Chapter 158 – Sky Halberd King Manor.

On their way back, Yang Tian was also considering a name for the manor. 

A city must not go without a name.

The manor was occupied by plant creatures in his previous life and had been given the name Demon Realm.

Sky Halberd King Manor

This was the new name Yang Tian had decided for the city.

Yang Tian connects to the King’s Spirit and sent four words made of mental power into the King’s Spirit.


Four large words: Sky Halberd King Manor, appeared above the city and lasted for five minutes.

The four words soon reappeared above the city gates.

Originally, the palace within the city had a blank signboard, now three words appeared on it: Sky Halberd Palace.

This sudden change startled Wang Yu and the tamed beasts; only the summoned beasts were remaining calm, they finally have a home and were now warriors of Sky Halberd King Manor.

Xu Dafu was able to detect a very minute change in the Dark Slime, but it was still a change.

“Dafu, after you return, inform the nine camps that our territory will be called Sky Halberd Domain from now on.”


Xu Dafu was still feeling confused about his new orders. Only upon his return to Sky Halberd King Manor and seeing the words above the city gate, he instantly understood.

Had that been done by Boss?

He was obviously not in the city, yet he was able to observe and control the place! Yang Tian’s position in Xu Dafu’s heart became even more respected!

“Boss, the city experienced some changes.”

Wang Yu had just returned from Central Camp and saw the changes to the city and informed Yang Tian immediately.

 “I know, there is no need for you to be surprised.”


Concern was written all over Wang Yu’s face, it seemed like she was hesitant about something.

“Hmm? Why, do you have something else to say?”

“Boss, Southwest Camp Chief was sent to Teacher Ouyang for healing, right?”

“Did something happen to him?”

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“The poison he received had been healed by Teacher Ouyang, but he is now also a Poison Man.”

Ouyang Ge used an unconventional method to heal Southwest Camp Chief: using poison against poison. Ouyang Ge had collected many samples of poisons and toxins from mutated creatures since the apocalypse happened, and these poisons were much more violent than the ones found in the Civilised Age. During the healing process, extreme pain was unavoidable, but Southwest Camp Chief managed to endure all of it. However, his body absorbed the poisons instead and it turned him into a Poison Man.

He was currently still in Ouyang Ge’s research lab as Ouyang Ge was unable to guarantee the stability of his condition which was why he was not allowed to come out yet.

“Who is managing Southwest Camp now?”

“The Assistant Camp Chief, he is a person who executes orders seriously, there have been no problems being encountered when he was in charge.”

The Southwest Camp currently did not have any problems in management, the only one that has a problem was Southwest Camp Chief himself.

“Take me to him.”


Yang Tian wanted to see what is this Poison Man that Southwest Camp Chief had turned into.

Yang Tian had seen Cyborgs, Half-Cyborgs, Genetically Modified Humans… these were all the products of freak science that were developed in the post-apocalyptic era, but a Poison Man; that will be a first for Yang Tian.

When Central Camp Chief saw Yang Tian, it looked as though he had seen his liberator, kneeling down to greet Yang Tian.

Seeing the kneeling Central Camp Chief, Yang Tian could not help but frown.

“What happened?”

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“Lord, Southwest Camp Chief had turned into a Poison Man and would randomly unleash poisonous miasma from his body. The Central Camp had already suffered heavy casualties, even myself have been poisoned.

Indeed, a repulsive stench was coming from Central Camp Chief, it was due to the poison.

Southwest Camp Chief was currently sealed in an air-tight glass container by Ouyang Ge due to the situation. Ouyang Ge at present was trying to develop an antidote by researching the poison emitted by Southwest Camp Chief. After all, more than half of the residents in Central Camp have been poisoned; should Ouyang Ge be unable to develop a cure, it would be hard for him to explain to Yang Tian.

“Wang Yu, stay outside.”

Yang Tian was worried that Wang Yu might be poisoned if she accompanies him into the research lab; Yang Tian has Venom form so he did not have to worry about being poisoned.


Yang Tian walked into the research lab in Venom form.

The research lab did not only held Southwest Camp Chief but also several metahumans who have been severely poisoned. Miasma was currently being emitted from their bodies.

“Manor Lord, why are you here?”

Ouyang Ge could not help but feel slightly guilty when he saw Yang Tian.

“What is the situation, why did it become like this?”

“Sigh! I used the method of poison neutralizing poison, but who knew that Southwest Camp Chief’s physique can absorb the poison. I used a cocktail of five mutated poison yet all of it was absorbed by Southwest Camp Chief and along with the Phosphorus Venom inside of him, producing the current situation!”

“Let me take a look at Southwest Camp Chief.”

Ouyang Ge led Yang Tian to the sealed underground chamber were Southwest Camp Chief was, within the underground chamber was also a sealed glass container, Southwest Camp Chief was held inside.

Southwest Camp Chief no longer looked human, his entire body was covered in snake-like scales, on his back were several pus-filled blisters, his eyes were bloated, and two thirty-centimeter long feelers have grown out of his forehead.

His irises were emerald green, with a long tongue sticking out of his mouth.

When he saw Yang Tian, he immediately leaned on the glass with a painful expression.

“My Lord, help me.”

The container was filled with the miasma he had released, even with the glass acting as a barrier, Yang Tian could still sense how terrifying poisonous the miasma can be.

“Did his meta ability disappear?”

“That… I do not know, but his physique has reached Mid Rank 3, becoming slightly stronger than before.”

His physique has increased, but his ability had disappeared.

“Have you seen a similar situation before?”

Yang Tian was speaking to Violent Corpse Worm Queen but it was looking like the Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s first time seeing that.

“I do not know much about humans.”

Yang Tian was also unable to think of a solution as well! Kill him? Yang Tian worries that an even stronger poison would be released after killing him, plus Phosporous Venom was mixed inside his poison, elemental attacks might even strengthen the poison.

Yang Tian could only lock him here for now.

“Manor Lord, you can be assured, since this is the result of this old man’s actions, I will definitely create a solution.”

Since Yang Tian had no idea on what to do now as well, he could only wait and see what surprises Ouyang Ge will pull up with.

In fact, Yang Tian did know of one solution available; that was to give him a Logia-Type Devil Fruit. Unfortunately, Devil Fruits are too precious, Yang Tian will not consider giving him even if he has one.

“I hope so!”

“This old man had already concocted several dozen pills, it could heal the metahumans who were mildly poisoned, it is enough to allow Central Camp Chief and the rest recover.”

Central Camp has been turned into a land of poison so Yang Tian has to caution the other camps to not enter Central Camp carelessly.

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