Chapter 908 – Acting Pitiful

His body flew down like a swallow does, landing on the ground before Huan Qing Yan arrived and beautifully caught her in a princess carry. As he caught her, he made sure to avoid her stomach to prevent her from feeling unneeded fear and damage.

This was a school sector, in this area, students come and go in often.

Ji Mo Ya held her tightly before leaping back into Hidden Fragrance Pavilion.

After a long while and noticing that the person in his arms was not moving, or even making a single sound, he lowered his head to take a look.

Huan Qing Yan’s small face was pale, as tears were silently rolling down her cheeks. She was currently curled up while covering her stomach… looking very weak and pitiful.

Ji Mo Ya’s brows instantly jumped, pain could be seen flashing through his eyes, “Little Yan, what happened?”

He stretched his hand to touch her swollen belly.

Huan Qing Yan wanted to avoid his hand but she was still caught in shock, plus her stomach was feeling pain. That was why she did not avoid Ji Mo Ya and allowed him to touch.

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As Ji Mo Ya’s hand closed in onto her stomach, the pain in her stomach increased in intensity, it was as though the baby inside her was kicking and punching randomly. She was in so much pain that she started sweating and was not even able to stand up.

She looked at him with eyes blurry from tears and pleaded, “Ji Mo Ya, please, don’t…”

Ji Mo Ya was only planning to check Huan Qing Yan’s condition, but he did not mind killing that evil creature inside of her if an opportunity presents itself.

But when he saw her look of pitifully begging……

He was unable to act as he intended.

Ji Mo Ya pushed away her hands, and gently said, “No need to worry, I am just checking what happened to you.”

He was genuinely unable to reject Huan Qing Yan’s requests, each and every action of this lass would affect his mind.

Huan Qing Yan sighed softly when she obtained Ji Mo Ya’s assurance.

Earlier on, he was so angry and violent, truly terrifying. Now that she tried a soft approach and noticed that it was much more effective, it looks like Ji Mo Ya was amenable to coaxing but not coercion, she should just continue to act pitiful.

“My stomach is in pain… is the baby dying? Wuu wuu wuu, look at how big the baby has grown, if it dies, I will die as well. People say that heavily pregnant women cannot abort the child or it will mean two lives will be lost…”

Ji Mo Ya’s hand froze, his eyes looked like the midnight sea that was filled with dangerous undercurrents and darkness.

This lass is acting pitiful again…

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“Little Yan, you tried to run away earlier. You would rather give birth to the child than to be with me?” his tone was cold.

Huan Qing Yan was crying like a waterfall and said with a grievance, “This is our baby, I want you, but I also want the baby. Yet you did not believe me and want to kill the baby, so I can only leave first… You can still remain alive without me, but the baby will die without me.”

Ji Mo Ya rubbed his brows, “Little Yan, when will you stop deluding yourself?”

He went back to the original point.

Huan Qing Yan did not want to waste time talking, she curled up in Ji Mo Ya’s arms, “Pain… Ji Mo Ya, touch it, so painful… The baby is in pain, so am I… If the baby dies, I will die as well, you can just kill the both of us. Wuu wuu wuu since we are both pitiful people that no one loves…”

Ji Mo Ya’s face darkens, she could not be reasoned with.

She even pulled his hand to touch her stomach, acting as though she was betting everything on it, betting that he would not risk her life.

She was sure of winning him over, that willful and conceited character was all because of him making her accustomed to it.

Ji Mo Ya secretly sighed, he covered her swollen belly with his palm and could clearly sense the fetus inside of her, it was moving about restlessly and seem to be extremely afraid and uncomfortable.

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