Chapter 910 – Uninterrupted

Huan Qing Yan revealed an embarrassed face before going all out, she hugged Ji Mo Ya’s neck and started licking his neck; if that doesn’t work, then she would just use the only way left… **** Great Technique!

(Cuppa: It was censored in this manner, please use your best imagination to fill in the name.)

As expected, Ji Mo Ya could not endure it any longer, after being licked by her a couple of times, he kissed her.

In front of her, he no longer has any principles; as long as she was happy, he would have this strange sense of satisfaction.

To be able to make her stay happy and cheerful, it made him feel a sense of bliss that made everything seem unimportant.

He had been on the edge of madness over the past few days, there was seemingly no end to the two of them fighting, someone has to take a step back. At most in the future, he will just send the child to some boarding school, preventing it from disturbing their couple time.

Isn’t it just raising one more person, it was not like he cannot raise one.

Ji Mo Ya once again used Wife Pampering Demon Great Technique and removed his own clothes.

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He sucked on her cherry lips as though it was the most delicious thing in the world, he did not dare to use too much strength and was also mindful to not press to roughly on her stomach. He kissed tenderly and warmly and was getting very restless.

Huan Qing Yan turned soft due to the kisses; her clothes were half gone, and her mind was filled with love.

She slid her hand onto his chest and started caressing it, Ji Mo Ya said in a low voice, “Don’t push it Little One, you are not convenient now…”

Huan Qing Yan gave a mumbling reply, “…I once heard that the first three months is no good, but it is fine after… oh…”

Her words were all swallowed by Ji Mo Ya.

He has been suppressing the devil energy all this time and was unable to taste the delicacy dangling next to him every day.

Just as he managed to suppress the devil energy to a safe level, they discovered that they were pregnant, leading them to enter a huge fight.

Now that they have reconciled and this lass even voluntarily offered herself this time, he could not endure it any longer as well.

Ji Mo Ya hugged Huan Qing Yan, kissing her while carrying her towards the bedroom…


Mo Si was hidden in the dark, he initially kept to his rules of not listening, not looking, not getting involved.

However, he still could not help it but took a peek.

The Young Master was simply beyond his understanding now, he could even endure things to such a level. At the same time, he felt pain for his Young Master, the latter was loving too deeply, too stubbornly. Indulging the Young Madam to a level of having no limits at all.

Even when the child was not Young Master’s, the Young Master was still able to tolerate and accept.

When people hear of Young Master Ya, who won’t fall for his gracefulness and noble image, but such a person was only left with one trait when placed in front of Young Madam, Wife Pampering Demon trait.

Young Master oh Young Master! You are really not having it easy!

However, since Young Master has accepted the child inside Young Madam, that would be his little young master in the future, he must follow the lead of the Young Master.

Just as Mo Si was feeling pained for his Young Master and hating his Young Master’s lack of principles, a spirit pulse suddenly appeared.

A Spirit Crane.

It came from Mo Liu.

The message wrote that the target has arrived in Holy City, the target was cautious and was in hiding. It told Young Master to be assured, and that Mo Liu would definitely snuff out the person behind everything.

Mo Si kept the spirit crane and would report it to the Young Master later.

Mo Liu was unable to protect the Young Madam well this time, he did not rest despite being heavily injured and continued to track the Demon Man, sweating to identify the person behind everything and give his Young Master an answer.

This incident had led to a dire consequence, even after Mo Liu succeeds in this mission, it would still not be enough to avoid punishment from his earlier failure.


“Lord Clan Patriarch.” Bai Li Ye Jun bowed and greeted.

He does not know why the Clan Patriarch had asked to meet him alone today.

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