Chapter 904 – Don’t Bully It

“Wuu wuu wuu, Ji Mo Ya you jerk, how can you be so vicious. When you grow up, baby, do not forget that your daddy tried to kill you, don’t be nice to him, he is the most hateful dad in this world…”

Huan Qing Yan felt tired as she cried and then she slept.

It was unknown how long has passed, but she woke up from hunger, and she cried while eating.

The two spirit treasures looked at each other and cautiously followed behind Huan Qing Yan. These two would usually start fighting immediately after getting close to each other, but were now extremely obedient.

As Huan Qing Yan ate, they did not try to snatch, just quietly watching her at the side, looking straight at her… belly.

“What are you looking at? Never seen someone carrying a baby before!”

Piggy and Leafy immediately nodded.

Huan Qing Yan laughed at the funny reactions of these two, “When the baby is born, take care of it and don’t bully it, okay?”

Piggy was the first to nod its head.

When Piggy saw Leafy blanking out, it immediately slapped it, Leafy’s body bends sharply looking as though it was giving a ninety-degree bow.

Leafy, surprisingly, did not jump up to start a fight with Piggy; it even happily nodded following the momentum. 

Seeing the two spirit treasures acting cute in front of her, Huan Qing Yan’s hurt feelings were slightly recovered, “You two are still the best, if Ji Mo Ya is really not going to accept, then we will just not want him. The Spirit Treasure Continent is a huge place, I do not believe I am unable to find a safe place to live…”

The two spirit treasure once again nodded in unison.

Huan Qing Yan was able to see what was happening outside from inside the dimension.

Ji Mo Ya was currently meditating, his expression was bland, cold, oppressive…

Huan Qing Yan did not dare to go out, she would just take care of her body inside the dimension. Becoming a farmer, managing the house, tidy up the plants. She had obtained a large variety of spirit plants in Blood Moon Hidden Realm, the plants have been randomly planted and were not managed properly.

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Now that she has the time, she can do some proper management.

The Peerless Grade Spirit Plant, Corpse King Flower, was extremely overbearing. It was only a single stalk but it occupied a large patch of land, all spirit plants living around it were dead.

Around it was several bluish nether fires floating about, the nether fires seem to have increased by several strands since the time Bai Cheng Feng gave it to her.

Huan Qing Yan was simply filled with respect for the ancient bowl dimension, it could grow anything!

The common spirit fruits that she had planted before had matured, but the storage room was nearly filled.

Huan Qing Yan did not harvest more and simply let them hang on the trees and fields, she would just harvest them whenever she wanted to eat them or wait till the storage room expands in the future.

The remaining plot of empty land was planted with spirit plants of relatively higher spirit value.

Since she was free, Huan Qing Yan started researching medicinal foods and brewing wine.

She brewed large quantities of Spirit Grain Wine and successfully researched several types of medicinal foods.

The Origin Sun Soup she learned last time was for external injuries, Huan Qing Yan learned a medicinal food for internal injuries this time as well. Heart Guardian Lotus Dew, it took her several days before she finally succeeded in making it as well.

To test its effects, Leafy volunteered to grab a goat and had it whipped till it was internally injured…

Its actions allowed Huan Qing Yan to test the effects of her new medicinal food, the results were satisfactory.

“You have done well Leafy.”

Piggy did not want to lose out so it went to grab a fellow pig over and gave it a bite, killing the pig immediately.

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In laughter, Leafy rolled on the floor when it saw that scene.

Huan Qing Yan was speechless and could only give a silent prayer for that pig.

With the two spirit treasures consoling her, the days Huan Qing Yan spent inside the dimension was not as tough as what she had imagined.

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