Chapter 155 – Resuscitate

“That’s right, we do not understand why Vice Head allowed so many of our followers to die, even five of our followers were captured by that old fella.” The heavily injured man-in-black was speaking very disrespectfully and the tone he used was filled with hostility.

“I believe I need to teach you how to watch your mouth first.”

A sword made of mental power stabbed the soul of the heavily injured man-in-black, undoubtedly worsening his injuries.


Damage dealt towards the soul was several dozens of times more painful than those felt on the physical body; although Yang Tian had not taken his life, the attack was beyond his ability to handle.

Soul Pierce

That being the new ability that Violent Corpse Worm Queen acquired after reaching Early Rank 3; it could transform mental power into any attacking form and they will possess a strong piercing trait. The heavily injured man in black was quite powerful; but his mental power, when compared to Violent Corpse Worm Queen, was much more inferior.

“Vice Head, I am wrong, I dare not now.”

The heavily injured man in black quickly begged for mercy, the pain from his soul made him aware that this Vice Head hiding in the dark was not to be trifled with.

“If this happens again, I will destroy you.”

“Yes, Yes, this subordinate will not dare to do this again.”

The other three men in black were also convinced that Yang Tian was their real Vice Head. He was able to silently deal such a powerful attack to that man in black in front of them, plus the power of that attack did not seem weak from the painful look on the recipient’s face.

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“Next time, do not come out if you do not know your enemy well.”

“But we are only following Lord Church Head’s orders.”

“So what? If you acted impulsively and encountered a powerful opponent, how is it different from going to your death, just like this time. Had I not silently assisted you, do you really think that you can escape?”

Yang Tian deliberately added one more sentence for them to hear.

“One of these days, the position of head… humph.”

The four of them immediately lowered their heads, not saying anything, acting as though they had not heard him. However, they had listened to every word clearly, just that they kept it in their hearts. As for what to do, they are all intelligent people.

Moreover, Yang Tian’s move also forced them to remain silent about the day’s incident, they would even specifically forget to mention Yang Tian.

“Vice Head, what are we… to do next?”

“You guys… can either continue to stay beside Blazing Fire King or go to Guan Ren Zuo. As for what to do, I believe I do not need to guide you each and every step!”

“This subordinate understands.”

“One more thing, you must avoid that old man, his strength is terrifying.”


When they could no longer hear Yang Tian speaking, they accepted that the latter had left and raised their heads to look at each other.

“We have never met Vice Head before. To think that Vice Head had such ambitions…”

“Shut it, we just need to manage our matters properly, there is no need for us to be involved in other matters.”

This matter was too severe, if exposed, the four of them would not be able to escape being affected.

Looking at their current reaction, Yang Tian’s mouth curled up coldly.

“Followers of the Fallen Angel? They are truly rare.”

“But not for long.”

For the sake of survival, the humans of the post-apocalyptic era would do anything to seek more power. Additionally, believing in the Fallen Angel would allow them to obtain even higher power than what they initially had. So how would they lack followers?

Dark Creatures can not directly descend onto Earth, so controlling the humans that followed them was one of the methods that were direct and simple. They could also do so through creatures from the Abyss World as they are also followers of Dark Creatures. The reason they had invaded Earth had also been because of the Dark Creatures they served.

“Speaking of faith. Do you remember that female actress you rescued in Cloud Town?”

“You mean Fan Xiao Bing?”

“That’s right. I sensed that I have lost control of the Violent Corpse Worm planted inside her, and the reason was that Fan Xiao Bing became the follower of a Dark Creature. The Dark Creature gave the Violent Corpse Worm the ability to escape my control.”

“Do you know what Dark Creature it is?”

“She is powerful, I am unable to sense it. I could not even sense the location of that Violent Corpse Worm anymore.”

“When the time comes, maybe we will meet again.”

Since it is a Dark Creature, Yang Tian has some plans. Compared to other creatures, Yang Tian felt more assured towards Dark Creatures. It was not because Dark Creatures were weak, they were on the contrary very powerful, Yang Tian was assured because of his understanding of Dark Creatures.

Yang Tian quickly returned to his territory.

On top of following Yang Tian’s order to harvest materials, the nine camps were also making preparations to construct cities. A portion of the materials collected had been set aside to be used in the construction.

The nine camps were also heavily recruiting; many roaming metahumans have joined them and were serving under him.

Yang Tian did not visit any of the camps to check on them, instead, he chose to head directly to the manor.

Before Yang Tian left, there were over two hundred Dark Slimes, now the number had already reached more than four hundred. Xu Dafu had also followed Yang Tian’s orders to keep on feeding different energy crystals to the Dark Slimes, resulting in the variety of Dark Slimes being very balanced.

“Boss, come and see my results of training these slimes.”

Yang Tian was at the city entrance, there were several half-humanoid-half-beast slimes. They were equipped with Magic Energy Weapons and was always ready to engage in battle.

Compared to the other slimes, they were obviously more focused, else Xu Dafu would not have issued Magic Energy Weapons to them to use.

“Boss, you just need to point at a target, and it will immediately become a beehive.”

Yang Tian wanted to see for himself as well and see if they really do that right.

“That one.”

Yang Tian pointed at a large tree; the slimes immediately raised their Magic Energy Weapons and started shooting that tree.

Bang Bang 

The entire process took less than two seconds and the large tree got turned into charcoal.

“Not too bad.”

Yang Tian was very satisfied with the slimes’ reaction speed and shooting accuracy.

“Boss, one more thing. The Exploding Fruit Tree seems to have woken up, but we do not dare to approach it.”

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“Okay, I understand.”

The reason Yang Tian had urgently returned was that he had sensed the Exploding Fruit Tree waking up.

Although resuscitated, its condition was not normal. Xu Dafu had tried to approach it several times but was whipped by the Exploding Fruit Tree. Fortunately, he was not harmed due to his startling healing speed as a Carnivore. However, the rest had not dared to approach.

When Yang Tian approached Exploding Fruit Tree, he could sense the irritated state of the tree.

There were new Exploding Fruits on its branches which meant that it has recovered well. The only problem was its current state.

Rank 2 Exploding Fruit Tree; after reaching Rank 2, the Exploding Fruit Tree had also learned a new skill. This skill forced Yang Tian to be wary.

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