Chapter 890 – Give No Quarter!

The One-Eyed Leader tried to speak, “Everyone…”

Mo Si and the rest did not speak, their bodies did not stop as well. Their orders this time was to give no quarter!

Before the One-Eyed Leader could finish speaking, a cold screeching flash appeared in his vision; a slash was incoming.

The strike looked extremely powerful, the One-Eyed Leader was already heavily injured and would naturally not take this blow directly. He lowered his body and quickly turned around, hiding behind the scarred face man.

Before the scarred face could feel shocked, he felt his body lightened!

When he lowered his head, his right arm was missing!

Scarred face released a pig-like scream that could be heard from far away.

His screaming did not cause Mo Si and gang to hesitate for even a second; after a moment, two men were lying within their respective pool of blood. Only One-Eyed remained.

One of One-Eyed’s legs had broke, causing him to kneel on the ground.

“Okay.” Mo Si dusted his hands, “I tend to talk a lot, but I will not talk much this time. I will only ask you one sentence, you only have one chance to answer. Who sent you?”

“I will say… I will say…” One-Eyed quickly replied, before asking, “Will all of you spare me after I tell you?”

“If you tell me who ordered you, I will not kill you.” Mo Si said seriously.

The One-Eyed sighed in relief, “It is not an order, as we are not familiar with the person who hired us, I do not know her name as well…”

“Hmmm?” Mo Si glared, the saber in his hand was about to strike.

“It’s true! It’s true!” One-Eyed frantically said, “I only know it is a woman. She masked her face and hid her cultivation. With the promise of an enormous sum, she hired us to tarnish the purity of Young Master Ya’s wife… I really do not know her identity…”

“Are you done?” Mo Si asked.

The One-Eyed nodded, “I have finished.”

“Are you sure?”


“Then you can die.” Mo Si stabbed his saber into the One-Eyed chest.

The One-Eyed opened one eye widely and spoke with difficulty, “You… promised…”

“I did promise you, but you did not tell me who the person is.” Mo Si replied seriously.

The One-Eyed collapsed on the ground with his eye wide opened.

Mo Wu spoke, “The matter is done. Let us return, Sixth still needs to tend to his injuries.”

The trio did a brief clean up of the area and traveled towards the direction they came from.

After some time, at the place were the One-Eyed died, a cloud of green smoke rose up from his body.

The green smoke thickened before it slowly entered the One-Eyed’s body.

The instant the green smoke completely disappeared, One-Eyed suddenly sat up.

One-Eyed moved his body for a moment, looking dazed. However, after a moment, he seems to remember something and quickly stood up as he was touching his chest, before running into the forest.

However, he failed to notice that a pair of sharp eyes were staring at him from a shrub not too far away.

Seeing that the One-Eyed has left, the pair of eyes stood up and silently followed after him.

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Huan Qing Yan slept.

She did not sleep ever since she entered the Desolate Great Forest, she was fighting to use every second to locate the Devil Expelling Grass. Later, she encountered those Wolf Demon Men and had gotten injured, causing both her mind and body to be extremely fatigued.

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With her nestled within Ji Mo Ya’s arms, the absolute sense of safety caused her to relax, causing her fatigue to set in.

She slept in a daze.

It was unknown how long she slept when she felt something stimulating and itchy on her body, she slapped it with her hand and discovered that it was a large hand.

“Don’t move, I am applying some medicine.” Ji Mo Ya’s charming voice was heard.

Huan Qing Yan let him be and continued to sleep in his arms.

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