Chapter 147 – Half-Dragon Eye

The three of them have some understanding of ancient palaces.

Palaces of ancient times were designed in such a way to invoke awe towards the emperor! It encompassed the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients and was very mysterious.

Like how Wang Yu and the group experienced, they had felt a strong sense of awe towards Yang Tian.

“Let us go rest! We still need to complete our missions tomorrow.”

The four of them did not dare to discuss behind Yang Tian’s back as well; rather than doing so, it would be better to use the time to recharge and adjust their conditions.

Moreover, Yang Tian had assigned four of the palace buildings within the palace to them, providing them their own space. They no longer needed to live as they did in the manor. On the other hand, living in the palace also gave them a constant pressurizing feeling, making it hard to get used to.

However, living in the palace has one advantage as compared to the outside; the energy within the air of the palace allowed them to recharge their meta-energy quickly, allowing them to recover faster.

Yang Tian was currently inside the central palace and was communicating with Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

The sleeping Violent Corpse Worm Queen was now awake, it had successfully reached Early Rank 3.

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“You have become… different.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen was hosted inside Yang Tian’s arm. Moreover, it was Soul Tamed by Yang Tian, it could clearly detect that Yang Tian was different.

“The insect race is connected to the dragon race, you should be able to see my changes.”

The dragon race and insect race have a level of relationship, but not many people knew about it. Yang Tian only knew that the two races have a connection and nothing more as well.

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“Yes! I am still unsure earlier on, but since you have spoken, you have proven what I was guessing.”

“Tell me.”

“Your body is emitting a faint trace of dragon energy, especially your eyes, it is no longer the eyes of a human but Half-Dragon Eyes.”

“That’s right.”

As the person involved, Yang Tian naturally noticed the advantage and disadvantage of the Half-Dragon Eyes. New ability and an overall boost in Yang Tian’s attributes were the benefits. The downside was that the Half-Dragon Eyes will also affect Yang Tian’s mind and soul, turning Yang Tian into a half dragon-man.

“This is both a good and a bad thing.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but remind Yang Tian, but it was still up to the latter as he is its master.

“I know, but a simple pair of Half-Dragon Eyes is still not enough to affect me.”

It was not that Yang Tian was arrogant, it was merely confidence. The willpower of a tamer who has walked through the darkness would not be affected that easily, even in the face of destruction.

Yang Tian walked out of the palace and looked at the sky.

“In a few days, the most terrifying period will arrive.” Yang Tian mumbled.

In this short period, he needs to quickly make ample preparations. Lei Xing and the rest were not the only ones who have things to do, he too, has things to do.

Entering Venom form, Yang Tian’s plan was to check on the situation and changes that happened due to the blood rain tonight.

The first choice was naturally Benevolence Land. A global change had occurred, Benevolence Land had naturally become larger as well, it was also unknown who would be in control of Thirty-Six Paradise City now that it has appeared. Yang Tian was very curious.


When Yang Tian was near the territory of Benevolence Land, he saw a large group of Rank 1 zombies harvesting resources.

“Qin Land?”

The zombies came from Qin Land, it looks like the person controlling Qin Land had noticed the abundance of resources after the Blood Rain and has sent the zombies out to gather them.

However, the area they were harvesting was obviously not very good, it was basically only Rank 1 materials, Rank 2 materials were rarely seen.

Yang Tian decided to go around them and enter Benevolence Land from another side.

When the Benevolence Land expanded, many of its buildings have collapsed as well, resulting in the deaths of many normal humans. Yang Tian saw the teams that Guan Ren Zuo had sent out and was currently cleaning up the area.

“So free? It is better to head out to harvest Rank 1 herbs, they might be able to save more with those.”

Yang Tian silently chided before moving away from the boundary of Benevolence Land.

Thirty-Six Paradise City was located around the central region of Benevolence Land, the sky pillars of Thirty-Six Paradise City was very eye-catching.

The Paradise Pillars circled around Paradise City neatly, forming a unique magnetic field that possessed very powerful defense.

In his previous life, Yang Tian had three Legendary Rank tamed beasts but he was still unable to break the defenses of the city, not even a tremor could be created.

Yang Tian had once tried to find out the rank of Paradise Pillars, but unfortunately, even the master of the city Sky Hegemon Blade Sage did not know! Yang Tian naturally would not be able to confirm the rank of the Paradise Pillars. However, since three Legendary fighting power was unable to break it, one could guess how powerful it is.

While Yang Tian was passing through a few places, he also discovered several Rank 1 insects and Rank 1 mutated beasts hiding. These creatures already knew their fates, it was no longer like one month ago, they were now lambs that anyone could slaughter.

There were also several teams formed by metahumans, they were focusing on hunting these Rank 1 insects and mutated beasts that were in hiding.

Are they hunting them for their meat? Of course not, they were hunting them to exchange their corpses with Guan Ren Zuo for food. There were also several underaged individuals who have joined such groups as well, hoping to try their luck to obtain some food. However, one Rank 1 insect could only be exchanged for one portion of food, how could these underaged individuals get lucky?

Other than Guan Ren Zuo’s teams, there were also Blazing Flame King’s forces. The latter was different from Guan Ren Zuo, he was recruiting metahumans with food as compensation, and managed to recruit many metahumans.

“We should forget about it. Low-rank metahumans will not be able to acquire much food, it is better than we focus on hunting insects and obtain a stable source of food.”

“Exactly! There is no free food in this world now, low-rank metahumans like us are always the fastest to die!”

Yang Tian managed to acquire some information regarding the Blazing Fire King.

“He wants to form his own organization and become the overlord of a region.”

The current Blazing Fire King was no longer the kind-hearted Blazing Fire King from his past life, he was now filled with ambition and selfishness. Aiming to become the overlord of a region and unwilling to be underneath anyone.

“The Violent Corpse Worm inside him is also ambitious.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen sent a message to Yang Tian.

“To put it more accurately, it is a trait of all Violent Corpse Worms.”

Yang Tian disabled Venom form and stopped.

“Why have you stopped?”

“I saw a group of soldiers.”

A military team came into Benevolence Land from another direction, they entered the area unobstructed but was soon noticed and stopped by the groups under Blazing Fire King and Guan Ren Zuo.

“Where are you people from?”

“We are from the military. Quickly get your leader to come and receive us.”

The leader of the military team spoke arrogantly, not treating these metahumans in front of him with any importance.

His actions had undoubtedly angered the others; but when they heard that they were from the military, they could not help but send someone to inform Guan Ren Zuo and Blazing Fire King.

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