Chapter 149 – Hyper Beam

The only unfortunate thing was that many people were unable to accept bug meat, they would rather eat a biscuit than to consume bug meat.

However, this did not reduce the value of bug meat for Guan Ren Zuo, this was also why he got metahumans to hunt Rank 1 insects to exchange for food.

When you are starving, would you still mind if your food is bug meat?

Guan Ren Zuo also left, but Yang Tian was following behind Mo Kai.

Blazing Fire King was interested with Thirty-Six Paradise City, Yang Tian wanted to use Blazing Fire King to test Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

Thirty-Six Paradise City undoubtedly belonged to Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, it will be impossible for Blazing Fire King to obtain the city. Just that the current Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was missing and why Blazing Fire King was unable to confirm the master of Thirty-Six Paradise City.

Blazing Fire King would likely know who is the real master of Thirty-Six Paradise City the moment Sky Hegemon Blade Sage appears.

“Brother Mo. Do you think Brother Hu will…”


“I mean his Majesty. I spoke wrongly!”

Ever since Hu Jun became Blazing Fire King, he had ordered his subordinates to change their way of addressing him, indirectly displaying his ambitions.

“Go ahead! What did you want to say?”

“Did we overdo it? Will his Majesty be unhappy?”

“Rest assured, his Majesty might even give you a special prize.”

Mo Kai continued chatting happily with his men without noticing that Yang Tian was secretly following them.

“The Blazing Fire King’s Violent Corpse Worm has some tricks. It changed the Violent Corpse Worm inside Mo Kai and turned it into its subordinate.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen had wanted to try removing the Violent Corpse Worm inside Mo Kai, but notice that the Violent Corpse Worm had changed and had escaped its control.

“You are the main body, I believe you have methods to regain control, but there is no point doing so for just one Violent Corpse Worm.”


Blazing Fire King wanted to militarize his organization and upon entering their territory, Yang Tian saw the metahumans were orderly arranged. Moreover, there was a palace that stood out significantly.

Yang Tian stopped following Mo Kai, if he were to continue, he would be discovered by Blazing Fire King.

The security was getting heavier and denser the closer it was to the palace, the metahumans were also stronger.

“Not good!” Violent Corpse Worm Queen sent a message.

“I am too close to that mutated Violent Corpse Worm, we are discovered.”

The moment the information was passed to Yang Tian, a pillar of fire rushed out of the palace and blocked Yang Tian.

“As expected, it is you.”

Since they were exposed, Yang Tian did not plan to escape and walked out.

“It’s me, so what?”

“Haha, you barged into my territory alone, aren’t you afraid?”

“You can try.”

Venom could only provide Yang Tian up to Mid Rank 3 power, while Blazing Fire King was High Rank 3 and also Captain-Tier, Blazing Fire King could be said to be able to suppress Yang Tian completely.

“Then I shall have a try at it.”

Blazing Fire King prepared to strike, but when he saw a ball half red and half white appearing in Yang Tian’s hand, he quickly retreated.


Although he did not obtain a Tamer Bracelet, Yang Tian received Dragonite’s Pokeball during its summoning. Yang Tian specially brought it along with him when he left the palace. 

“What is that thing in your hand?”

Blazing Fire King was a cautious person, even more so when facing Yang Tian.

“Just a ball could make you so afraid, you should just get lost!”

Blazing Fire King felt that his power was enough to handle Yang Tian and did not overthink as well. He attacked Yang Tian’s head with a palm strike.

Yang Tian immediately sent out Dragonite when Blazing Fire King attacked.

“Use Hyper Beam.”

Dragonite was immediately instructed to use a power move like Hyper Beam after being summoned. Hyper Beam was a Rank 6 skill, even if it were used by a Rank 3 Dragonite, its might would still be extremely terrifying.

A white light gathers in front of Dragonite’s dragon feelers, while the surrounding darkens, Blazing Fire King sensed the threat of death coming from Dragonite.

He had no choice but to retreat, even if he did not die after receiving Hyper Beam, he would still suffer greatly.


Hyper Beam shot towards Blazing Fire King with high speed, making it unavoidable. The most worrying part was that the destructive power of Hyper Beam seems to be unblockable.

Multiple layers of barriers appeared in front of Blazing Fire King, there was also a Rank 3 defense equipment in front of him on top of that.


Hyper Beam struck Blazing Fire King, causing a massive shockwave that blew the nearby metahumans away.

Blazing Fire King barriers that Blazing Fire King created were meaningless in front of Hyper Beam and were all destroyed. A colossal power pushed Blazing Fire King back into the palace.

Using Hyper Beam consumes a large amount of energy, Dragonite had used up at least a third of its reserves and it was panting heavily at that moment.

However, Yang Tian did not believe that Blazing Fire King could be brought down that easily. The former just wanted to give the latter a warning instead of defeating him in one stroke.

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The might of Hyper Beam should have allowed him to understand Yang Tian’s power.

Mo Kai and the rest were also shocked, they could sense a deadly threat coming from Hyper Beam, they believe if it were any of them who took the attack instead, they would not be able to block it.

After Blazing Fire King was sent flying, they silently distanced themselves from Yang Tian, afraid that the latter would give them a taste of the attack.

“It looks like he does not dare to come out, let us go!” Violent Corpse Worm Queen said.


Yang Tian kept Dragonite inside the Pokeball to restore its stamina before striding out of this place. After Yang Tian left, the sorry figure of Blazing Fire King slowly crawled out from the palace.

“Your Majesty!”

Mo Kai and the rest quickly approached to support Blazing Fire King.

“Dammit, to think that he had help. As expected, he is not someone to be underestimated, else I will only suffer losses.”

In fact, Blazing Fire King could crawl out long ago, but he was afraid that Dragonite would send another attack again. That was why he remained hidden and came out only after Yang Tian left.

“I need to obtain the queen inside his body. Only by devouring the queen will I be able to truly evolve and provide you with even more power.”

The Violent Corpse Worm within Blazing Fire King’s body communicated.

“I know, but I am unable to kill him at the moment.”

“There will be a chance.”

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Violent Corpse Worm Queen had also clearly detected the intention of the Violent Corpse Worm inside Blazing Fire King just now.

“It wants to kill me and reach a higher level. I have underestimated its ambition.”

“Will you benefit if you devoured it instead?”

“I will, but I am more enticing.”

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