Chapter 893 – I Am Sleeping

Huan Qing Yan yawned, “…… at Earth Layer, within the Corpse King Estate, we encountered Madam Fox Charm. Bei Chen Feng was caught by her illusion and bullied me, biting my finger, I beat… him up and also killed Madam Fox Charm…”

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As she spoke, the alcohol took effect, Huan Qing Yan hugged his waist and wanted to sleep.

“Don’t sleep first, what else did he do other than biting your finger, anything else he bullied you?” Ji Mo Ya unknowingly started to fill with jealousy.

This lass did not reveal anything like that when she had spoken about her experiences.

Now that she was drunk, she suddenly revealed so much information. Good, it looks like he needs to make her drink more often.

“Nothing else… I am sleeping…”

And she slept just like that.

Snoring while laying on his body.

Ji Mo Ya’s dark eyes revealed a bright glint before his eyes squinted.

He mumbled, “Bai Chen Feng!”

Whoever dares to touch Little Yan must die.

Bai Chen Feng. Looks like you cannot be left alive for too long.


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Speaking of Bai Chen Feng, he was currently in the territory of the Lion Emperor.

The Lion Emperor came in person this time to meet him; the Lion Emperor possessed a large body, the ‘King’ word carved on its forehead was emitting a golden glow and seem to be showing signs of turning into the ‘Emperor’ word.

That’s right, the Lion Emperor was a Half-Emperor and like the humans, it has been a thousand years since an Emperor Rank Demon appeared.

The King Rank Demons and King Spirit Treasures would all possess the ‘King’ word on their foreheads, just that the energy they were emitting was not the same.

One was demon energy, the other was spirit energy.

On higher grounds, the Lion Emperor was sitting comfortably on its throne.

“Did anyone notice anything wrong with you when you are inside the Blood Moon Hidden Realm?”

“Lord Lion Emperor, there were none.” Bai Chen Feng took out some Image Stones after speaking, “These are some recordings of Ji Mo Ya taken in secret, please take a look Lord Lion Emperor.”

Lion Emperor was very excitedly, he stretched out its claw and extracted a drop of essence blood as a reward for Bai Chen Feng.

“You have done well. You managed to rank up with such great speed in a short period and is also capable. Come, this Lion Emperor shall reward you with a drop of essence blood.”

Bai Chen Feng acted as if he was excited when he received the blood essence.

What reward is this? It is only worried that the one drop of essence blood will be unable to control him anymore because of the significant increase in his cultivation, that is why it gave another drop.

Bai Chen Feng still took it without rejecting.

There was still a gap between him and Ji Mo Ya, he wants to continue becoming stronger.

As for the matter of him being a God Chosen, he did not tell the Lion Emperor, nor anyone else.

The halo on his body was also hidden.

No one would be able to notice anything.

He did not plan to tell any humans as well, because he was the disciple of Griffin Emperor!

This has never happened in the history of the human race.

He was unable to understand why it happened, why would a Demon Emperor choose a human?

However, he did not think too much about it since it was beyond him. He only understood that he has become stronger after becoming a God Chosen, that was enough.

What would become of him in the end, what consequences would happen, he did not care.

Lion Emperor had also issued a mission to Bai Chen Feng, “I heard that Ji Mo Ya encountered danger during his Heaven Tribulation and developed an inner devil. The source of the news is not confirmed, you must head to the Holy City and see for yourself. If it is real, kill him while he is weak! At that time, you will have greatly contributed to our demon clan, the bounty accumulated will also be given to you…”

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