Chapter 162 – Mental Forging Technique

The humans of the late period of post-apocalyptic era managed to imitate the uses of the Five Elements by referring to the Five Element Daoist, but they were only able to apply that knowledge on weapons and not on humans. When forcefully applied to humans, their bodies were not able to handle the stress and they had exploded.

Therefore, only one person in the post-apocalyptic era was able to use the Five Elements, the Five Element Daoist.

“Impossible, even our Insect World is unable to completely handle all Five Elements. You humans might not even be able to survive this calamity, how could such a powerful human exist!”

“You will see in the future.”

The current Five Element Daoist was likely still an ordinary Fire Magician, Yang Tian indeed has nothing to support his claim right now. However, during the mid-to-late stage of the post-apocalyptic era, Violent Corpse Worm Queen will be able to witness the rise of the Five Element Daoist.

Sky Halberd King Manor was on top of a huge floating rock in the sky, there is a unique magnetic field formed between the rock and the ground, a magnetic field which can only be controlled by the master of Sky Halberd King Manor.

Yang Tian controlled the magnetic field to assist Brain-Eating Terror Hog to lift the Carat Giant Fire Ape to the Sky Halberd King Manor. As for the other creatures, being summoned creatures of Yang Tian, they have an innate ability to walk up to King Manor as though they were taking an invisible path without requiring Yang Tian to take action.

“How magical.”

Lei Xing could not help but comment.

From Lei Xing’s point of view, it looked as though a group of creatures was magnificently running in the sky.

“You should go up as well!”

Lei Xing rode a Dark Slime and was brought to Sky Halberd King Manor. As for Yang Tian, he flew and immediately, he had reached the outside of Sky Halberd Palace.

The Dark Slimes continued to guard outside the city walls, while Shadow Gator, Skeleton Warrior and Brain-Eating Terror Hog returned to their posts.

Lei Xing brought the Carat Giant Fire Ape to Yang Tian.

“Take out the Flame Strengthening Stone.”


The small truck-size Flame Strengthening Stone was taken out from Lei Xing’s storage ring.

Heat could be felt coming from the Flame Strengthening Stone, the bounded Carat Giant Fire Ape seems to be slowly waking up after the Flame Strengthening Stone appeared.

Carat Giant Fire Ape could sense that the Flame Strengthening Stone was beneficial to it, the stone might even be able to allow it to evolve. However, it was a prisoner and could only look at the Flame Strengthening Stone without being able to touch it.

“Hou Hou!”

Carat Giant Fire Ape released a couple of low growls, hoping to attract Yang Tian’s attention. However, Yang Tian only glanced at it before ignoring it.

“Extract a bowl of blood.”

Yang Tian pointed at the Carat Giant Fire Ape and spoke to Lei Xing. While Yang Tian went to remove a small chunk of Flame Strengthening Stone.

Yang Tian took out Soft Bone Blade, this Rank 2 weapon has been with him for some time, it was a perfect item to use as an experiment.

He also used his mental power to summon Dark Crimson Fire Wolf over. Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s flames were much more potent than ordinary fire, the effects would be better as well.

“Here is it Boss.”

Lei Xing held a bowl of blood while Dark Crimson Fire Wolf has also quickly arrived in front of Yang Tian.

“Breath fire.”

Yang Tian used his mental power to control Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s flames, all the latter needs to do was to continuously breath fire, and Yang Tian would handle the rest.

The blood of Carat Giant Fire Ape and Flame Strengthening Stone started to burn under from the flames, showing signs of merging. Yang Tian turned his mental power into an invisible hammer and began striking it against the two materials multiple times, making them fuse closer. 

“Mental Forging Technique, that’s very powerful.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen recognizes the technique that Yang Tian was using and could not help but be in awe. Violent Corpse Worm Queen knew about this secret technique, but it was unable to master it as it relies heavily on one’s talent.

Within Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s memories, knowing Mental Forging Technique meant that Yang Tian’s forging skills was not weak. This information had further increased Yang Tian’s standing in Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s mind, a high-rank Smith.

Violent Corpse Worm Queen had guessed correctly, Yang Tian was a high-rank Smith, and was even a Dark Smith. The equipment created by him would all be bestowed with the Dark attribute.

Within the fire, the two materials started to fuse into one.

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A bright-red Strengthening Stone appeared in front of Lei Xing. The temperature was at least twice as hot as before, Lei Xing was itching to test the power of this Strengthening Stone.

“I only succeeded by half.”

Yang Tian said with some regrets. As this was not his own fire, it was hard to control the optimal temperature. Although he used his mental power to control, there were still some finer details that were hard to control.

This piece of Flame Strengthening Stone did not improve to Rank 4, but it was still much better than most Rank 3 materials.

“Add this piece of Flame Strengthening Stone into the core formation of your Raygun.”


Lei Xing was already dying to try it out, so he grabbed the Strengthening Stone given by Yang Tian and ran off to his forge.

With Lei Xing’s current skill, he would need to work on the Strengthening Stone for an entire day and night before he would have had any chance of merging it within the Raygun.

Yang Tian ordered Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to return, while he decided to depart from Sky Halberd King Manor. Yang Tian was planning to visit the place where the Nightwalker Bats have gathered.

The current Yang Tian has enough ability to eradicate an entire nest of Nightwalker Bats; but mort importantly, spirit herbs that benefit mental power would often grow in the areas where Nightwalker Bats gather.

“I hope this trip won’t disappoint me.”

Yang Tian needs to improve his abilities, although his rate of improvement was already very high, it was still not enough when compared to those Children of Heaven. Even Blazing Fire King has a higher rank than him; within the post-apocalyptic era, strength was the basis for everything.

Entering Venom form, Yang Tian obtained the movement speed of a Mid Rank 3. Along the way, Yang Tian saw many humans and zombies hunting Carat Dwarves.

The dropping of items made them understand the value of the Carat Dwarves, even the ordinary humans wanted to hunt Carat Dwarves and used the things that they drop to increase their strength.

The ordinary humans have also formed groups amongst themselves, they did not hunt Carat Dwarves that were in groups but targeted individual Carat Dwarves that were alone due to various reasons.

There was even one such group of ordinary humans who were covered in Rank 1 equipment, looking even better equipped than some metahumans.

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“Remove the items on your body and get lost.”

In front of Yang Tian, a group of ordinary humans was being surrounded by a group of metahumans.

This was a group formed by Rank 1 metahumans, but the equipment they have was not as fabulous as the ones worn by this group of ordinary humans. When they saw that they were only ordinary humans, the thought of robbing them came up in their minds.

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