Chapter 911 – Pull!

Bai Li Ren was sitting at the head seat with a kind expression.

He only stared at Bai Li Ye Jun for several minutes, causing Bai Li Ye Jun to feel slightly upset.

Bai Li Ye Jun always had a calm character, just as he was finally unable to stand the atmosphere and was about to speak, Bai Li Ren opened his mouth and spoke without beating around the bush.

“Ye Jun, everyone is well aware of your cultivation talents. Just that the clan only gave you the cultivation resources but not the relative status and position, you must have been complaining about this in your heart, right?”

“Clan Patriarch, I…”

Bai Li Ren waved his hand and stopped him, with a solemn expression, “It has been ten thousand years since the Bai Li Clan raised into status, we might not be able to say that we are the strongest on Spirit Treasure Continent, but our reputation is certainly high. This is not because of me or anyone else alone, it is the efforts and contributions of the elites of our clan over the generations! For the clan, they have sacrificed their time and energy, sacrificed their friendships and love, and even their lives!”

After speaking, Bai Li Ren put down the cup in his hand and stared at him, “Are you able to do all this? Are you willing to do it?”

Bai Li Yu Jun’s heart skipped a beat!

What is the Clan Patriarch implying? Did he have something important for him?

“Ye Jun is willing!”

“Good!” Bai Li Ren nodded and took out a small bottle, “Drink this.”

Bai Li Ye Jun looked at this bottle, it held a liquid that looked like clear water and was even emitting a faint fragrance.

This is…

Bai Li Ye Jun did not know what this thing was, but the Clan Patriarch has no reason to harm him even though he did not mingle with the other clan members as much.

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This was a rare opportunity being presented to him, he must not miss it.

Therefore, he drank the contents within the bottle in one gulp.

A short while later, he felt his brain heating up, the heat spread throughout his body while his consciousness started to turn blurry…

Finally, he fainted and fell onto the ground with a ‘thud’.

Several individuals started flowing into the building, they were all elders of the clan.

Bai Li Ren sighed, “Do it! It is not easy to get this love erasing water, it will not last long as well, we cannot delay it.”

An elder cautiously asked, “We did not explain this matter to him clearly, will he resent the family in the future?”

Bai Li Ren sighed, “He and Zi Xi is originally an ill-fated relationship. He might not even remember about it after this, why would there be any resentment? Also, how could there not be a price for something he wanted?”

The elders did not delay and quickly sat down while forming signs with their hands.

A series of spirit energy connected with Bai Li Ye Jun’s brain and dived into it.

Bai Li Ye Jun’s eyes were closed as he suddenly started floating in the air.

After some time, under the injection of the elders’ spirit energy, a faint pinkish vein was projected into the air.

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Bai Li Ren grunted, “This must be the love root, pull!”

The elders quickly applied strength.

This was a crucial point of the process, they cannot be careless and could only slowly pull at it.

The pinkish vein was slowly being extracted out of the body.

During the process, Bai Li Ye Jun might be in an unconscious state, but he still screamed loudly.

The weirdest part was, no matter how loud he screamed, he never woke up.

By the time the elders finally extracted the entire pinkish vein, a layer of fine sweat had covered the heads of all the elders.

Bai Li Ren waved his hand, and a bundle of flames shot out and burnt the pinkish vein into ashes.

“The Love Root has been removed. When he wakes up, bestow him with the title of Young Master and placed him as one of the candidates for the next Clan Patriarch.”



Hidden Fragrance Pavilion.

Ji Mo Ya was carrying Huan Qing Yan while he was pulling off her clothes along the way.

Only her two small clothes were on her, her semi-exposed body and slightly swelling stomach seem to add a sense of sexiness, causing his eyes to turn red.

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