Chapter 889 – Devil God

“No need, this bit of Love Fragrance is nothing.” Ji Mo Ya focused on applying the medicine; both parties would shudder whenever his finger reached a place, but neither wanted to overthink about it.

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Huan Qing Yan did not force him, “Where is Mo Liu?”

Ji Mo Ya replied, “Mo Liu brought Mo Si and Mo Wu to chase after the demon men. No need to be bothered about it.”

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If they cannot kill those demon men, they can forget about returning back!

Very soon, the medicine has been applied.

Ji Mo Ya carried her and walked outside, “Once we return to the Holy City, we will get married.”

Huan Qing Yan said softly, “Did you manage to remove the devil energy inside your body? Since we are already here, why not try searching for the Devil Expelling Grass…”

She did not want to rush into marriage until his body has recovered.

Upon hearing Devil Expelling Grass, Ji Mo Ya’s suppressed anger flared up, “There is no Devil Expelling Grass, coming alone just because of a rumor, do you even know what is dangerous?”

Huan Qing Yan rarely sees Ji Mo Ya treating her so fiercely and said in a grievance, “You have ventured to the Gnome Kingdom to find a Nine Star Treasure Vine for my sake in the past, I am willing to risk for you as well…”

“I am unwilling. I would rather die than to let you encounter danger and experienced humiliation…”

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze released a red devouring glow.

It was a sign that the devil energy was surging.

It scared Huan Qing Yan, so shrink herself in his arms and no longer dared to comment.

Ji Mo Ya covered her naked body with a clean robe of his and walked out of the cave.

The raining outside had stopped, signs of battle littered the area.

Ji Mo Ya turned around and smashed his palm against the cliff, causing the cave to collapse.

The current Ji Mo Ya was cold and murderous. Black energy shrouded him, making him look like a devil god.

He summoned Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage and left.


Within the dark, dense forest, a few wolves were frantically running.

These beasts that moved and ran like humans were precisely the one-eyed leader and his demon men subordinates.

The one-eyed leader was running right at the front, yet he still felt that he was running too slowly.

Young Master Ya was indeed famous for a reason, he managed to kill a Mystic Spirit Master on his team with just a slap.

It was entirely unlike a cultivator of the same rank.

He was starting to regret accepting this mission, but now that things had reached to this point, he could only escape and protect his life first.

He did not know that Ji Mo Ya was not pursuing him, but he dared not stop, focusing on running away.

Suddenly, a sharp sound came from behind, followed closely by a scream!

It was a familiar voice belonging to one of his companions.

The one-eyed’s heart tightened, without looking back, he picked up his speed.

The ones chasing them were Mo Si, Mo Wu, and Mo Liu.

In Guards, pursuit and hiding were fundamental abilities that they possessed.

These demon men might have a stronger physique after transforming, but they were ultimately not real demons. Their speeds did not increase by much and their pursuers had quickly caught up to them.

The demon men frantically ran but a short while later, another one was killed.

Without a choice, the one-eyed leader stopped and turned around.

His years of bloody fights were telling him that he will only meet his death if he continues to run.

He also told his remaining two subordinates to stop.

The scarred face was one of them, just that his ferocious face had been replaced by fear. He looked behind while heavily panting.

From within the dense tree leaves, three shadows pounced at them!

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