Chapter 156 – Abyss Evolution

Self Destruct: Exploding Fruit Tree could choose a part of its body to self destruct and the power of the explosion would be based on the toughness of that body part.

For example, to use an unimportant part of the body, the destructive power would be equivalent to a full-powered attack of a Rank 2 creature. However, if it is going to be an essential part of the body like its roots, the power would undoubtedly reach Early Rank 3.

The condition of Exploding Fruit Tree for now made it hard for Yang Tian to confirm if it would use Self Destruct or not.

“You can try using mental power to suppress it first.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen sent a message to Yang Tian.

“No, using mental power to suppress a tamed beast that just woke up from suspended animation is not doable.”

Yang Tian encountered a similar situation in his previous life, it was a beast-type tamed beast and not a plant-type at that time. However, Yang Tian was sure about an issue and the thing is, he must not try to use his mental power to suppress it.

Once mental suppression has been used, the connection between the tamed beast and its tamer would crack. Once cracked, the tamer would lose control of the tamed beast and taming the tamed beast a second time would be very tough.

Yang Tian does have a way to tame a tamed beast after a crack, but Yang Tian does not find it worthwhile to use it.

“Then what are you planning to do?”

“Exploding Fruit Tree was tamed using an ordinary method, which is why its connection with me is not deep.”

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Ordinary Taming was something all tamers knew, it was also the lowest rank taming method. A taming method of that caliber would not allow the tamer and tamed beast to establish a deep connection.

“You mean…”

“Use Evolution Taming.”

Yang Tian decided to use Abyss Taming to replace Ordinary Taming, Exploding Fruit Tree’s current condition was well suited for Abyss Evolution. This would turn Exploding Fruit Tree into a Half-Abyss Creature, like T-Rex.

After Exploding Fruit Tree becomes a Half-Abyss Creature, violent emotions will not appear on it as well.

“I manage to succeed once, I am not sure if this will be successful as well.” Yang Tian silently thought.

Yang Tian used the same method on that beast-type tamed beast in his previous life, but he was not sure if it would succeed this time as well. However, he can only try to find out.

Abyss Taming

Cold evil energy appeared from Yang Tian, making the latter look as though he was not human.

Exploding Fruit Tree could detect the energy coming out from Yang Tian and was starting to feel uneasy.

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However, the next second. The cold energy appeared on Exploding Fruit Tree.


Exploding Fruit Tree released a sonic pulse. The cold yet evil energy was starting to spread throughout its body.

Abyss Creature?

Exploding Fruit Tree did not evolve into a Half-Abyss Creature but became a real Abyss Creature.

The Exploding Fruit Tree was no longer vibrant with the energy of life, but emitting the aura of death. Even the Exploding Fruits on it changed.

Exploding Fruit Tree had obtained a new Abyss-Type attribute as well: Death Attribute.

If attacked by an Exploding Fruit, one must be careful of the death energy of the Death Attribute. If the death energy were to be carelessly allowed to invade one’s body, their vitality would be destroyed by the death energy; eventually, it will lead to death should the condition not be immediately taken care of.

Death Attribute was not merely death energy, it also possessed a unique trait. Immortality, unless Exploding Fruit Tree is entirely destroyed, it would be able to regenerate itself with a small portion of what was left. This was a very terrifying ability.

Moreover, the current Exploding Fruits were covered with a thick layer of Death Energy, the destructiveness of the explosions must not be belittled.

Evolving into an Abyss Creature had made Exploding Fruit Tree behaved itself much more, it was no longer as violent as before. 

“How do you feel?” Yang Tian communicated with it using mental power. The Exploding Fruit Tree’s intelligence was not low, Yang Tian has plans to properly nurture it.

“Very powerful, much more powerful than before, but I no longer feel like myself.”

“Maintain your mind and do not allow the energy of the Abyss to affect you.”

The Abyss Energy will try to change it. However, it will be something that Exploding Fruit Tree has to endure on its own. Only if it could safely pass this phase, would that power genuinely belong to itself.

Many creatures have turned into Abyss Creatures after entering the Abyss World, on top of reasons such as the environment, their willpower not being strong enough was also another reason.

Yang Tian remembered that his greatest enemy had once stayed within the Abyss World for an entire month for the sake of hunting down an Abyss Creature. By the time he had returned from the Abyss World, he was covered in injuries but was also carrying the head of that Abyss Creature. The golden light he was emitting revealed that he had not been affected by the Abyss at all.

That was when he became the Wargod in the hearts of people living in the Celestial Empire, it was then he became a spiritual pillar for all humans living within the Celestial Empire.

It had also been that same moment; Yang Tian had witnessed how powerful his enemy’s willpower was, but it had not stopped Yang Tian from having his revenge. Yang Tian had launched an ambush the moment his enemy returned and unfortunately for Yang Tian, his enemy was surrounded by many experts who had gathered at that time. The Legendary Rank tamed beasts under Yang Tian could only add more injuries to his enemy but was unable to kill him.

With his revenge ending in failure, Yang Tian also became the number one wanted man of the Celestial Empire, but Yang Tian had then also managed to establish his notoriety.

He killed three Legendary Ranks and Ten Epic Ranks.

Yang Tian also lost two Legendary Rank tamed beast during the process.

“I will endure, but I do not know how long I can last.”

“Do your best.”

“I understand.”

Even if Exploding Fruit Tree falls because of the energy of the Abyss, it would still be Yang Tian’s tamed beast, just that its intelligence will become meager. Not an outcome Yang Tian wanted to see. 

The difference between a highly intelligent tamed beast and a tamed beast with no will of its own has a difference between the sky and the ground during the battle.

After Exploding Fruit Tree evolved into an Abyss Creature, the energy of the Abyss emitted by it had also caused the mutated trees near it to be affected, the energy of the Abyss was turning them into Abyss Creatures.

“The energy of the Abyss is already invading.”

Since they were already affected by the energy of the Abyss, Yang Tian had no other methods as well. He could only hope that their change would not be harmful to him, else he will not hesitate to destroy all of them.

“Are you not worried at all? The Abyss is not simple.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but give a reminder.

The Abyss was the most mysterious plane of all, creatures from all other planes have gathered in the Abyss. The remains of once mighty creatures can be taken by the Abyss, turned into entirely new Abyss creatures due to the influence of the Abyss World and their strength would not be weaker than when they were alive.

“I know, but it might not be a bad thing.”

“Let’s hope so!”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s Insect World had once been threatened by the Abyss World before, that was why it understood how terrifying the Abyss could be. However, Yang Tian has his own plans, so Violent Corpse Queen could not interfere too much.

As for the mutated trees that were not yet affected by the Abyss Energy, Yang Tian decided to move all of them away. This would also allow Yang Tian to better observe the changes that happened to the fruit trees being affected by Abyss Energy.

With the King’s Spirit completely melded with him, Yang Tian was able to have better control within the city in this sky. Shifting the positions of these fruits trees was just a matter of him waving his hands.

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