Chapter 48: Silvery Moon Above the Snow

Standing atop the roof, Sikong Qianluo raised her spear high into the air before pointing it down at Lei Wujie below.

“I heard that you climbed all sixteen floors alone and are an expert of the Lei Clan?”

“I heard you forced the once number one expert of the Lei Clan, Lei Yunhe, into a corner and ultimately back into the Unfettered Heavens Realm, following which he called forth the Nine Heavens Thunder and almost destroyed the Tower of Ascension?”

“I heard you challenged the Sword Immortal with a sword named Raging Inferno Lightning, whose power was so unmatched that even the Sword Immortal had to pull out her Moon in Obscurity, Flower at Daybreak and fill the city with Camellias?”

Sikong Qianluo asked three whole questions in quick succession but Lei Wujie could only scratch his head in response and ask, “Why did you hit my Third Junior Brother?”

Hearing that, Xiao Se, who was just standing next to him, promptly gave him a kick, “Scram, I dare you to call me Junior Brother again.”

Lei Wujie could only smile awkwardly at that before looking up at Sikong Qianluo, “Why did you hit Little Brother Xiao over here?”

“Hmph, Brother Xiao is more than enough, what’s with that extra little?”

Suddenly, Sikong Qianluo chuckled, “I won’t hit your Little Brother Xiao then.”

Then just as abruptly as it came, the smile on her disappeared and her eyes grew cold, “I’ll hit you instead.”

In that split second, Lei Wujie’s robes wildly took to the air dancing. His eyes burned a blazing red and the faint image of the Garuda came to life behind him -Blazing Arts, Garuda Realm.

It was merely an instant, but that was enough for Lei Wujie to feel the immense threat from the spear-wielding girl before him, “Who are you?”

“The person you were originally supposed to face on the fourteenth floor.” Sikong Qianluo raised her spear high and took a slight step back.

Yin Luoxia and Luo Mingxuan exchanged a gaze with each other before each taking a step away from Lei Wujie. Lips still curled into a mischievous smile, Luo Mingxuan said, “Brother Lei, before your rematch with me, you had better not die, got it?”

However, Lei Wujie had no time to answer that, neither did he require Luo Mingxuan’s reminder. Just by looking at it, he could tell how terrifying that spear was, else why would he have immediately activated the highest realm of his Blazing Arts.

Sikong Qianluo took a step forward then. Finally, her long spear came crashing down towards the ground.

Not too long ago, she stirred up the air of an entire street and shot out a powerful spear that broke Xiao Se’s Cloudsteps. This time, her long spear tore apart the air, metallic body screaming through space like a flock of hundred birds cawing in the sky. The metallic black on the spear body began to peel off, revealing its original color – a silvery white like snow.

A thought suddenly occurred to Lei Wujie. In the legends, when the Spear Immortal was young, he held a silvery white spear that, when swung, would cause the air itself to roil like dragons taking to the air and silvery snakes dancing. That spear was called Silver Moon.

The spear technique, Silvery Moon Above the Snow.

Lei Wujie finally understood who it was standing before him now. He took a step forward as well, sending forth a heavy punch that created a dome of red qi which enveloped the rest of his body and deflected the force of the spear. However, that force showed no signs of weakening at all. The spear body continued rotating furiously in an attempt to pierce through this perfect circle.

Behind him, the image of the Garuda had already spread its wings to its limit and yet it still showed signs of wavering. Beads of sweat began to roll down Lei Wujie’s forehead. He gnawed on his teeth and howled, “Go!”

Long sleeves fluttering, he suddenly threw out three punches that each stripped away a layer of the spear’s force. Finally, that spear spun its last rotation and seemed on the verge of falling to the ground.

It was then that Sikong Qianluo jumped off the roof and caught the spear. Smiling slightly, she said, “Very good, now that’s a person worth waiting for.”

“What’s your name?” Lei Wujie asked as before.

“Sikong Qianluo.” She slowly answered.

“Very well.” Lei Wujie nodded his head.

As those words were being said, Sikong Qianluo had already sent out three stabs with her spear and Lei Wujie had punched six times.

