Chapter 150 – Ancient Martial Sects

Violent Corpse Worm Queen could devour the mutated Violent Corpse Worm and benefit from it as well, just that the Violent Corpse Worm would gain more growth from devouring the Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“Since it wants to devour you, you must have some plans in mind.”

“I might need your assistance when the time comes. Since it has ideas of devouring me now, I will not let it escape.”

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Yang Tian immediately agreed to Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s request. Violent Corpse Worm Queen was his tamed beast; as its tamer, it was impossible for him to watch his own tamed beast be devoured by other creatures.

At that moment, Yang Tian was standing in front of Thirty-Six Paradise City.

Looking at the several dozen feet tall city walls, Yang Tian had a vague memory of the first time he came to Thirty-Six Paradise City. In his previous life, when he was still an ordinary Beast Tamer, he was fortunate enough to gain refuge in Thirty-Six Paradise City. At that time, he had never met the City Lord of Thirty-Six Paradise City before he had gotten chased out after offending a high-rank metahuman.

“Do you want to enter?”

“No! I can detect the energy of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage approaching this place.”

Yang Tian’s expression was solemn; other than Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, he also detected several more powerful energies.

Yang Tian did not avoid them but chose to wait for them.

The familiar figure of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage entered Yang Tian’s vision and along with him was an elderly person. Behind them were five young adults as well.

“Its… them!”

Yang Tian immediately recalled who they were, it was the team of young people he had encountered after leaving Z City’s Research Facility. They even sought help from Yang Tian at that time, but he did not think much of them and ignored them by getting Lei Xing to continue driving.

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was displaying a respectful attitude towards the elder.

When Yang Tian heard how Sky Hegemon Blade Sage addressed the elder, he instantly understood.

“Master, it’s in front.”

Master? So the previous City Lord of Thirty-Six Paradise City was the master of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. He had only appeared at this time, no wonder Yang Tian had not seen him before this.

He was a true martialist.

Yang Tian could determine that the elder was a true martialist who trains with an extraordinary cultivation technique. The five young people behind him were also emitting similar energy, it was highly likely that they had trained in the same cultivation technique.

Looking at them, Yang Tian was able to confirm some vague ideas he had.

All of them came from the same Ancient Martial Sect, and Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was the Child of Heaven that they found in the post-apocalyptic world. Every Ancient Martial Sect would want to locate a Child of Heaven in the post-apocalyptic world.

What is the Child of Heaven? It meant that the person would be blessed and protected no matter what was done. Others might be fighting for a treasure till they bled all over, yet they will pick up one while walking randomly. They might not even die after jumping off a cliff and might even obtain some great opportunities!

Such beings do exist in the post-apocalyptic world; they were supposed to lead humans to survive in the post-apocalyptic world and that was why these people received such care.

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You can be envious or jealous of him, but once you caused him harm, you will notice that the halo of bad luck would envelop you. You might even be in dire straits before you can even take action.

Even so, what Yang Tian was curious about was how they had located Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. Had the King’s Spirit revealed Sky Hegemon Blade Sage? That was the only possible reason.

Under normal circumstances, after a year, when the various human organizations have a distinct differentiation, would one be able to recognize who is a Child of Heaven at a glance. 

Like Yang Tian’s greatest enemy, he had not only obtained the assistance of one Ancient Martial Sect.

When they were near Thirty-Six Paradise City, it was only natural that they saw Yang Tian as well.

“You are…”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had some impression of Yang Tian, but mostly towards Yang Tian in Venom form. As for the elder, he was also attracted by the faint dragon energy emitted by Yang Tian, he felt that Yang Tian was not ordinary when he saw the latter’s golden irises.

“How about now?”

Yang Tian released Venom, allowing Sky Hegemon Blade Sage to instantly recognize him.

“So it is you, I did not expect to meet you here.”

After Sky Hegemon Blade Sage recognized Yang Tian, he delightfully patted Yang Tian’s shoulder.

“I happened to pass by this place and was attracted by this great city. I did not expect to encounter you guys as well.”

Yang Tian acted as though he was passing by; he could not just reveal his real purpose, right?

“Why not enter the city with us and have a chat.”

The elder suggested and he had used the tone of a host to invite Yang Tian.

“So you guys are the master of this city. Then I shall not stand on ceremony.”

The elder was delighted when Yang Tian agreed; he threw a glance to hint Sky Hegemon Blade Sage and  Sky Hegemon Blade Sage understood the elder’s intentions. The elder did a random wave of the hand towards Thirty-Six Paradise City, and a flight of stairs appeared from the city walls, allowing them to enter the city.

As the master, Sky-Hegemon Blade Sage and the elder walked in front, while Yang Tian and the other five young people followed behind.

A veiled girl caught Yang Tian’s attention, causing him to check her out a few times.

“Isn’t this Xue Fang, the wife of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage? They are not married currently, no wonder she hid her appearance!” Yang Tian guessed.

However, Yang Tian’s repeated glances had earned the ire of the girl beside Xue Fang.

“Hey! What are you looking at!”

“I have been presumptuous.”

Yang Tian did not know how to explain as well. Thus he ignored the hostile eyes of that girl after giving that short reply. 

“Yu’er, do not be impolite.”

The elder immediately stopped the hostile glares of the girl towards Yang Tian. Yang Tian did not expect that the elder would be so easy going towards him. This was the first time they met and his previous actions were indeed lacking manners. After all, to become Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s future wife, it was undoubtedly an arrangement made by the Ancient Martial Sect.

Yet his earlier actions did not cause the elder to be unhappy.


The girl called Yu’er snorted before turning away.

“Young Master has seen something unsightly.”

“You are too polite.”

Yang Tian and the elder casually talked after that. Soon, they arrived at the palace within Thirty-Six Paradise City, the palace was very different in style from Yang Tian’s palace, but it was equally majestic and impressive.

Yang Tian had been invited into the central palace. As the guest, Yang Tian would undoubtedly seat in the position of the guest, but who would be the one sitting in the master’s position?

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage is the master, but the elder is Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s master.

Yet, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage eventually chose to sit in the secondary seat beside, undoubtedly giving the position of the master to the elder. Just that the elder felt no different from one sitting in an ordinary seat as he was not emitting that awe-inspiring feeling that Yang Tian exuded.

This was the difference between having a King’s Spirit and not!

If Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was the one to sit in that position, Yang Tian believes the atmosphere would be very different from the current scenario.

“May I know where Young Master came from?” the elder asked.

“I am an orphan and was raised by my adoptive father. I could be considered as someone from H City.”

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