Chapter 161 – Five Element Attribute

The Carat Dwarves were furious towards Yang Tian’s decision to exterminate them, they took up their weapons and prepared for their final battle.

Unfortunately, how could a group of Rank 1 Carat Dwarves be able to fight against Rank 2 Dark Slimes? Even if they have more than ten times in number, that would not have been of much use.

At the battlefield of Carat Giant Fire Ape, it was facing a large threat as Lei Xing relied on magic energy equipment against it.

While fighting against Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the other two, Carat Giant Fire Ape still has to guard against Lei Xing’s ambush.

They were using an Early Rank 3 magic energy weapon to snipe Carat Giant Fire Ape. The Fly Star Gun possessed a powerful piercing ability and each of its strikes was equivalent to a full-powered attack of a Mid Rank 3. Moreover, Lei Xing focused on attacking the Carat Giant Fire Ape’s weakest spots, giving  Carat Giant Fire Ape an enormous headache.


Carat Giant Fire Ape got hit by another shot. The shot struck its heel and broke its tendon. Blood started flowing out of its heel while its movement speed was significantly reduced.

Carat Giant Fire Ape was very unresigned, it was currently like a trapped beast. It tried to resist with all it had, but death was still waiting for it.

However, its worries were unneeded because Yang Tian did not plan to kill it; Yang Tian wanted to capture it alive.

“Be careful of the damage dealt, I want it alive.”

Yang Tian sent a message into their brains using his mental power to notify them of his intentions.

In the fight that followed, each of them controlled their attacks with great focus; those attacks made it hard for Carat Giant Fire Ape to defend against, yet they were not overpowering to the point of threatening its life.


Carat Giant Fire Ape suddenly released a loud roar, its body doubled up in size. It was now a ten-meter tall monster, and the temperature coming off its body reached 300℃.


In provides a distinct increase in all attributes, but the side effects were as equally strong.

The Carat Giant Fire Ape might have noticed the inevitable situation and tried to use Berserk as a final bet.

“How laughable, daring to use Berserk in front of us.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen sneered.

Berserk has a fatal weakness, it cannot take any mental attacks. Once it received a mental attack, the boost obtained through Berserk would not be stable.

Mental Pierce

Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s mental power turned into a sharp sword and pierced the brain of Carat Giant Fire Ape.


Carat Giant Fire Ape half-kneeled onto the ground after feeling the pain.

Its ten-meter also reduced to seven meters.


Violent Corpse Worm Queen sent another sword, the seven-meter body further reduced to six meters.

However, when Violent Corpse Worm Queen stopped attacking, the six-meter body grew to eight meters.

However, the process of expanding and shrinking consumes lots of stamina.

Before Berserk could be appropriately put into use, the Carat Giant Fire Ape was already low on stamina to perform any attacks.

“Let me end this for you!”

Venom covered his body, Yang Tian’s hands turned into dragon claws while he was wearing the Rank 4 weapon, Golden Silkworm Gloves.

With a leap, Yang Tian reached in front of Carat Giant Fire Ape’s head and a dragon claw swiped down onto its skull.


And viciously pressed down. Yang Tian’s Rank 3 mental power allowed him to have much higher proficiency in controlling his strength than Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the rest.

Carat Giant Fire Ape fainted on the spot.

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The eight-meter body returned into its original five meters.

On the Dark Slimes side, several thousands of Carat Dwarves had been exterminated, the price is the lives of thirty Dark Slimes only.

As for the items and materials dropped by the Carat Dwarves, Yang Tian ordered Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Shadow Gator to remain and to guard over it.

Yang Tian would get Xu Dafu to come and collect everything.

The remaining Dark Slimes carried the fainted Carat Giant Fire Ape back to Sky Halberd King Manor.

“Why did you capture it?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen asked curiously.

“The blood of Carat Giant Fire Ape possessed the fire attribute, it can be used to strengthen the traits of the Flame Strengthening Stone.”

If the trait of a Rank 3 Flame Strengthening Stone could only give weapons flames up to 150℃, after adding the blood of the Carat Giant Fire Ape, the temperature of the fire can reach 200℃.

“I thought you want to gather the other four attributes of strengthening stone and create a Five Element Strengthening Stone!”

“I did plan to do that as well.”

A boost of one element was not very special; but if the strengthening stones of the five elements, Gold Wood Water Fire Earth was gathered, they will be able to produce a terrifying power.

If the Flame Strengthening Stone were used on a Rank 3 magic energy equipment, this Rank 3 equipment would possess the fire attribute and increased in power. However, if a Five Element Strengthening Stone were used, they would obtain all five elements and its combined power was not as simple as a single multiple of five.

Moreover, the Rank 3 magic energy weapon with five elements would rank up and become a Rank 4 magic energy equipment. This was also not limited to energy magic equipment, it applies to all weapons as well. The weapon would increase by one rank, which was a very potent effect.

Even in the later stages of the post-apocalyptic era, no one has yet to fully explore all the functions of the Five Element Strengthening Stone, even the effects of the Five Elements was also not fully understood.

“A pity it was hard to understand about the Five Elements, you humans would likely be unable to understand it without a hundred years of research.”

“That may not be true, in my memories, there was someone who only took five years to understand clearly how the Five Elements worked.”

Yang Tian even knew this person well. The person was not an enemy and could also be said to be a close friend who once aided Yang Tian when he was being hunted.

The person helped Yang Tian and also helped humans resist the invasion of the otherworlds, his status in human society was neutral.

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His title was the Five Element Daoist, he was initially a metahuman with an ordinary fire ability, a fire magician. However, due to some rare chance, he absorbed the Inheritance Light of a wood magician. Wood births Fire, but Fire also restrains Wood, two conflicting abilities rested inside his body, making it perilous for him.

He needs to experience the pain of being burnt by fire every day, yet the wood element inside his body was able to quickly heal his damaged body. He was unable to endure such pain and had even prepared to commit suicide to put an end to his life.

He disappeared, but he did not die. The next time he appeared in front of humanity, he has become an Epic Rank expert.

He no longer possesses the dual elements of Fire and Wood, but all Five Elements. His first opponent after obtaining the Five Elements was a Legendary Rank expert, but he had managed to fight equally with this Legendary Rank expert with only the strength of an Epic Rank, and he had done so by relying on his Five Elements.

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