Chapter 163 – Dark Demon Spider

“We risked our lives to obtain this equipment, why do we have to give it to you?”

It was only natural that they would disagree about giving their equipment to these metahumans.

“If you are not giving it to us, we will just have to take it ourselves.”

There was a total of seven Rank 1 metahumans, while the humans were thirteen in number and each of them was wearing Rank 1 equipments. Although not entirely comparable, the Rank 1 equipment they had gave them strength similar to Rank 1 metahumans.

“You can try.”

The thirteen ordinary humans were completely unafraid, they lifted their weapons and charged at the seven metahumans. The seven metahumans did not expect them to really attack and were slightly flustered at the moment.

However, they could not just allow themselves to lose without fighting.

Rank 1 Flames, Gusts… circled around their bodies, as they launched their counterattacks on the ordinary humans.

The ordinary humans who possessed Rank 1 defense equipment were utterly unworried about the attacks of the metahumans, but those who did not have any defense equipment turned cautious.

The sounds of battle started

The ordinary humans were able to fight equally with the metahumans due to being well equipped, they were even beginning to suppress their opponents. Their weapons allowed them to earn an advantage each time they attacked, while those ordinary humans with lesser equipment have turned into punching bags.

The situation was relatively equal.

“Don’t go first.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen suddenly stopped Yang Tian, who was about to leave.


“I sense an energy coming from that group of Rank 1 metahumans, their energy is very similar to that Fan Xiao Bing actress you saved before.”

“Are you saying that they are worshipping the same dark creature as Fan Xiao Bing? But why are they so weak?”

The dark creatures would bestow the power of darkness to their believers, even the weakest should possess Rank 3 fighting power. While this group were only Rank 1 metahumans and did not possess dark energy as well. This was also why Yang Tian wanted to ignore them.

“No! They are all controlled by the Violent Corpse Worm inside Fan Xiao Bing, that was why I noticed their differences.”

They were being controlled, but the Violent Corpse Worm was birthed by Violent Corpse Worm Queen, such minor differences would not be able to escape the attention of Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“We should investigate this, there is a chance she will become a second Blazing Fire King.”


Since these people will certainly know the current location of Fan Xiao Bing, he can just start with them.

If they were able to defeat their opponents and obtain trophies, they would definitely start looking for another target. However, if they were defeated by these ordinary humans, and even got seriously injured, it was possible that they will be seeking out Fan Xiao Bing.

Achieving victory would mean that they would think of themselves as powerful, but defeat meant that they had no choice but to look for Fan Xiao Bing for protection.

Mental Pierce

Violent Corpse Worm Queen used Mental Pierce, but it made sure to control the damage output to avoid dealing too much damage.

The moment when they were defending against the attacks of the ordinary humans, Mental Pierce was launched, this caused a gap to appear in their awareness.


A metahuman was injured on the shoulder by a Rank 1 Saber after being caught by Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s Mental Pierce.

Soon after, the other six metahumans were all struck by an attack. Three of the metahumans were even killed, when the remaining four metahumans noticed that they were not a match against their opponents, they had no choice but to run away.

This was also the first time these ordinary humans won against metahumans. When they saw the metahumans running away in panic, they immediately revealed their delighted expressions.

Yang Tian circled around these ordinary humans and closely followed the four metahumans.

After the four metahumans have traveled a distance, they could not help but take a breather due to their injuries.

“Dammit, we are returning without any harvests, Master will undoubtedly punish us.”

“No, we must not report it like that, we must make some amendments. We must tell Master that we encountered thirteen metahumans and not ordinary humans.”

“That’s doable! Or else our injured bodies would not be able to handle Master’s punishment.”

The four metahumans rested for some time while discussing how to explain when they returned. After their discussion, they continue on their way.

A dark cave entered Yang Tian’s vision.

“The energy of darkness.”

Yang Tian has always been sensitive to the energy of darkness.

The four metahumans entered the cave, while Yang Tian used mental power to hide his presence before following them in.

The deeper they went, the clearer the energy of darkness became.

“This is… Dark Demon Spider.”

Fifteen humans appeared in front of Yang Tian, all of them were kneeling on the ground. They were worshipping a colossal statue of a spider hanging on the cave. Yang Tian was able to immediately recognize the spider, a Rank 6 Dark Creature, Dark Demon Spider.

And standing in the very front of the fifteen humans was Fan Xiao Bing.

“What happened to the four of you?”

“Master, we have been ambushed by a group of metahumans.”

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The four metahumans used the story they had prepared beforehand, they were ambushed by metahumans and managed to escape at the cost of losing three companions.

“A group of trash.”

One of the fifteen metahumans, a male, seems to be dissatisfied and scolded.

Rank 2 Storm Elemental Envoy

He was also not a believer of Dark Demon Spider, the followers of a Rank 6 Dark Creature must at least possess a Rank 3 fighting power, yet he was only Rank 2, not even qualified to be a follower.

“Whether they are trash or not, it is not your place to speak.”

A middle-aged man standing beside Fan Xiao Bing spoke. This middle-aged man has a tattoo of the Dark Demon Spider on his cheek, plus he was also emitting Dark Energy, he was undoubtedly a follower of the Dark Demon Spider.


Towards the words of the middle-aged man, the other man had no choice but to lower his head.

Amongst the fifteen humans gathered, only five of them has the tattoo of the Dark Demon Spider on their faces, they were also the strongest in the cave. Fan Xiao Bing was one of them, and from how the others were treating Fan Xiao Bing, she was likely the strongest amongst them.

“She became a follower of Dark Demon Spider, the Violent Corpse Worm inside her was also affected by the Dark Demon Spider.”

When Violent Corpse Worm Queen saw Fan Xiao Bing, it was able to determine the situation immediately.

“Let Fan Xiao Bing continue to stay here, let’s first awaken the Violent Corpse Worm inside of her.”

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The methods of a Rank 6 Dark Creature was something both Yang Tian or Violent Corpse Worm Queen could resolve.

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was connected to Violent Corpse Worm as a mother and child, getting Violent Corpse Worm Queen to wake up Violent Corpse Worm was the best way.

An invisible pulse was emitted from Violent Corpse Worm Queen. As the host, Fan Xiao Bing was unable to detect anything and only frowned, a little.

“Give me a hand.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen suddenly asked for help, Yang Tian immediately released his mental power to support Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“That’s dangerous.”

“What happened?”

“Dark Demon Spider placed a layer of poison on the skin of that Violent Corpse Worm, I was nearly affected by the poison.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen said after its close shave.

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