feel the terror of darkness!”

Dark Prison Cage

In front of Yang Tian, dark energy condensed into a cage and a lethal suction force were being emitted from the cage, causing the Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat to feel as though it has lost its ability to move. It could only watch as it was dragged into the cage.


The moment Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat was sucked into the cage, it started to shrink in size, yet Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat did not utter any sound.

In the end, when Dark Prison Cage reached the size of a fist, there were no traces of Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat to be found inside the cage. Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat has been refined by Dark Prison Cage, its power has been absorbed by Yang Tian as well.

A High Rank 3 Captain-Class was an excellent tonic for Yang Tian.

“What a rich mental power.”

Yang Tian’s mental power was elevated to Mid Rank 3 plus a large increase in that stage, his mental power was only one step away from reaching High Rank 3.

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Violent Corpse Worm Queen separated from Yang Tian, the arms filled with power was now feeling incredibly empty. Yang Tian was used to Dark Energy and had a natural dislike for Light Energy, especially now when Light Energy emerged from his body, Yang Tian even had the urge to hack off his hand that was filled with light energy earlier.

“What is the Dark and Light energy I had earlier?”

“I am also not sure, I only magnify your strongest power inside your arms, this was a natural ability that the Violent Corpse Worm race has. As the Queen, my ability is at a much higher level than normal Violent Corpse Worms. The power you felt earlier was a combination of your power and my power, is it very powerful? It’s a shame you only used your arms to display your power, if our bodies merged completely, we will…”

“You can stop speaking.”

Yang Tian stopped Violent Corpse Worm Queen. Yang Tian did already knew of the Violent Corpse Worm’s racial ability to enhance the strongest power within their host. However, if it were the power of darkness, Yang Tian would accept the outcome without hesitation, but how come he also had the power of light? That was what Yang Tian could not understand. 

Moreover, the power of light was comparable to his power of darkness, becoming equivalent to the latter and his strongest power as well.

“You should have sensed how terrifying that power was, you should…”

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“Shut up.”

Yang Tian was a firm believer of an equivalent price has to be paid to obtain power, the terrifying power that the Violent Corpse Worm could give him made Yang Tian unwilling to accept it.

Violent Corpse Worm Queen did not understand why Yang Tian suddenly raised his temper, but it still obediently kept quiet.

Yang Tian released Venom form, the injuries on his back were healed as well. However, Yang Tian’s arm was still covered in tattoos, just that it was not as clear as before.

Yang Tian sat in the lotus position and used his mental power to perform a full inspection of his body. However, Yang Tian did detect any traces of Light Energy within his body at all.

“What is happening?”

Yang Tian frowned, as a person who hates the power of light, this was not a good sign.

Yang Tian could not use the terrifying imprisoning skill Dark Prison Cage now as he was only able to use it due to the explosive increase in Dark Energy earlier on.

Dark Prison Cage was one of Yang Tian’s methods that he often used to tame creatures, once a creature was trapped in Dark Prison Cage, they would basically lose the ability to resist.

After finding no results from his inspection, Yang Tian quickly left the cave as the Nightwalker Bats should be returning soon. Were Yang Tian to encounter the ten thousand Nightwalker Bats, he might not be able to escape the situation unscathed.

Yang Tian quickly exited the cave, and soon after, the Nightwalker Bats which had been out foraging for food was returning. Yang Tian also saw a group of bats carrying a young child.

However, Yang Tian could not be bothered about it, he wanted to leave this area and find a place to refine the spirit plant.

“Another group of metahumans.”

Before Yang Tian could travel far, he saw a group of metahumans charging towards the cave of the Nightwalker Bats.

As Yang Tian was current in normal form, these people immediately surrounded him upon seeing Yang Tian.

The leader of this group was a lady over the age of twenty. However, the energy she was emitting told Yang Tian that she was not weak.

“Hold on, did you see a group of flying bats?”

“They went into that cave.”

Yang Tian pointed at the Nightwalker Bat’s cave.

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