Chapter 912 – Devil Eye

He carefully placed her on the soft bed, being mindful of her pregnant physique, he did not press down on her and got her to sit on the edge of the bed instead.

He sent his hand between her thighs, it was already wet.

Ji Mo Ya chuckled before letting her go, planning to first remove his clothes…

The flushed Huan Qing Yan thought he wanted to walk away and used her legs to hook his legs, before softly saying, “Husband, don’t go…”

Her body was already steaming hot, the physique of a pregnant woman was much more sensitive, any casual act would make her greatly aroused.

Ji Mo Ya’s breathing hastened and approached her, the two of them mingled together with their clothes half on them, their burning parts joined together and started rubbing against each other…

Just as Ji Mo Ya was able to follow the momentum and enter, a wisp of black fog suddenly flew in from the window.

It was heading for Ji Mo Ya’s head.

Ji Mo Ya was instantly on alert, ignoring his lower nakedness, he quickly carried Huan Qing Yan who was not thinking straight from the arousal and rolled off the bed to avoid the black fog.

Huan Qing Yan gave a startled shout, she did not know what happened, but Ji Mo Ya’s mannerisms have changed, turning sharp and cold. He was in full alert, and she did not understand what urgent matter has occurred.

“What happened?”

“There is Devil Energy.”

Ji Mo Ya try taking a closer look, but the black fog had disappeared.

He was about to reach the tipping point with Huan Qing Yan, and that moment of extreme excitement was also the moment when his mind was the most sensitive as well.

It was at that moment, his sense was much stronger than usual, that was why he was able to see the Black Fog.

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If it was under normal circumstances, it was likely not possible for him to detect that Black Fog.

 “Why is there Devil Energy? Is it from the Dragon Spirit Treasure?”

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“I do not know. I have did not release the Dragon Spirit Treasure, so there should be no Devil Energy leaking out.”

That Black Fog seems to have flown in from the window… like it was sent by someone?

Ji Mo Ya felt the strangeness of this matter.

Can it be that he developed an Inner Devil after his Lightning Tribulation because of someone’s actions?

He suddenly felt his head turning painful, this was one of the signs of Devil Energy entering his body.

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes released a determined light and decided to follow the vine to find the melon…

There are no devils in Spirit Treasure Continent, only humans, and demons, where did this devil energy come from? There should be no other sources of devil energy in the Spirit Treasure Continent except when one develops an Inner Devil.

Ji Mo Ya’s mind was turning quickly while wearing his clothes, he also helped Huan Qing Yan with her clothes as well.

This matter felt like some huge conspiracy, one that was about to explode.

When they were in the Gnome Kingdom, the Gnome Sage told them to be careful of the Devil Eye and the Rotating Wheel before he died.

He was still unable to understand the matter regarding the Rotating Wheel thus far, it might be related to Little Yan’s birth and identity…

The two of them did not plan to announce Little Yan’s birth identity as they were worried that it would attract unnecessary problems.

Can this black Devil Energy be related to the Devil Eye?

Ji Mo Ya felt that they needed to make a trip to the Holy Court and report this matter to the Half-Sages, after that, he would investigate the Devil Energy.

“Little Yan, I am making a trip to the Holy City. Since your teacher has entered closed-door cultivation and will only be out in two months or so. We will have to push back our marriage.”

Huan Qing Yan also no longer have any thoughts of talking or making love as well, Ji Mo Ya’s safety was the utmost important thing.

As for marriage, there was no need to hurry.

Ji Mo Ya wanted to go to Holy City; it must be related to that Black Energy, she must not hold him back.

“Okay. Are you okay?”

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