Chapter 906 – Marriage Proposal

“Thank you Aunt.” Nan Gong Bei Cheng replied humbly.

Mrs. Lin took out several small bottles the size of fingernails and in each bottle, a couple of drops of blood.

“Bei Cheng, this is the Bai Li Clan blood that you requested. It is hard to acquire the blood of the members from the main branch, these are all from the branch families. What are you planning to do with the blood of the Bai Li Clan?”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng took the bottles, “I have a use for it. Right, what ladies have you found for me Aunt?”

He successfully distracted Mrs. Lin’s attention.

Mrs. Lin smiled widely, “News about you becoming a God Chosen has been reported to the Holy Court, and all the Eight Great Clans have learned about it as well. The ladies who were offered for marriage were all from the branches families but now, we have a selection of ladies from the main branches… I am still selecting, in terms of looks and strength, the ladies from the Mu Rong Clan is still the best.”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng still had some lingering shadow against the Mu Rong Family as his mother died because of a woman from the Mu Rong Clan.

However, since anyone he will be marrying will not be someone he likes and will just be a tool for producing heirs, isn’t marrying anyone the same?

“Then the Mu Rong Clan it is!”

Suddenly, Nan Gong Bei Cheng recalled a person, “I saw a lady with a beauty mark on her forehead last time, what is her name? I have a pretty good impression of her…”

Mrs. Lin released a small cry, “Mu Rong Xin Nuo, rumor has it that she was brought up to become Young Master Ya’s first concubine.”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng said, “That lady is gentle and has good looks, let’s choose her Aunt. Young Master Ya already has Huan Qing Yan, there is no reason he will want to take in concubines.”

Mrs. Lin did not know how Nan Gong Bei Cheng thinks, did he not like Lady Huan?

Why did he change his target to Lady Mu Rong Xin Nuo now?

Can it be that he was simply still against Young Master Ya and decided to snatch the concubine since he was unable to snatch the main wife? Is this way of thinking a bit off?

Mrs. Lin collected her thoughts that were drifting away and dryly coughed, “Okay, I will try sending someone to give a marriage proposal. Bei Cheng, just focuses on your cultivation.”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng wait for her to leave before taking out the drop of Huan Qing Yan’s blood given to him by Bai Chen Feng.


Holy City.

Saintess Palace.

Hundreds of birds have gathered, chirping cheerfully amongst the fragrances of flowers, creating a beautiful scenery.

Bai Li Zi Xi was currently dancing amongst the flowers, following behind her was her Rainbow Luan, elegantly following its master’s moves and danced along.

As master and servant danced to the point of forgetting themselves, a small speck of black air was floating towards a particular direction…

No one was able to detect it.

It drifted like a tendril of smoke in the wind.

After finishing her set, Bai Li Zi Xi was covered in sweat, looking incredibly alluring.

She looked towards the direction of Surging Wave Academia and coldly sneer, “What astonishing willpower, do you think you can really suppress the devil energy inside you, you think that is enough? Too naïve!”

While Ji Mo Ya was unconscious, she did not let her Rainbow Luan helped for nothing.

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At that time, if the Ji Mo clan did not allow her to get close to Ji Mo Ya, the latter might really be able to suppress the devil energy by himself and would have awakened with the devil energy removed.

Ji Mo Ya’s prowess truly could not be gauged.

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However, she managed to get close to him and used her Rainbow Luan to plant another devil energy seed, this allowed her to control and ignite the devil energy inside his body. Only the Rainbow Luan could remove it now…

All she has to do was to wait for the devil energy within him to explode.

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