Chapter 903 – You Can Give Up!

That voice was genuinely able to make people think that it was the original, had she not been present when it happened, she might also believe it was her voice. Those vile and shameless words made her feel a chilling disgust when she thought back.

Unless those demon men could be found to prove her innocence.

Had she known earlier that Ji Mo Ya had been so severely affected by this incident, she would have surely gone to find those demon men, but how was she going to find those demon men now?

She has no way to prove herself, especially when he was not willing to accept any explanations and firmly believed what he thought was right.

She saw Ji Mo Ya walking towards her with an unexplainable expression.

Huan Qing Yan was extremely tensed and started moving to retreat towards the door, feeling fear and anger, but mostly sadness and disappointment. Tears flowed like rivers, “Ji Mo Ya, you have to kill me if you take away our child.”

“Little Yan, be obedient, we are still young, it will not be very painful…” a trace of being unable to bear flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s eyes.

Slowly, he was becoming apathetic.

Huan Qing Yan felt something in her stomach, it seemed to be moving slightly, as though it got afraid as well.

Before her master reminded her, she did not know she was pregnant and only thought her appetite became extremely good, she had not felt anything strange at all.

Only now, did she start to feel something?

This is her baby, Ji Mo Ya and hers, she will not allow anyone to harm it!

“Ji Mo Ya, you can give up! I will definitely bring it into this world, if you don’t want it, I will want it…”

As she spoke, Huan Qing Yan strode towards the exit.

However, Ji Mo Ya’s arm hooked around her and hugged her, “Little Yan, don’t be willful. I do not want this child, abort it now and rest for a few months. When your Master is out of closed-door cultivation, we will get married.”

His voice was gentle, his hand was also very gentle as it roamed her body and slowly slide downwards.

When it slid to her stomach, Huan Qing Yan felt the chilliness from his palm despite the clothes between them, the chill was freezing her.

He was telling the truth and was really planning to act and take away the child, he was not joking.

Disappointment, pain, sadness, anger, grievance… everything filled up her mind, she no longer wanted to communicate with him like this.

The two of them needed to cool down first.

With a swoosh, she disappeared from Ji Mo Ya’s arms and entered the dimension.

Leaving behind the mini bowl for Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya clenched his fists, his face was icy cold as he could not help but shout, “Little Yan! Come out!”

After that, an indescribable sorrow hid inside him, causing him to sit weakly onto the chair. Yet a sigh of relief escaped him, it was good that she hid inside the dimension, he was worried that he could not control his impulses and he might do something unredeemable.

The devil energy within his body was surging and on the verge of exploding, wanting to crush the bowl in his hand to force Huan Qing Yan out…

No, no, this will hurt her. He only wanted to remove that bastard and not to harm her.

Ji Mo Ya remained seated and started reciting the Calming Sutra.


Inside the dimension, Huan Qing Yan was crying her eyes out.

As she cried, she shouted, “Ji Mo Ya, where are your eyes? Can’t you even recognize your own child, is your brain made of glue? I am not going to be bothered about you for the rest of my life…. Wu wuu wuu….”

“Those wolf demon men, they better be struck by multiple lightning till they die, so disgusting…”

“……who is the person behind those wolf demon men, don’t ever let me find out who you are or I will make you wish you were never born!”

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