Chapter 159 – Carat Dwarves

“Boss, how’s the situation?”

“Ouyang Ge had researched some pills, it will be able to cure metahumans who were mildly poisoned. As for the other metahumans, I believe Ouyang Ge will come up with a solution.”

The metahumans of Central Camp were all focused on Yang Tian, he could not tell them there were no real solutions for now or it would only cause them to panic. The best way to approach this was to placate them first.

“That’s good, that’s good.”

When Central Camp Chief heard Yang Tian’s reply, he secretly sighed in relief. He belongs to the mildly poisoned group, he naturally had nothing to worry now that there was a cure for him.

“Lord, are you leaving?”

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When Central Camp Chief saw Yang Tian and Wang Yu leaving, his tone became slightly flustered.

“Such small matters can be resolved by Ouyang Ge. Or are you actually asking me to settle this for you?”

“I do not dare!”

When Central Camp Chief heard Yang Tian referring to the poison as a small matter, his heart felt more reassured. Since it was a small matter, it meant that Yang Tian has a solution which Yang Tian would surely use it if Ouyang Ge is going to be unable to resolve it. However, he did not know that Yang Tian was just placating them.

“Boss, can this really be resolved?” Wang Yu asked on the way back.

“There is a solution, but it is not worth the effort! I want you to inform the other camps later, tell them about what happened at Central Camp and to be cautious of everyone from there, but don’t make it too obvious. You can head there with Dafu, he has instructions for the camps as well.”

“I understand.”

Sky Halberd Domain, this was something all the camps must know. They are all warriors of Sky Halberd Domain, serving Yang Tian. When the time comes, the nine camps would no longer be referred to as camps, but as the Nine Great Cities of Sky Halberd Domain.

“Act with haste.”


It was not that Yang Tian wanted to pressure them, just that Yang Tian had sensed a wormhole connecting to a particular plane was about to open.

“Isn’t it suppose to be three days later? Why did it start early?”

Yang Tian was confused, but since it was opening, he has to prepare for battle.

“No… this plane.”

Yang Tian’s face turned strange.

Is this not a benefit for humanity instead?

Yang Tian remembered that this plane had not opened during this period in his previous life. However, since it will be opening, he should grab hold of this opportunity.

Carat Plane

A mysterious plane. They were invaders of Earth but was also a unique type of invaders. Each Carat creature hunted would also drop a random item.

The items ranged from materials to herbs, if one was lucky, they might even obtain weapons or defense equipment.

When humans first encountered Carat Creatures, they had been afraid at first, but once they noticed that they would drop items, the greed in humanity overcame the fear. Despite knowing certain death, they still pounced on any Carat Creatures they encounter.

Yang Tian brought Wang Yu back to Sky Halberd King Manor to gave Wang Yu and Xu Dafu their next mission. However, when they heard about Carat Creatures from Yang Tian, their curiosity started to emerge.

“Boss, are you saying that treasures will drop upon killing them?”

“You guys can try to find out.”

Carat Plane was on the verge of opening, their arrival would not be as vast or mighty as other planes, but it was still going to be powerful.

Shortly after Xu Dafu and Wang Yu departed, Earth started to shake.

Carat Plane has opened, the Carat Creatures that descended onto Earth were… Carat Dwarves.

Killing Carat Dwarves would not obtain any decent item because Carat Dwarves was the lowest rank among Carat Creatures. Of course, they also had their advantages, high reproductive speed; it was why the quantity of Carat Dwarves would typically not be too low. If you encounter one, you will meet a group.

However, the fighting power of Carat Dwarves was mostly Rank 1, the better ones could be at Rank 2. It was impossibly hard to see a Rank 3 Carat Dwarf.

Now, a large group of Carat Dwarves has appeared in various regions globally, they would bring panic to humans initially. As a race that was much looked down upon, when Carat Dwarves encounter creatures that fear them, they would vent the pent up resentment that they had hidden away.

Unfortunately, they could only vent for a short while before even that shattered.

Metahumans could easily hunt them. Moreover, they were able to obtain presents from each kill. This change the standing of the Carat Dwarves; due to the greed of humans, they were going to be wiped out to the very last one.

Yang Tian had killed many Carat Dwarves and so far only Rank 1 items have dropped. Yang Tian did not even have a desire to pick them up.

Lei Xing And Snow were following beside Yang Tian. Whenever the duo saw a relatively precious Rank 1 material, they would proceed to collect them.

“They want to invade Earth with this kind of strength?”

“Who knows?”

Towards the invasion by the Carat Dwarves, Yang Tian only coldly laughs in reply.

“Try to hunt Rank 2 Carat Dwarves, there is nothing good to be obtained from Rank 1s.”


Yang Tian had just hunted a Rank 2 Carat Dwarf and he obtained a Rank 2 Weapon, Moongazer Dagger.

“Boss, there is a fat Carat Dwarf in front.”

Lei Xing noticed a Carat Dwarf that was trying to slip away; it was only Rank 1, but its fat belly attracted Lei Xing’s attention.

It was a pregnant Carat Dwarf.

Most Carat Dwarves will only be pregnant once in their life, each time giving birth to over thirty Carat Dwarves, an enormous amount.

The pregnant Carat Dwarf was full of wariness when looking at Yang Tian and his group.

She was initially on Carat Plane, but a huge gust blows her over to this place.

“Boss, what are we to do?”

“Kill it.”

Against an invader of Earth, Yang Tian would never be softhearted. No matter her condition, in Yang Tian’s eyes, there was only death.



A handgun quickly ended her life, the bullet pierced through her skull and killed her on the spot.

“Shoot a few times at her stomach as well.”

Yang Tian was unable to confirm that the infants inside the dead mother would also die with her, it was better to be thorough.

Carat Dwarves were unable to threaten metahumans, but they could still harm normal humans. These Carat Dwarves immediately started attacking humans upon arriving on Earth, they were not worth any pity.

Bang Bang Bang

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Lei Xing released several shots into the big belly.


A present decent item dropped following the Carat Dwarf’s death.

Early Rank 3 Leg Tool, Ring Mark Boots.

Increase the wearer’s movement speed by 15%.

Typically speaking, a Rank 1 Carat Dwarf would not drop a Rank 3 item; the only reason was likely because it was a pregnant one that has a combined body of over thirty different individuals. 

“Our luck is pretty good.”

Yang Tian passed the Ring Mark Boots to Lei Xing, Lei Xing obviously had better use for movement speed than him.

“Thank you, Boss!”

Lei Xing was very interested in the boost provided by the Ring Mark Boots, he was delighted when Yang Tian decided to give it to him, he put on the boots the fastest he could.

A 15% increase in movement speed was a huge boost.

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