Chapter 154 – Entice

“What a fragrant wine.”

Yang Tian was able to smell the wine’s fragrance from where he was seated.

“This old man did not take it out when we are talking and only took it out now!” Yang Tian silently cursed the elder for being a miser.

“This one is called Guan Ren Zuo.”

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Guan Ren Zuo saw that the elder was not much younger than him in age and did not refer to himself as this old man.

“This old one, Mi Yu Ni.”

So his name was Mi Yu Ni! Yang Tian made sure to remember this name.

“May I ask Brother Guan, why are you looking for my disciple?”

“I heard that he has returned and came to catch up with him.”

It was evident that Guan Ren Zuo deliberately avoided the topic with Mi Yu Ni. Although this was their first meeting, Guan Ren Zuo was able to sense some hostility coming from the latter. This caused Guan Ren Zuo to unconsciously put on his guard against Mi Yu Ni.

“Let’s drink first.”

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Yang Tian took the flask and drank a mouthful; the wine’s fragrance roamed within his stomach, the refreshing feeling was also in the rest of his body.

“What? You want some as well?”

Yang Tian saw Dragonite looking closely and casually asked;  the reply he got was the rapid nodding from Dragonite.

“Open your mouth.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s words, Dragonite opened its big mouth, and Yang Tian poured some into it.

“Still want?”

Yang Tian poured half of the flask again, it should be enough this time.

After drinking a half flask of good wine, Dragonite closed its eyes to savor the taste for a moment; before it prodded Yang Tian with its claws and pointed at its mouth.

It was obvious what he was trying to convey.

Yang Tian poured the remaining wine into Dragonite’s mouth before shaking the empty flask, indicating that there is no more wine.

When Mi Yu Ni saw Dragonite’s expression, he quickly took out three more flasks of wine and placed the flasks in front of it.

Dragonite was delighted with Mi Yu Ni’s treatment and expressed goodwill towards him. When Mi Yu Ni received the kind gaze of Dragonite, he seemed to be even happier than Dragonite.

Dragonite looked at the three flasks in its hands and gave one to Yang Tian, while it kept the remaining two to enjoy.

On the other side, Guan Ren Zuo noticed that Yang Tian had a new face beside him; he could not help but lament! How did Yang Tian manage to obtain the aid of powerful creatures all the time? 

Very soon, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and the three youngsters entered the palace.

“Principal, you guys came as well!”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was delighted when he saw that Guan Ren Zuo had arrived.

“Principal, this is my master.”

“There is no need to introduce us, we have exchanged greetings earlier on.”

After Guan Ren Zuo finally met Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, his expression got much better, just that there were topics that were not suitable to be talked about at that moment.

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s arrival had improved the atmosphere greatly as well.

Yang Tian originally planned to leave after finishing the wine, but he was unable to push away Mi Yu Ni’s enthusiastic invitation to spend the night in Thirty-Six Paradise City.

“Then, I shall accept your offer.”

Yang Tian finally decided to stay, staying within one of the smaller buildings within the palace.

That night.

Yu’er wore thin pajamas and entered Yang Tian’s accommodation.

“Why have you come in here wearing that? Aren’t you afraid that I will punish you on the spot?”

Yang Tian could not help but tease when he looked at Yu’er who was full of allure!

The next second, Yu’er kneeled in front of Yang Tian and started crying out loud.

“Hey, I have yet to do anything. Why are you crying?”

If Yang Tian’s guess was correct, this situation was likely Mi Yu Ni forcing Yu’er to visit Yang Tian. The appearance of Dragonite made Mi Yu Ni believed that Yang Tian was a Child of Heaven as well, so he used Yu’er as a bargaining chip to rope in Yang Tian.

“Go and die!”

Yu’er pushed Yang Tian away and laid her body on Yang Tian’s table, remaining silent for a long time.

Yang Tian was not a gentleman, he started using his eyes to feast and admire the beauty in front of him.

Pink pajamas that reached just above the thighs. Moreover, it was made of very thin material, allowing Yang Tian to see whatever was underneath it clearly.

Yu’er felt a burning sensation on her back while she was lying on the table; she could not help but jump up and use her arms to cover her chest, speaking nervously:

“Don’t come any closer.”

“If I don’t go over, how can you complete your mission?”

“You… you are spouting rubbish.”

Yu’er was unwilling to admit that she had been forced to Yang Tian by her Master, but Mi Yu Ni did give her the task of engaging in a relationship with Yang Tian tonight.

“Then I am leaving.”


When Yu’er saw that Yang Tian was about to leave, she instantly panicked. 

“You come over here, I will treat it as though I am bitten by a mosquito.”

“I do not feel like moving much.”

“You… you…”

Yu’er was speechless, this matter was already something very embarrassing, yet Yang Tian wants her to take the initiative, how could Yu’er take it?

“Don’t want? Then I am leaving.”

“Fine, come over here!”

Yu’er helped Yang Tian undress, and they were soon facing each other in their birthday suits.

Yang Tian was an ordinary man; it has been a month since the apocalypse, he naturally would not give up on the chance of venting himself now.

“It’s red? Are you still a virgin?”

Yu’er did not speak and continue her movement. Seeing the red stains, Yang Tian suddenly felt slightly embarrassed.

After a night of passion, Yu’er half sat on Yang Tian’s bed with a dazed expression, no one knows what she was thinking about.

“Will you remember me?”

Yu’er suddenly asked Yang Tian, her first-time after her twenty-odd years had just been given to this man.

“I will.”

Had Yu’er not been a virgin, Yang Tian would only value her as an object to vent his frustrations. Unfortunately, she wasn’t.

Yang Tian took out a set of male clothes from the Archaic Bronze Ring and gave it to Yu’er. After wearing those clothes, Yu’er left Yang Tian’s place.

The next day, Yang Tian did not saw Yu’er, but a delightful looking Mi Yu Ni.

After giving him a simple greeting, Yang Tian left.

On the way back to the manor, Yang Tian felt strangely irritated.

“It’s them?”

Yang Tian saw the heavily injured man in black that eventually escaped from earlier, with him were the three men in black who he led away by disguising as the church’s Vice Head.

The four of them were currently gathered, but the rage was written all over their dark faces.

“This was an order issued by the church head himself, how is that a betrayal?”

The heavily injured man took out a black token and threw it onto the ground, causing the other three to noticed something was wrong.

“However, the Vice Head is the one that ordered us to retreat.”

“We suffered great losses this time, we need to return and report to the head.”

No one was willing to carry this failure on their backs, they could only get the head of the church to decide.

However, since Yang Tian had caught everything, he naturally would not allow them to return to Broken Sun Church just like that.

“Hold on.”


The four men in black jumped in shock by the sudden arrival of another voice.

“It’s me.”

Yang Tian used the secret technique of the Vice Head again to let them know of Yang Tian’s identity.

“Vice Head?”

“I believe all of you must be confused about my actions?”

Yang Tian did not reveal himself and was securely hidden in a corner instead. Yang Tian’s mental power was higher than them and that was preventing them from discovering Yang Tian’s position.


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