Chapter 157 – Flame Strengthening Stone

They were all shifted to the back of the palace, placed together with the Nacre Vine. Through the powerful life energy emitted by the Nacre Vine, the Red Fruit’s effects would become even better than before, they might also obtain the potential to evolve.

There were now several more warehouses around the palace, Xu Dafu was leading the Dark Slimes who were carrying the harvests they got from outside.


Yang Tian heard Lei Xing before seeing the latter running towards Yang Tian in a fluster.

“What is it, why are you in a hurry?”

“We discovered a stone emitting red light at the boundary between Wu Land and us.”

“Why did you not bring it back with you?”

Xu Dafu also ran over when he saw the flustered Lei Xing, he was the one who spoke and asked.

“That stone appeared in an area of three competing forces, I alone am unable to handle all of them, that was why I came back to seek reinforcements. Snow is currently guarding that place.”

“Is there anyone from Wu Land?”

“No, from their appearances, they looked like the nearby gangsters.”

Within the post-apocalyptic era, many metahumans came together to form their own forces. The boundary areas between the nine camps and various regions have many such forces.

“Take a hundred Dark Slimes with you.”


Xu Dafu led a hundred Dark Slimes while following Lei Xing. 

Yang Tian also went along with them.

“A stone emitting red light?”

When Yang Tian arrived at the location, he heard the sounds of battle.

Yang Tian used Examine and quickly recognized the object of their conflict.

Flame Strengthening Stone

Peak Rank 3 Material, it can be used to strengthen all sorts of weapons and will attach the Flaming Trait to weapons. However, this strengthening stone was Rank 3, the most suitable use for it was to use it to make Rank 3 weapons.

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When a High Rank 3 weapon is strengthened by the stone, the power it produces will be equivalent to a Peak Rank 3. If it is a Peak Rank 3 weapon, the weapon will possess a power very close to a Rank 4 weapon.

Moreover, strengthening stones have a unique trait; they will emit an intense glow. The red light emitted by the Flame Strengthening Stone made them think that it was a piece of treasure.

“Boss, do you want me to kill them all?”

“No need, let them tire themselves first before we take action.”

The leaders of the three forces possessed Early Rank 3 fighting power, if they charge into the battle now, they will suffer unavoidable casualties.

While they were fighting, Yang Tian also observed five forces hiding nearby, they were also thinking of reaping the benefits from the side.

“Lei Xing, get Snow and Dafu to cover you later. Find an opportunity to take the stone first.”


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The Flame Strengthening Stone was the size of a small car; Lei Xing possessed the storage ring that Yang Tian gave him, it will allow him to quickly take it and move away.

The fighting of the three forces was reaching to an end and the five organizations in hiding were also rearing to charge out.


Lei Xing charged into the battlefield and successfully stole the Flame Strengthening Stone.

“You dare!”

The leaders of the three organizations instantly gave up their opponents and charged at Lei Xing. The five forces in hiding also chose to act at the same time.

Lei Xing was immediately surrounded and attacked by eight Early Rank 3 fighting powers.

“Watch me, Black Mist!”

Xu Dafu released Black Mist, allowing Lei Xing to hide.


Snow threw a Magic Energy Flash Grenade. It was a Rank 2 item, but being a consumable-type magic energy equipment, the production cost was relatively lower. However, its effect was still considered not bad.

Especially when the enemies were currently in a vulnerable state, the powerful light caused them to close their eyes thus losing sight of their target.

By the time they opened their eyes, Lei Xing had already disappeared.

“Dammit, where did he go?”

“Over here!”

Lei Xing shouted after he had returned back to his group.

There was currently a hundred Dark Slimes standing in front of him, even against eight other forces, they have nothing to fear.

Speaking of the eight forces, each of them has at most thirty-odd metahumans, most of them were only Rank 1 metahumans with a handful of Rank 2 metahumans.

While all of the Dark Slimes were Rank 2 and a hundred Rank 2 fighting powers were enough to dominate the eight forces.

“What are all… these monsters?”

“Let me show you our might.”

Xu Dafu waved his hand and more than a hundred Dark Slimes started charging towards them.

The battle begun. The scale of victory was undoubtedly leaning towards Yang Tian’s side. Facing against a group of creatures who do not fear death had significantly reduced their opponents’ will to battle. At the same time any injuries the Dark Slimes received they can instantly recover from it, yet their opponents were unable to do the same, this had undoubtedly lowered their confidence again.


Yang Tian suddenly detected several energy signatures coming from the direction of Wu Land, five Mid Rank 3 fighting powers. It was likely they had been attracted by the battle currently ongoing.

“Organize a bit, start pulling out the Dark Slimes out of battle.”

Yang Tian ordered Xu Dafu. Although the latter did not know why Yang Tian gave the order, Xu Dafu did as told.

The number of slimes significantly reduced, lowering the pressure on their opponents as well.

Now only twenty-odd slimes were still fighting.

