Chapter 148 – Chased Away

“Quick, our time is limited.”


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“What? Are you refusing to accept?”

His arrogance caused everyone to feel unhappy, but they really did not dare to offend him.

These soldiers were obviously here to demand submission. If they meet Guan Ren Zuo, the latter might adequately communicate with them, but if they met the ambitious Blazing Fire King, their smug attitudes will only anger Blazing Fire King.

When the team leader of the military did not see anyone daring to offend them, he got even more arrogant.

“If all of you still want out protection, you better know your place.”

However, his actions only looked extremely foolish to Yang Tian, but it also allowed Yang Tian to get the chance to observe Blazing Fire King’s current strength. The only thing left was whether the latter would come personally after receiving the reports from his subordinates.

Due to the current increase in landmass, a considerable amount of time became wasted traveling to and fro.

“Why are they so slow, what do they eat?”

The military team leader was feeling irritated from waiting and started scolding the people under Guan Ren Zuo and Blazing Fire King, not even considering whose territory they were currently in.


Someone finally could not endure it anymore and stood up against him.

“What? Not satisfied?” 

“Someone, give him a beating.”

Upon their leader’s order, the metahumans behind him took action.

Fortunately, Guan Ren Zuo arrived at that moment.

“Hold on.”

Sensing the air of a leader from Guan Ren Zuo, Guan Ren Zuo immediately caught the attention of the military team leader.

“You must be their master? I initially wanted to teach your subordinates a lesson, but I shall let it go since you are here.” The team leader spoke disinterestedly.

“Then you have my thanks.”

Guan Ren Zuo blandly replied. The other party was backed by the military, Guan Ren Zuo could not say much as he was hoping to acquire aid from the military. In his eyes, this bit of humiliation was nothing much.

“Seeing that you know your place, I shall not beat around the bush. I have received orders from the military and gave been specially dispatched here.” 

As he spoke, he also took out the emblem of the military to prove his identity to Guan Ren Zuo.

“Indeed someone sent from the army, please come through!”

Guan Ren Zuo made a welcoming gesture, the military team leader did not hesitate, and willfully took the position of the leader as they walked away. Unfortunately, Mo Kai happened to arrived with a group of metahumans at that moment as well.

“Who is the person who continuously insulted my men?”

Mo Kai shouted the moment he arrived, causing the face of the team leader to instantly darken.

“It’s me, what of it?”

As he spoke, he glanced to the side and looked at Guan Ren Zuo.

However, Guan Ren Zuo was unable to explain the situation surrounding Benevolence Land in that short period, as Mo Kai had already arrived in front of the military team leader.

“Who do you think you are, daring to behave atrociously in my place?”

Mo Kai was now an Early Rank 3 warrior while the military team leader was only Rank 2, the soldiers under him were not any better.

“We are from the military.”

The only thing he could do was to use the name of the military to suppress the other party, but Mo Kai showed no signs of stepping back after hearing his reply.


Mo Kai lifted his leg and sent the military team leader with a kick.

“How many words you used to scold will be how many slaps you are going to take.”

After Mo Kai had spoken, his men behind him went up to the military team leader and started performing close contacts to his cheeks.

The military team did not dare to act recklessly when facing against the large group of metahumans Mo Kai had brought. They did not dare to stand up for their leader even when the latter was being humiliated in front of them.

“Beat him!”


Guan Ren Zuo immediately called out to stop Mo Kai. The former still wanted to acquire aid from the military, and could not allow Mo Kai to continue.

“Guan Ren Zuo, my soldiers have been insulted by him.”

Mo Kai obviously came here under the orders of Blazing Fire King; not to give any considerations to the military, aiming to mess up the relationship between the two parties.

“He is from the military while our power is limited, we need support from the military to survive. You should release him if you really care about your men.

“If the military values us, they would not have sent someone to humiliate us. I believe the military did not have plans to take care of us at all.”

Guan Ren Zuo undoubtedly knew what Mo Kai meant, but Guan Ren Zuo still just wanted to try if it was possible.

“Ignore him, start beating!”

Guan Ren Zuo was unable to stop it in time, while Mo Kai obviously came prepared.

Pa Pa

Crisp slapping sounds were heard, Mo Kai only release the military team leader when his head was as swollen as a pig.

After experiencing Mo Kai’s heavy-handed methods, he was no longer as arrogant as before and quickly left the place with his tail between his legs. As for any words of threats, he did not dare to say.

After the Second Blood Rain, Guan Ren Zuo and Blazing Fire King have entered a short period of peace as they were worried that more trouble might be brewing.

Blazing Fire King had the intention to expand his own organization while Guan Ren Zuo just wanted to protect the humans of Benevolence Land. Blazing Fire King was also thinking of how to remove Guan Ren Zuo even when they were in a truce.

“Sigh, why do this!” Guan Ren Zuo sighed.

“They might not be able to help us anyway.”

Mo Kai left with his team after replying.

Blazing Fire King had also constructed his own palace, but it was obviously lacking when compared against Thirty-Six Paradise City. Which was why he had been thinking of ways to obtain Thirty-Six Paradise City the past few days.

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This was also why Blazing Fire King wanted to drive away the military. Fortunately, they sent a fool as the team’s leader, allowing Blazing Fire King to use him as an excuse.

Just that no one dared to approach this vast city that appeared from nowhere. Blazing Fire King currently only dared to observe it from afar and had no guts to enter Thirty-Six Paradise City.

As for Guan Ren Zuo, they were still located within where Fortune Boat University was at; that place had become the residence of many people in dire straits. Moreover, Guan Ren Zuo’s side does not have any powerful metahumans and never had any ideas for Thirty-Six Paradise City.

After Mo Kai left, the metahumans beside Guan Ren Zuo spoke:

“Damn, it is obvious that Hu Jun drove the military away because he wanted to obtain ownership of that big city.”

“Exactly, even saying something about a coronation.”

“Nevermind, let us return!”

Guan Ren Zuo got them to stop talking and brought the team back to Fortune Boat University. Food was harder to forage than before. Fortunately, Guan Ren Zuo noticed that bug meat could be consumed, and a piece of bug meat could satisfy the needs of an ordinary person for a day.

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