Chapter 152 – Fallen Angel

When the eight men noticed the fighting power of the elder, they realized how wide was the gap between them. Plus, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage will also be assisting in the fight, they know that they were significantly disadvantaged.

“You guys could not even handle him alone, and you still want to discuss terms with me?”

When Blazing Fire King saw the eight men being suppressed by the elder, he could not help but speak out.

The men in black currently felt unspeakable bitter suffering, they did not expect that old guy to possess such powerful fighting strength. 

“You better shut your mouth.”

Yu’er charged towards Blazing Fire King with a jade sword in hand, Blazing Fire King possessed High Rank 3 Captain-Tier fighting power, even if Yu’er was a Peak Rank 3 Martialist, she might not be able to defeat Blazing Fire King.


Blazing Fire King snorted before attacking Yu’er in return.

Blazing Flames covered the entire body of Blazing Fire King as it lashed against the sharp jade sword.

Bang Bang 

The jade sword created sparks as it slashed on Blazing Fire King’s body, but it could not injure Blazing Fire King.

As each attack of Blazing Fire King was incomparably savage, Yu’er display felt strenuous when facing those attacks.

“You guys go help as well.”


When the elder saw Yu’er’s situation, he ordered his other disciples to go over and help.

Three more Peak Rank 3 martialists approached, causing Blazing Fire King to be in a disadvantageous position. This time, let alone counterattacking, to be able to defend against all those lethal attacks was already not easy.

The two of the eight men in black were currently severely injured by the elder and in great danger, plus Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was also supporting the fight, the expressions of the remaining six men in black was extremely ugly.

“Do I need to assist?” Yang Tian pondered to himself.

Yang Tian saw the hand gestures of one of the men in black, it was a method Broken Sun Church used to request for support, this meant that there were other Broken Sun followers in Benevolence Land and their strength should not be weak.

“So there are really more followers, their strength is not bad as well.”

Three more Broken Sun Church followers arrived, their strength was all Rank 4.

“Although I do not know if it is useful at this time, let’s give it a shot.”

Yang Tian used the secret technique used by Broken Sun vice heads to communicate with them.

A black mark appeared on Yang Tian’s palm.


“Vice head?” the three Broken Sun followers immediately stopped in their tracks, how come the vice head was here and they had been unaware.

“Return to your original tasks, there is no need to be bothered with the eight traitors.”


The three of them were finding it hard to believe Yang Tian’s words, but the command order that came from the vice head was not wrong.

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In the end, they decided to believe in the vice head and left immediately, when the men in black who were waiting for support sensed that their support was moving away from them, they could not help but start to panic.

Did they leave just like that? Why are they moving away?

On their panic faces was also madness and disbelieve, how did it turn out like this?

The elder noticed the unstable emotions of the men in black and immediately used a powerful attack. The current condition of these men had given him an opportunity.


The elder slashed his sword and sliced off the leg of one of the men.

“You are forcing me, you are forcing me!”

After losing a leg, the madness within his eyes increased significantly.

“Display your final worth!”

A powerful suction force appeared in his palms as he pulled in the two men in black that was severely injured by the elder earlier on.

“No… No!”

Fear was on their faces, they obviously knew what was about to happen.

“Don’t blame me, if you want to blame someone blame them!”

He took action immediately after he finished speaking. His body started to swell, while the other two men in black were in a worse state, they have been sucked dry and turned into mummies.

The elder frowned, that technique defied Heaven, the elder placed the bloated men in black into his list of must-kill individuals. Initially, the elder had only been speculating about their identities, but now he was sure that they were a group that has to be killed.

“Protect me.”

The bloated man was still absorbing, but it noticed the elder charging at him with killing intent and quickly called for help from the other men in black.

The men in black accepted the request and charged towards the elder. However, they forgot about Sky Hegemon Blade Sage nearby, the domineering blade intent of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had blocked them.

“Then, I will not use absorption.”

Giving up on absorbing the two men in black, the bloated man in black opened his mouth to a strange size and swallowed the two men in black entirely.

The next second after he devoured them, a new leg grew out from his broken stump.

Even Yang Tian was slightly surprised towards that person; to know this technique, that man was undoubtedly a person from the high echelons of Broken Sun Church.

Although the energy level of that man was rapidly rising, it was still unable to reach the level of the elder.

The fallen energy covered his entire body, the illusion of a fallen angel appeared behind him. The elder felt the threat of death at this moment and quickly pulled away from the man.

“Dammit, don’t let him get away!”

Yang Tian’s reminder obviously came late as the man had already escaped. The illusion of the fallen angel earlier was obviously fake, but it was enough to make the elder misunderstood it as a lethal threat, as it was after all a fallen angel.

The elder sighed, thinking that he had allowed that man to escape.

The remaining five men in black must not be allowed to escape. The elder immediately went to aid Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, he must make those men stay back.

Yang Tian used the moment to check on Blazing Fire King’s situation. When the latter noticed that the men in black were losing, he no longer had any intention to fight.

“He is going to use the ability of the Violent Corpse Worm inside of him, or he will undoubtedly die.”


The energy of Blazing Fire King sharply increased, the temperature of his flames have reached a new height, even the four Peak Rank 3 martialist did not dare to approach the current Blazing Fire King.

As Blazing Fire King had no intention to continue fighting while the elder and Sky Hegemon Blade Sage were taking care of the five men in black, it provided him an excellent opportunity to escape.

The metahumans underneath the city did not have any ability to assist him in this type of battle.

“Be careful.”

The current flames of Blazing Fire King forced them to face him cautiously.

Exploding Fire Bullet

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Blazing Fire King gathered four Exploding Fire Bullets and shot it towards the four of them with high speed. They have just been forced back by Blazing Fire King and were still unable to adjust themselves for the Exploding Fire Bullet attack; Blazing Fire King had achieved what he wanted. 

“Time to act?”

“I am, after all, a guest, I cannot just stand back and do nothing, right?”

Yang Tian still had no intentions of becoming hostile with Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and the elder, so saving his disciples at the crucial moment should be enough to justify himself.


Yang Tian released Dragonite. The latter recovery speed was rapid when it stays inside the Pokeball.

“Use Dragon Rage.”


Dragon Rage might not be able to block the four Exploding Fire Bullets, but it could still delay the attacks and provide a chance for the four of them. As for whether they could avoid the attack, it should not be a problem with their abilities.

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