Chapter 164 – Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior

The poison of the Dark Demon Spider does not target the body, it targets the soul. It was fortunate that Violent Corpse Worm Queen was able to discover it in time, or it would have received quite some damage.

“Who is it, come out.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s action had exposed Yang Tian.

“Crap lets run away! I just checked Fan Xiao Bing’s strength, and she has reached Peak Rank 3, combined with the Violent Corpse Worm inside her, she could easily reach Early Rank 4 fighting power.

“It is already too late, we have been surrounded.”

Several dozen black spiders suddenly appeared around Yang Tian.

Early Rank 3 creature, Demon Spiderlings.

The fifteen metahumans also quickly located and surrounded Yang Tian.

“It’s you! It’s been a while.”

Fan Xiao Bing recognized Yang Tian, but her tone no longer contained the respect she used before.

“It has indeed been some time.”

Fan Xiao Bing was unable to see the expression she wanted from Yang Tian, her gaze turned malicious.

“The few of you go ahead.”

Except for the four followers, the other eleven metahumans did as ordered and attacked Yang Tian.

“Looks like you do not treat them as your subordinates.”

Fan Xiao Bing should know about Yang Tian’s fighting power, yet she got a group of Rank 2 metahumans to attack Yang Tian, isn’t she just sending them to their deaths?

Yang Tian’s arms turned into blades, each wave of his blade reaped the life of a metahuman.

After seven slashes, only four of the eleven metahumans remained. They did not dare to approach Yang Tian after witnessing his fighting power and were shaking where they were standing.


Two of the five followers cursed! They started to act, while Fan Xiao Bing and the other two seem to be taking action as well. They were looking at Yang Tian with venomous eyes, searching for Yang Tian’s opening.

Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior, Mid Rank 3 fighting power.

The two followers who attacked Yang Tian had the same ability. They were currently displaying their original forms; their clothes had burst into pieces, revealing four arms and a robust physique.

“Take this!”

Four-Arm Gorilla Warriors are Strength-Type metahumans, their four arms allow them to display terrifying strength.

Yang Tian equipped Gold Silkworm Gloves, the gloves might not give a significant increase to Yang Tian’s strength, but it gave Yang Tian’s attacks a stronger piercing ability.

Cancelling Blade Form, Yang Tian clashed his fists against their fists.

The combined power of the Four-Arm Gorilla Warriors sent Yang Tian ten meters flying, but Yang Tian was able to adjust his body and restore balance.

While blood appeared on the arms of his two opponents, the exchange made Yang Tian looked as though he had suffered greatly, but Yang Tian was not injured. However, the arms of his opponents have been damaged because of Golden Silkworm Gloves’ piercing power. 

They wiped away the blood on their arms and could not help but slightly tremble.


They silently cursed. Since they knew the strangeness of Yang Tian, they would just avoid Yang Tian’s sharpness and attack from other areas.

Wild Rage

Their eyes turned red, and their bodies doubled in size, the most terrifying part was their four arms, the muscles on the arms bulged and lengthened to become longer than their bodies.

When they charged at Yang Tian again, the air released powerful sounds of movement as they moved forward.

Yang Tian turned his fists into dragon claws and circulated the Purple Sun Divine Art in his body.

Dragon-Claw Hand

Yang Tian now possessed the energy of the dragon race, when using Dragon-Claw Hand, he could be said to be emitting basic Dragon Might, causing the Four-Arm Gorilla Warriors to instantly slow down a beat.

“A good opportunity.”

The moment they paused, Violent Corpse Worm Queen grabbed the opportunity, sending two sharp swords made of mental power towards the Four-Arm Gorilla Warriors.


They released a scream, but the powerful charging force still struck Yang Tian. The two of them wanted to stop but was unable to do so in time.

The Dragon-Claw Hand combined with Golden Silkworm Gloves was exceptionally powerful.

Each of them broke an arm due to Yang Tian’s Dragon-Claw Hand.

“Ahhh… bastard.”

Having lost an arm, their fighting power has at least been reduced by thirty percent. Large quantities of blood were flowing out of their injuries and their faces were turning pale from that

“Quickly come back.”

Fan Xiao Bing had noticed that something was not right and she quickly gave the order. She and the other two followers promptly came to support the two Four-Arm Gorilla Warriors.

“Too late.”

Yang Tian displayed the most powerful form of the nine forms Dragon-Claw Hand, aiming to kill the two metahumans in front of him.

“You forced me.”

The Four-Arm Gorilla Warriors could sense danger coming from Yang Tian, meanwhile, Fan Xiao Bing and the others were being obviously unreliable.

“Not good, retreat.”

The illusion of a spider appeared on one of the arms of a Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior, the spider looked precisely like the Dark Demon Spider they were worshipping. Yang Tian immediately recognized what the shadow meant and immediately stopped attacking and moved backward.

The Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior also clearly understood the price required to use this spider illusion and compared to losing their lives, this was just a small price to pay.