Standing not too far away from the battlefield, Yin Luoxia turned towards her disciple and asked with a smile, “How is it?”

Luo Mingxuan gave it some thought then said, “I think I’m still placing my bets on Senior Sister Qianluo! No wait, maybe Lei Wujie. After all, he’s the one that defeated me.”

Yin Luoxia merely smiled and said nothing.

Luo Mingxuan scratched his head a little. “Who are you betting on, Teacher?”

Yin Luoxia turned around and walked towards her hall, “I’m betting on you winning.”

“Me?” Luo Mingxuan was stunned for a second, “It’s not like I’m the one fighting down there, and I’ve already lost to him before.”

“I don’t care, you’re my disciple and I’m only betting on you winning. That previous loss doesn’t matter, as long as you’re still alive, the match hasn’t ended.” As she said that, Yin Luoxia’s voice seemed to ring with the youthfulness of a teenage girl.

Staring at his teacher’s departing back, Luo Mingxuan couldn’t help but be entranced.

Back at the battlefield, high above on the roof of the hall, there was another pair of onlookers watching the battle below with interest. Both were clad in black as if they were a pair of master and disciple -the Third Citymaster of Snow Moon City, Sikong Changfeng, and the Head Disciple, Tang Lian.

“Who do you think will win?” Sikong Changfeng smiled as he turned towards Tang Lian.

“Hard to say, if Lei Wujie doesn’t use his sword, then his defeat is inevitable.”

“He’s the disciple of a Sword Immortal, why would he not use his sword?” Sikong Changfeng asked in a bemused manner.

Faced with that question, Tang Lian could only frown. For some reason unknown to him, it just felt like something was off with Lei Wujie’s condition.

Down below, a couple of bouts had already ended. Lei Wujie was soaked in sweat and his red robes had several noticeable rips all over. Xiao Se’s brows furrowed a little. “It’s fortunate that those robes are just common goods picked up from some roadside store; nothing to lament about even if they are torn. Lei Wujie, if you win, I’ll gift you a set made entirely of Phoenix Fire, just like the one you had before!”

However, that offer wasn’t much of an encouragement for Lei Wujie. Though he didn’t want to admit it, but based on his current state, he had already given up so much ground that there was basically nothing left to give. He smiled sheepishly, “When did you become so generous?”

The normally indifferent Xiao Se took this moment to vent out the frustrations he had stored up over these past few days, “If you can beat up that girl over there, I’ll give you eight hundred taels! No! Eight THOUSAND TAELS!”

Sikong Qianluo smiled coldly, “Beat me up? Just you two wait, neither of you are getting away today.” She raised her spear and charged forward, forcing Lei Wujie back three paces.

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“I have a spear, its name is Trembling Clouds Enveloping Rain.

The force of the spear battered at the red youth, forcing him back another three paces.

“I have another spear, its name is A Hundred Li of Fire.”

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Spear force as unrelenting as ever, Lei Wujie was pushed back another six paces.

“And another, its name is A Hundred Fowls Greet the Phoenix.” 

The spear’s body screamed once more, like a hundred birds cawing in the air. Sikong Qianluo’s eyes grew sharp as she pressed onwards relentlessly. “I’ve witnessed your swordsmanship before, your level shouldn’t be this low, where is your sword?”

While the Murderous Dread Sword was still stuck fast in the lower city’s walls, anyone could see that Lei Wujie had another sword hanging by his waist.

Its name was Rainfall.

The Silver Moon, Rainfall, and the Thundershock Blade. These three weapons used to be famous throughout the martial world. That was because they were once wielded by three youngsters whose name shook the heavens -the Spear Immortal, Sikong Changfeng, the Sword Immortal, Li Hanyi, the Drunken Immortal, Baili Dongjun.

As if it had heard the call of an old friend, Rainfall was shaking in its sheath right now, like it was trying to free itself. Never had Lei Wujie felt such a strong reaction from this sword of his. With no road left open to him, he finally laid his hand atop that sword.

The buzzing of his sword ceased but there was still a light sensation from it lingering.

Lei Wujie breathed out deeply and finally halted his backward momentum. His once dim eyes burned with life once more as he gripped down on his scabbard.

“Watch this sword.”

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