Chapter 160 – Carat Giant Fire Ape

After obtaining the Ring Mark Boots, Yang Tian and group only encountered Rank 1 Carat Dwarves, no Rank 2s, it was impossible to get better items.

Soon, Yang Tian lost his patience.

“Transfer out a hundred Dark Slimes, target the Carat Dwarves.”


Yang Tian decided to use the Dark Slimes and use a sweeping method to clean up the area. Yang Tian was unable to accept anyone or any race moving about in Sky Halberd Domain, even if these people were only aiming for the items dropped by the Carat Dwarves.

The hundred Rank 2 Dark Slimes would undoubtedly be a calamity in the eyes of the Carat Dwarves.

A hundred Dark Slimes rushed out from Sky Halberd King Manor, Yang Tian also got Brain-Eating Terror Hog to lead them to prevent any unexpected situation.

The opening of Carat Plane this time was not considered a disaster and should be called ‘a gift before the storm’ for humans. Although there was not going to be many high-rank items to be obtained, it was better than nothing.

Xu Dafu and Wang Yu had already returned to Sky Halberd Palace, they killed many Carat Dwarves along the way but the items they got were all Rank 1. As they repeatedly got the same results, they decided to come back immediately when the items they could get was not very good.

“Boss, the camps have been notified accordingly, they will quickly construct the cities, this is their construction scheme.”

Each camp has its own ideas, that was why the cities they built were different. Yang Tian only has one request, they must be constructed in a manner that could easily receive reinforcements and support from the nearest two cities when the city was under attack.

“Boss, they have made modifications according to your request. No matter which city encounters a problem, the nearest two would be able to quickly provide support.”

After Wang Yu told the camps of Yang Tian’s requirement, the architects under them immediately made the changes and produced the new construction scheme.

“It is fine as long as there are no problems.”

“Actually, West Camp seems to have some problems Boss.”

Xu Dafu hesitated for a moment before speaking out.

“Tell me.”

“West Camp had recruited too many ordinary humans and is facing a lack of food. They are requesting for food from us.”

The other eight camps did not have such a problem, West Camp was the only one that encountered it.

“Issue a small portion of our food to them, but I want West Camp Chief to give me an acceptable reason! We are not a refugee camp.”

“I will definitely pass on the message.”

Yang Tian initially did not plan to be involved with West Camp’s affairs, but the West Camp Chief was unable to handle it and had started requesting for aid. This cannot do, since you recruited ordinary humans, you must be responsible for them.

Yang Tian would only give West Camp Chief one chance to resolve this matter; if this happens again, Yang Tian would personally act to tidy up the management.

Xu Dafu had just left to execute Yang Tian’s mission when Lei Xing returned.

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“Boss, a new creature appeared near King Manor.”

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Lei Xing initially did not plan to hunt Carat Dwarves anymore, they would be dealt with by Brain-Eating Terror Pig and the Dark Slimes. However, on the way back, Lei Xing saw a powerful creature which was being worshipped by several thousand Carat Dwarves.

Lei Xing immediately called back Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the Dark Slimes, instructing them to surround the area first before returning to give Yang Tian a report.

“A creature that the Carat Dwarves worshipped?”

Yang Tian had a rough guess of what this creature was but he still needed to take a look to confirm.

Yang Tian brought along Skeleton Gladiator and Shadow Gator this time, he could use this chance to see their fighting abilities.

The place was near Central Camp and Brain-Eating Terror Hog had led the Dark Slimes to surround the area.

“As expected, it is that.”

When he saw the creature, Yang Tian confirmed his guess.

Carat Giant Fire Ape

A rare species on Carat Plane, the entire population of Carat Giant Fire Apes did not even reach a hundred individuals. The Carat Giant Fire Ape are the totems of worship for Carat Dwarves, the dwarves would kneel and bow whenever they encounter a Carat Giant Fire Ape to express their respect.

The Carat Giant Fire Ape possessed Peak Rank 3 fighting power, an Elite-Tier. It has a five meters-tall height and a robust physique. Its body was covered in a layer of fire which has a surface temperature as high as 200℃.


Carat Giant Fire Ape unleashed a violent roar in an attempt to scare the Dark Slimes into retreating. Unfortunately, the Dark Slimes do not feel fear; the roar of Carat Giant Fire Ape could not affect them at all.

Under the leadership of Brain-Eating Terror Hog, they started closing in on the Carat Giant Fire Ape. The Carat Giant Fire Ape was unafraid, but the Carat Dwarves were terrified to be facing against so many Dark Slimes. The dwarves wanted to get closer to the Carat Giant Fire Ape in an attempt to get some sense of security.


Seeing the actions of the Carat Dwarves, Carat Giant Fire Ape roared angrily as though it was scolding them. The Carat Dwarves no longer dared to approach after the Carat Giant Fire Ape’s roar.

Rage Boost.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog used Rage Boost, enlarging its body size. It charged towards the Carat Giant Fire Ape with its tusks pointing at it.

The Carat Giant Fire Ape was impassive towards the powerful incoming attack of Brain-Eating Terror Hog as it stretched out its fiery arms and waited for Brain-Eating Terror Hog to arrive.


The ape grabbed hold of Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s tusks, even with the powerful charging force, it was only able to force the Carat Giant Fire Ape to take a small step back.

“The two of you go as well.”

When Yang Tian saw that Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s situation was not very good, he immediately ordered Skeleton Gladiator and Shadow Gator to move out.

Skeleton Gladiator and Shadow Gator ran towards Carat Fire Giant Ape, causing a considerable commotion along the way, it forced Carat Fire Giant Ape to give up on what it had in store for Brain-Eating Terror Hog.


Carat Giant Fire Ape tossed Brain-Eating Terror Hog to one side, it flew for more than ten meters away before landing.

Although Carat Giant Fire Ape possessed a higher rank than the three, it was still a one versus three situation, making it unable to hold much of an advantage. Moreover, Lei Xing was also threatening the Carat Giant Fire Ape from the side as well.

Their battle was causing a lot of deterrence, the Carat Dwarves had no choice but to stay further away from Carat Giant Fire Ape. However, this also made them easy targets because of that.

“Kill them all.

Yang Tian ordered the Dark Slimes to act. The Carat Dwarves knew that their situation was not good, but the Carat Giant Fire Ape would not be bothered with them.


One of the Carat Dwarves threw out a piece of Rank 1 material, the several thousand Carat Dwarves soon threw a Rank 1 item as well. Although they were not decent materials, their quantity was plentiful. They wanted to use these items in exchange for their lives.

“Taking out a pile of garbage?”

However, these items do not have any worth in Yang Tian’s eyes so the Dark Slimes continued their attacks. This time, the Carat Dwarves did not have any chance to react.

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