“You should move back first.”

The other Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior knew what was happening and quickly retreated.

“He is chasing after us without letting up, it is going to be hard to handle.”

The Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior’s movement speed had significantly increased due to the spider illusion, making it hard to shake him off.

“Even if we can’t handle it, we must still do it.”

An Exploding Spider appeared on Yang Tian’s hand, he had used three and was left with four now. The power of the Exploding Spider should be able to hold back the Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior.


Yang Tian threw the Exploding Spider Warrior, which accurately landed on the chest of the Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior. The latter chose to ignore the Exploding Spider but regretted it immediately in the next second.


A huge explosion encased the Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior, the power of the Exploding Spider has exceeded his endurance.

“It’s effective?”

“He is still alive.”

Yang Tian saw a figure running towards him within the dust cloud.

It was a tattered body that has a gaping hole in his chest and injuries of various sizes were covering that Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior everywhere.

“That Dark Demon Spider illusion is giving him the power to continue fighting.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen had also noticed what was wrong.

“With the state of his current body, the power of the Dark Demon Spider inside of him might not be able to threaten us now.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen used Mental Pierce once again.


As expected, the Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior faltered after receiving that mental attack.

“We need to retreat.”

Although the Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior had been defeated, there were still four followers and several dozens of Demon Spiderlings behind, it would still be a disadvantageous battle.

“Let’s give them another blow.”

An Exploding Spider appeared on Yang Tian’s hand again and Yang Tian threw the Exploding Spider towards the ceiling of the cave.

Yang Tian’s arms turned into a drill and burrowed away to leave that place.

The moment Yang Tian disappeared underground, the Exploding Spider exploded. The cave was unable to bear the exploding force and collapsed. 

The explosion might not be able to deal much damage to them, but it was able to stop them.

A Tamer without tamed beasts does not possess much fighting power.

“Without a Tamer Bracelet, I will not be able to bring tamed beasts with me.”

Yang Tian felt that bringing a tamed beast would make him become too big of a target and will expose his presence easily. With Venom, Yang Tian was able to wipe out the entire nest of Nightwalker Bats but he had not expected to encounter the followers of Dark Demon Spider.

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“You can bring Dragonite, didn’t you have the Pokeball of Dragonite?”

“I passed Dragonite to Wang Yu, she was given an important mission that needed Dragonite to accomplish it.”

Yang Tian had passed Dragonite’s Pokeball to Wang Yu before he left, as Wang Yu’s fighting power was only Rank 2, the mission she was tasked with was a bit too dangerous for her and that was why Dragonite was to go with her.

“Are you thinking of…”

“You guessed correctly.”

Before Violent Corpse Worm Queen could finish its sentence, Yang Tian gave her a confirmation, Violent Corpse Worm Queen had an idea of how much Yang Tian valued that task.

“Are we still going to the territory of the Nightwalker Bats?”

“We must go.”

Yang Tian burrowed towards the Nightwalker Bats, but Yang Tian only knew the rough location and was unsure of the confirmed place.

Yang Tian emerged from underground and chanced upon a group of humans hunting Carat Dwarves.

“There’s movement there.”

A group of ordinary humans led by metahumans assumed the noise caused by Yang Tian was made by Carat Dwarves;  they quickly reacted and surrounded Yang Tian.

It was a team made up of seventeen people, one Rank 2 metahuman, five Rank 1 metahumans, the rest were all ordinary humans.

“There’s actually a Rank 2 metahuman?”

Yang Tian’s tone was slightly odd, a Rank 2 metahuman had brought along so many ordinary humans with him, wasn’t this extra baggage?

When they surrounded Yang Tian, they noticed it was not a Carat Dwarf, but a terrifying black monster.

“What… what is this?”

“Don’t panic, hold your formation.”

The Rank 2 metahuman quickly calmed his teammates. Experience from living in the post-apocalyptic era told him that panicking and running away would only give this black monster an opening to kill them. Only by staying together would they be able to have any chance of survival.

“That’s right, hold your formation. It does not look strong, we might be able to kill it!”

Another Rank 1 metahumans also spoke out, after hearing the words of the metahumans, the ordinary humans were much calmer and pointed their weapons at Yang Tian.

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“Take it slow.”

From their perspective, this seems to be the best approach. However, Yang Tian noticed a flaw and he chuckled before he could stop himself.

The Rank 2 metahuman and five Rank 1 metahumans did not close in but were slowing moving back instead. The moment the ordinary humans attacked would be the moment they escape.

“Why is he laughing?’

The ordinary humans noticed that the black monster had suddenly laughed and did not seem to be planning to attack them. This caused them to stop attacking.

It could be said that they were lucky; had they launched their attacks, Yang Tian would have immediately killed all of them.

“Fools, look at your leader.”

After hearing Yang Tian’s words, they noticed the metahumans were no longer beside them and were moving back; by then they had even moved quite a bit of a distance away.

“Do not believe him.”

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