Chapter 151 – Broken Sun Church

“Then, Young Master is under which organization or maybe…”

Yang Tian was initially very on guard against the elder, his mind felt even warier after hearing the latter’s question.

Is this old man trying to get to the bottom of things?

“I am alone.”

The elder’s following questions were all skipped over by a resentful Yang Tian. Not giving the other party any useful information, but also not providing any misleading information.

The elder was also a world-wise person and naturally detected Yang Tian’s intentions, so he no longer asked any more questions and simply talked about casual stuff.

“I heard that Principal Guan has been looking for you.”

Yang Tian shifted the topic from him to Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

“It must be Hu Jun that fella must be up to his usual antics during the period I am not around.”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage immediately guessed the reason and thought to move out immediately.

“Zhu’er, no hurry.”

The elder stopped Sky Hegemon Blade Sade; from the looks of it, the former as something in plan.

“Zhu’er? I have never asked for brother’s name before.”

Yang Tian had not known of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s name in the past and had never thought to find out. When he heard the elder called him, he could not help but become curious.

“Master told me that my name from before should not be used anymore. I am now called Mi Yu Zhu.”

As expected, a name used by Ancient Martial Sects.

“Zhu’er, your return had likely been noted by many people in Benevolence Land. That Principal Guan will likely be informed as well, and it is highly possible he is already on his way here.”

The elder got Sky Hegemon Blade Sage to sit down again, the latter was also very obedient to the former. This caused Yang Tian to have a slight frown.

“May I know brother’s name?”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage turned and clasped his fist towards Yang Tian while asking.

“Yang Tian.”

The elder silently recorded Yang Tian’s name. Just as he was about to start another round of questions again, the girl named Yu’er entered the building with hurried steps.

“Master, a large group of metahumans has appeared outside the city.”

Thirty-Six Paradise City was currently being surrounded by a large group of metahumans. By the time Yu’er had noticed the anomaly, the situation had already reached this state.

“Let us go take a look.”

From Yu’er’s expression, it was not a positive thing! The elder led Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and walked out, Yang Tian followed closely behind.

Upon reaching the city gates, Yang Tian saw the three other young people were there as well, only Xue Fang was not there.

“Master, a large group of metahumans suddenly appeared below us.”

The walls of Thirty-Six Paradise City was dozens of feet high. To attack the city without flying capabilities was basically just a dream. This was also why they had only surrounded the city and not attack till now; they were lacking the ability to siege Paradise City.

“Who are you people?”

The elder released that loud shout! Powerful inner energy was mixed within the voice, allowing the metahumans gathered to clearly hear the elder.

“It is I.”

Blazing Fire King appeared from amongst the metahumans; he flew up onto the city gates and saw Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

“You are here as well?”

Blazing Fire King also noticed that Yang Tian was there as well, causing him to be slightly startled, but he soon calmed down.

“Hu Jun, what are you thinking of doing? Is the lesson I gave you last time not enough?”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage took out the Sky Hegemon Blade and should Blazing Fire King dares to take another step forward, he will hack him within the next second.

Blazing Fire King dreaded meeting Sky Hegemon Blade King, but since he had dared to stand on the city gate, it also meant that he had a trick up his sleeves.

“Quickly come and help me.”

Blazing Fire King suddenly shouted.

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Eight men in black emitting ice-cold energy suddenly appeared behind Blazing Fire King. What stood out was the icon on their black clothes.

A broken and incomplete sun.

“I did not expect you to request for our aid so quickly.”

“The opponent this time is quite troublesome.”

Those cold tones were without traces of any emotion.

“Else, would I need your assistance?”

Blazing Fire King returned a blunt reply as well, these men were not affected by Blazing Fire King’s attitude towards them as well.

When the elder saw the eight men, his face had turned slightly ugly as well, the cold energy emitted by these men was making him very uncomfortable.

When Yang Tian saw the eight men, he did not know whether he should laugh or teach them a lesson?

Broken Sun Church

An evil church of the post-apocalyptic world, Yang Tian was even the vice-head of Broken Sun Church before in his previous life. Unfortunately, the head of Broken Sun Church violated Yang Tian’s taboo; wanting to use one of his dragon tamed beast to perform a sacrifice. One could expect the outcome, with a wave of his hand, Yang Tian released all his Legendary Rank tamed beasts and destroyed the thriving Broken Sun Church. 

No one from the Broken Sun Church escaped, all of them were killed by Yang Tian. Broken Sun Church disappeared from everyone’s awareness.

Broken Sun Church was not the only evil churches in the post-apocalyptic world, there were many more like them. They captured the human hearts within the post-apocalyptic world to expand their forces; Yang Tian does not know how they had found Blazing Fire King but there was certainly nothing good coming out of it.

Broken Sun Church will provide you assistance but you must also provide them with followers as well; you must also promote the Broken Sun Church in your territory. When there are enough followers accumulated in your land, they will send someone to assassinate you, turning your territory into the territory of Broken Sun Church.

Blazing Fire King has obtained the assistance of Broken Sun Church and it also meant that he was digging his own grave.

The Broken Sun Church believes in the dark creatures, Fallen Angels. That was why the people of Broken Sun Church would emit cold fallen energy; even their meta abilities would experience a mutation under long term exposure in that environment.

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The eight men in black were likely the first batch of humans under Broken Sun Church, obtaining the grace of the fallen angel the earliest. Their abilities were no longer ordinary as the Fallen Attribute was mixed in it.

“Since that’s the case, we will help you take care of them first.”

All of them activated their abilities; however, be it metahumans with water attribute or fire attribute, all of them were emitting cold energy.

“We are not easy opponents as well.” 

The elder released his energy at the same time, Xue Fang was not around, but the combined power of the other four youngsters was not weak as well. Compared to the fallen energy of those men in black, their side was undoubtedly much more righteous.

The elder was a true Martialist, a Sword Martialist. A sword appeared in the hands of the elder.

This sword was at least a Rank 4 or higher weapon. Swords also appeared in the hands of those youngsters; all of them being Sword Martialists as well.

Yang Tian was unable to gauge the power of the elder but he did know one fact; those eight men would not be able to win the elder, the gap in strength was obviously too wide.

They might be able to handle the four disciples of the elder, but it was certain that they could not win the elder.

The eight men in black were all Peak Rank 3 metahumans, the four youngsters were the same as well. However, the fallen energy will affect the states of their opponents during the battle, which will provide a small advantage for the men in black as they fight.

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