“Something’s off, they were several teams of them just now, how come only a few of them remain?”

It was inevitable that someone will notice the change to the battlefield and pointed it out, hoping that the other forces would notice as well.

“Let’s destroy them first.”

“Correct, let’s talk after we destroy them.”

The slimes were truly difficult to deal with, everyone finally agreed to destroy all of them first. With eight Early Rank 3 fighting powers, the twenty-odd slimes were exterminated.

However, Yang Tian had already left the battlefield with the remaining slimes and was on their way back to base.

“Boss, why did we suddenly retreat? A while more and all of them would have been killed.”

On the way back, Xu Dafu could not help but ask Yang Tian for the reason.

“You can go back and take a look.”

“Sure, I will be right back!”

Xu Dafu was very curious about Yang Tian’s decision and rode on a Dark Slime and returned.

“Boss, will Dafu encounter any problems?”

After Xu Dafu left, Lei Xing asked Yang Tian.

“Relax, even if he cannot win, he should have no problem running away.”

The miserable screech of Xu Dafu was soon heard from afar.

When he was approaching the battlefield, he discovered that the eight forces were being massacred. The ones slaughtering them were zombies wearing armor that were the same as the zombie soldiers and cavalries who attacked Southwest Camp.

The Rank 1 metahumans have all lost their lives, the Rank 2 metahumans were soon to follow. Only their leaders, the Early Rank 3 metahumans were still struggling, though bitterly.

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before they fall.

They were current being surrounded by the zombie soldiers and calvaries, behind the zombies were five Mid Rank 3 zombies. Any single one of these five could defeat the eight of them.


Xu Dafu wanted to retreat, but the slime carelessly broke a branch under it and the zombies instantly noticed them.


The Dark Slime was only Rank 2 and although it was in wolf form, it was still unable to outrun the speed of a Mid Rank 3 zombie. Xu Dafu might be a Rank 3 Carnivore, but his speed was not as fast as the Dark Slime he was riding.

Xu Dafu was being surrounded by the zombies, it was already too late to run away now.

“I am sorry.”

Xu Dafu had no choice but to give up on the slime under him, now that he was targeted, he could only try to escape alone.


Xu Dafu opened the wings on his back, these zombies were unable to fly.

Xu Dafu flew into the sky and frantically flapped his wings.

It was impossible for the zombies to allow Xu Dafu to leave just like that, they started to launch long-range attacks. Their target was Xu Dafu in the sky, Xu Dafu was also only able to fly low, making him an excellent target.

Swoosh Swoosh

The attacks from the zombies have reached Xu Dafu and due to his lack of flying experience, Xu Dafu had no choice but to use his body to block the attacks. Fortunately, as a Carnivore, these attacks were not lethal.

Very soon, Xu Dafu escaped the pursuit of the zombies.

Xu Dafu finally saw Yang Tian and the rest of the group in front.


The injured Xu Dafu fell directly in front of Yang Tian.

“Dafu, are you okay!?”

Lei Xing quickly went to support Xu Dafu.

“Still okay.”

The injuries on his body were already starting to heal, they would completely recover after a while.



Xu Dafu embarrassingly replied. It was also fortunate that the zombies in this attack were not exceptionally powerful, else he would not just be in this state.

“Boss, what treasure is this red stone?” Lei Xing asked.

“It is not a treasure, just a material called Flame Strengthening Stone. It can be used to strengthen weapons and bestow the Flaming Trait to it. However, it cannot be used on a Water or Ice attribute weapon or the weapon will be weakened instead.”

“Can it be used on magic energy equipment as well?”

“Yes it can, but you will need to add another control formation into the magic energy equipment.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s reply, Lei Xing was getting excited. He wanted to immediately start working on it, but with no forge with him, he could only wait till they return.

On the way back, they would occasionally find Rank 1 and Rank 2 materials.

“The foraging done here is not thorough enough, we need to increase efficiency.”

Yang Tian wanted them to collect all the materials that could be found nearby, but it was evident that there were still many materials that were yet to be gathered. In a few days, the wormhole from the other planes would reconnect to Earth, the creatures they would be facing would be more powerful and at that time it would not be as easy to harvest materials.

This period could also be said to be a war preparation period of humans as well.

“I will get them to improve on this aspect. By the way Boss, West Camp accepted a lot of refugees over the past few days, with ordinary humans taking up the bulk.”

“Just leave this matter to the West Camp Chief, he knows what should be done. We will not get involved.”

Towards the management style of each camp, Yang Tian was willing to let them make their own decisions. If he were to step in, it might obstruct them instead. Of course, if they do anything that might harm Yang Tian, he would not hesitate to destroy them.

Xu Dafu had been worried that the considerable increase in ordinary humans who were unable to perform tasks that metahumans could do yet consuming the food resources of West Camp. However, since Yang Tian has spoken, Xu Dafu decided not to get involved with West Camp Chief’s plans.

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