Chapter 907 – Cannot Stay For Long

A good show was about to happen.


There was no one else in Hidden Fragrance Pavilion.

Huan Qing Yan cautiously left the dimension, she did not dare to go via the door as she was worried that Ji Mo Ya or the Ink Guards will be outside, if Ji Mo Ya were to be notified, her plan will end there.

Ji Mo Ya cannot accept the baby and he was being so terrifying, she must leave.

She could not remain inside the dimension with the baby forever;  maybe one of these days, Ji Mo Ya will be unable to control himself and smashes the ancient bowl, she did not know what will happen to her if that happens.

The dimension was not the place to stay for a long duration.

She has to hide.

Since she was planning to hide, she just has to find a place where Ji Mo Ya will be unable to find.

Huan Qing Yan currently does not know where she could hide, but she believes that there would be a place for her in this vast Spirit Treasure Continent.

Huan Qing Yan climbed over the window, wanting to leave through there.

Her stomach was currently bulging, making movement inconvenient and not as fluid as before. She spent a long time and finally she was able to go over the window.

Suddenly, a crisp ring of a bell was heard from her waist, it was the Phoenix Feather Bell.

Huan Qing Yan remembered that Ji Mo Ya could see her through the Phoenix Feather Bell.

She removed the Phoenix Feather Bell and tried to find out how to remove that function, she was unwilling to part with it as it was a gift representing Ji Mo Ya’s love for her!

Many people have attempted to take it away from her, but she never gave in…

She even managed to activate the second form of the Phoenix Feather Bell without going through with owner recognition, which meant that she was bonded by fate with Phoenix Feather Bell.

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Everything that happened made it hard for her to give it up.

Yet she had no choice but to put it down, or she would be captured by Ji Mo Ya before she can even go any further and the baby will be gone if that happened.

Even if she was very unwilling, she must not bring the Phoenix Feather Bell with her.

She placed the Phoenix Feather Bell on the window still and climbed out of the window.

As she has no flying equipment, she relied on Leafy to turn into a soft vine to slowly climb down the building.

Ji Mo Ya’s Hidden Fragrance Pavilion was located at the top level of Ursae Majoris Hall; it was very high up and entire height totalled several dozens of meters.

Had it been in the past, Huan Qing Yan would have no fear. If she wanted to, she could even jump and land without having any problems.

However, her body was much heavier now, and she did not dare to act rashly and scare the baby now that she was pregnant.

Just as Huan Qing Yan climbed about ten meters, she stepped on a piece of algae and nearly slipped. Causing her to break into a cold sweat.

Ursae Majoris Hall was constructed many years ago, plus their building was underwater, it was normal for algae to grow on its outer walls.

After she stabilized her body, she noticed an extremely handsome face in front of her!

Who else but Ji Mo Ya?

He silently appeared beside her, his face was still cold and solemn, making her feel as though she would be frozen.

I am discovered, I am finished.

Huan Qing Yan was truly in shock, her feet slipped multiple times without being able to stabilize herself, she lost her grip on her hands, causing her entire body to freefall…

She frantically tried to grab the air but was unable to catch anything, Huan Qing Yan screamed without caring about her image, “Ahhhhh! Save me, wuu wuu wuu, save me…”

Ji Mo Ya’s mouth slightly curled, this lass even wanted to run away!

He really wanted to let her fall just like that, the fall might be able to kill that evil creature inside her…

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However, she would be significantly injured as well, when Ji Mo Ya thought about that possibility, his eyes shrunk; the raging storm and sorrow in his eyes froze.

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