Chapter 153 – Arrived?


The instance the explosion occurred was the chance for them and Blazing Fire King to escape.

After the explosion ended, Blazing Fire King had already disappeared.

When the metahumans gathered outside the city walls saw that Blazing Fire King had disappeared, they quickly left the battlefield.

“All of you stop right there…”

“They are just a bunch of riffraff. There is no need to fall into enemy schemes by paying attention to them.”

The four youngsters had been covered in some light injuries as well; during close combat, the explosive increase in heat from the Blazing Fire King had made them suffer. The five men in black had also been captured by the elder and Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. Their limbs had all been crippled, but they remained alive.

“Watch these five carefully, we are bringing them back with us when the time comes.”


The energy that these men in black emitted during the battle was regarded as important by the elder.

There was an underground prison within Thirty-Six Paradise City, even without anyone to stand guard, it was still a challenge to escape from it. Sky Hegemon Blade Sage led the men in black escorted by three more youngsters, excluding Yu’er, to the underground prison to lock them in there temporarily.

As for Yu’er, she approached Yang Tian.

“Thank you for your aid just now.”

Yu’er expressed her thanks to Yang Tian. However, Yang Tian could see from her expression that it was forced, he looked at the elder nearby, it was evident that she was forced to come over to thank Yang Tian

As for Yu’er, her attention was mostly focused on Dragonite, that was likely the elder’s instructions as well! Although Dragonite was not exceptionally strong, its identity as a dragon will attract a lot of attention.

The symbols representing the Celestial Empire from ancient times to current times were all dragons and the emperors were also called Heavenly Dragon Child. While Yang Tian currently has a living dragon standing behind him, how could the attention of the elder not be gained?

The elder was even starting to guess that Yang Tian might be a Child of Heaven!

From the beginning, when he met Yang Tian, to the moment when Dragonite appeared beside Yang Tian, the elder was starting to be more and more curious about him.

“Dragonite, a beauty is expressing her thanks to you.”

“Drag Drag”

Dragonite excitedly replied, combined with its actions, it was as though it was telling Yu’er that it had been a small matter.

“Can I touch it?” Yu’er asked shyly.

“If it doesn’t mind, you can do as you like.”

When Yu’er tried to approach it, the Dragonite would still put up some random growls. However, after Yu’er took out five stalks of Rank 2 spirit herbs, Dragonite completely lost its image.

When the elder saw that Yu’er managed to touch Dragonite, he was also delighted.

Did this mean that Yu’er had obtained Dragonite’s approval?

“Guan Ren Zuo and his team are coming?”

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Yang Tian saw a small team coming from afar, the one leading the team was Guan Ren Zuo. Guan Qing Xue and Lee Si Kai were also following behind him.

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“Another team again?”

“Mi Yu Zhu knew them, there is no need to attack them.”

When Yang Tian saw Yu’er hostile reaction, he spoke to remind her.

To be frank, Yu’er’s body and looks were both of irresistible level, her only drawback was her shrewish character.

The elder approached and stood beside Yang Tian.

“What is their relationship with Zhu’er?”

“How do I explain it. He was Mi Yu Zhu’s principal and has been protecting Mi Yu Zhu from the time he was still an ordinary person. That is why he has an important place for him in his heart.”

Guan Ren Zuo’s appearance had caused the elder to feel threatened; as Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s master, he needs to maintain the most crucial position in Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s heart, and this position he cannot others replace him.

After hearing Yang Tian’s explanation, he discovered that Guan Ren Zuo can threaten his position.

The elder held a high position inside the Ancient Martial Sect behind him. If he returns to the sect with the title of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s master, his standing within the sect would be elevated even further.

“If that’s the case, we should give them a proper reception.”

Although the elder spoke as such, his eyes were not looking friendly at all. Anyone who was able to reach his current position inside the Ancient Martial Sect should not be a simple person.

The elder waved his hand, the staircase they used earlier appeared in front of Guan Ren Zuo’s group.

“Sky Hegemon Blade Sage gave him partial authority to control Thirty-Six Paradise City?” Yang Tian was slightly surprised.

Yang Tian could also do the same and give limited authority to Xu Dafu or any one of the others, but Yang Tian would only give it to a close aide that he absolutely trusts.

When Guan Ren Zuo saw the staircase appear, he got the metahumans behind him to remain while he walked up to the stairs with Guan Qing Xue and Lee Si Kai.

When Guan Ren Zuo and the other two arrived at the city entrance, they saw the elder, Yu’er and Yang Tian.

“Yang Tian, you are here as well?”

Guan Ren Zuo did not expect to meet Yang Tian in this place.

“I just got lucky and arrived here one step earlier.” Yang Tian shrugged and casually replied.

“Are you Zhu’er’s friends?”

The elder connected with their words and warmly approached Guan Ren Zuo.

“You are…”

“I am Zhu’er’s master.”

“And Zhu’er is…”

“Based on how you call him, he is called Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.”

“Oh, so it is you. Nice to meet you!”

When Guan Ren Zuo knew that the elder in front was Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s master, he immediately gave a bow. The elder’s gaze paused on Guan Ren Zuo for a moment.

“May I ask, what is your ability?”

The elder was unable to detect any meta energy from Guan Ren Zuo, yet there was powerful strength hiding within Guan Ren Zuo, this attracted the attention of the elder.


As he spoke, Guan Ren Zuo took out a Rank 1 Flame Rune and displayed the rune’s power in front of the elder.

“It is not really strong but very mysterious.”

“This is only a Rank 1 rune, our principal currently can make up to Rank 3 runes.” Lee Si Kai could not help but explain further, he was unwilling to see others demean Guan Ren Zuo in front of him.

“Oh? Can you show me?” the elder smiled.

The higher Guan Ren Zuo’s value, the thicker was the elder’s killing intent towards Guan Ren Zuo. Currently, the worth that Guan Ren Zuo displayed had already triggered the killing intent of the elder.

“Rank 3 runes are too precious, there is really no need to use it for displaying.”

“Then I shall not force you, let us go inside and chat.”

The elder invited Guan Ren Zuo and both of them entered the palace together with Lee Si Kai and Guan Qing Xue followed behind them.

“Let us enter as well!”


After entering the palace, the elder continues to sit at the main position while Guan Ren Zuo sat at the first seat on the left meant for guests, Guan Qing Xue and Lee Si Kai stood on the sides of Guan Ren Zuo and did not sit.

Yang Tian sat on the first seat on the right meant for guests.

“This is a wine brewed by my sect, I wish to offer all of you a treat.”

Three flasks of wine appeared in front of the elder, one remained in front of him, the second flew to Guan Ren Zuo’s table, while the last landed on Yang Tian’s table.

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