Chapter 142 – Poisoned

“Do you think I will not have started preparations?”

The metahumans of West Camp and South Camp have yet to arrive on the battlefield, but they would not need a long time to come. Han Dang needed time to hold Yang Tian, while the latter also required time for his men to hold down the zombies.

“Then I will really like to see what you prepared.”

Han Dang did not notice any ambush nearby, so it gave Yang Tian a sarcastic reply.

Yang Tian returned a cold sneer.


Han Dang snorted at him.

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The zombie cavalries were ordered to quickly bring down the metahumans, but the metahumans relied on their magic energy weapons and defended themselves well, making it hard to take them down in a short period.

“You should just watch out for yourself!”

Along with Yang Tian’s voice was the attack of T-Rex arriving in front of it. Han Dang was caught in a tough fight.

Han Dang originally had two plans, one was to use a duel between commanders to impact the morale of Yang Tian’s army, but it did not succeed. The second was to pull back in retreat and lead Yang Tian’s forces into a trap. The plan succeeded, but the fighting power of T-Rex and the magic energy weapons used by the soldiers were out of Han Dang’s expectations.

The situation had turned from a sure victory into a bitter fight.


Yang Tian saw an opportunity and successfully injured one of the Han Dang’s with T-Rex’s Fire Dragon Claw.

The Blood Bone Twins Sabers were also separated, each zombie was holding to one saber, and that had resulted in Han Dang being unable to display the full might of the Mid Rank 3 weapon.


Han Dang silently cursed, but it had no other options left, it could not choose to combine now as well! If not, it would only become an object T-Rex can trample on once it turns into its weakened state.

It had no time to think about anything else but to rush up to protect its other half; if its other self were to die, it would really become permanently crippled!

“Watch my treasure!”

Han Dang shouted out before a ball shot toward Yang Tian.


Yang Tian immediately ordered T-Rex to move back when the ball appeared.

Phosphorous Venom

That ball was Phosphorous Venom, if a person’s skin comes into contact with that poison, their body would quickly rot away. Moreover, the poison would also affect a metahuman’s meta power.

Weak metahumans would immediately lose their meta-power, those who were stronger would experience a one-third drop in their meta-power, the loss would be permanent and unrecoverable.

T-Rex also detected danger from the Phosphorous Venom and quickly escaped from its range.

“Everyone quickly move back.”

Upon seeing the rare scene of Yang Tian in a panic, Xu Dafu and the rest did not dare to hesitate and they quickly moved back. However, being on a battlefield, it was inevitable that some metahumans would be unable to react in time.


The ball exploded, Phosphorous Venom started falling from the sky.

The metahumans that came into contact with the Phosphorous Venom instantly collapsed onto the ground, boils of various sizes began appearing on their body. However, when the Phosphorous Venom landed on the zombies, they looked fine and even seem to even experience a significant boost.

“Let’s see how are you going to handle this.”

As Han Dang supported its heavily injured other self, it said that; the Phosphorous Venom had been his last trump card.


The attacks from a group of approaching metahumans were heard, the reinforcements from West Camp and South Camp has arrived. Nearly every fighter from each camp was mobilized, together with the magic energy weapons, they were displaying damage no less weak than the zombie cavalry.

“When did you made this arrangement?”

“Do I need to tell you?”

Yang Tian raised his hand and waved it down, the reinforcements from West Camp and South Camp immediately pointed their weapons at the zombie cavalry.

Bang Bang Bang

The power of Rank 2 Magic Energy Cannons was much more powerful than Rank 1’s. Also, the ammunition used were all special ones crafted by Lei Xing, allowing the weapons to display extraordinary firepower.

“Do not enter the poison zone, maintain distance, and shoot.”

Having received Yang Tian’s instructions and witnessing what had happened, no one dares to approach but the weapons in their hand did not slow down.

The zombie army had became trapped fish now, so what if they have absorbed the Phosphorous Venom?

“Not good. Han Dang has managed to escape.”

By the time Yang Tian noticed, Han Dang had already escaped.

A small group of zombie cavalry had also disappeared at the same time. To be able to escape Yang Tian right under his nose, Han Dang still have some decent tricks up his sleeves.

Or maybe it was because Yang Tian was currently in an unstable period, that was why he failed to notice Han Dang when it escaped.

“Boss, Southwest Camp Chief contacted some Phosphorous Venom.”

Xu Dafu approached Yang Tian while supporting Southwest Camp Chief, the latter was still able to stand. However, his face was pale and was covered in boils.

Special herbs were required to neutralize Phosphorous Venom, but Yang Tian did not have any of them. Even if Yang Tian had some, he might not be willing to use it.

Yang Tian frowned, but it quickly eased. Yang Tian remembered a person that might be able to save Southwest Camp Chief.

That’s right, Yang Tian thought of Ouyang Ge.

After exterminating, Yang Tian first arranged for the metahumans to return to their respective camps, and Xu Dafu was instructed to look after Southwest Camp. After that, Yang Tian brought Southwest Camp Chief and the team from Central Camp back to Central Camp.

“Your only hope now is him.”

“This subordinate understands.” Southwest Camp Chief weakly replied.

Upon approaching Central Camp, Southwest Camp Chief heard terrible screams coming from it, causing him to shudder.


Central Camp Chief came out to receive Yang Tian, Central Camp Chief was initially a relatively handsome looking man, but now, he had become a disheveled panda man.

“Southwest Camp Chief is poisoned, I brought him here to seek treatment.”

Central Camp Chief immediately understood Yang Tian and looked at Southwest Camp Chief with meaningful eyes.

“This subordinate understands.”

Central Camp Chief supported Southwest Camp Chief, the latter could not help but ask softly:

“Do you have anything to tell me?”

Unfortunately, Central Camp Chief did not answer his question and brought him inside a green building, it was Ouyang Ge’s research laboratory.

When Ouyang Ge heard that Yang Tian had arrived, he also came to receive the latter.

“Manor Lord.”

“Teacher Ouyang, I have a matter to tell you.”

Yang Tian explained about the Phosphorous Venom and Southwest Camp Chief. Upon hearing the details, Ouyang Ge’s eyes emitted a green glow, causing Central Camp Chief to take three steps back in fear.

“Central Camp Chief, something wrong?” Ouyang Ge asked.

“Not… nothing.”

Central Camp Chief replied in a fluster, deeply afraid that Ouyang Ge would say that he had some problems.

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However, Ouyang Ge’s attention was focused entirely on Southwest Camp Chief. Ouyang Ge was researching about Dryad Warriors and happen to require a poisoned metahuman, he was preparing to deal with this personally! Yang Tian had unexpectedly delivered a great gift to him and with once affected by a strange and weird toxin;  the issue had ignited Ouyang Ge’s interest.

Seeing that Ouyang Ge had developed a keen interest towards Southwest Camp Chief, Yang Tian did not say much and allowed Ouyang Ge to do as he pleases.

“I have ordered my men to send Southwest Camp Chief to your lab.”

“Thank you, Manor Lord.” Ouyang Ge smiled deeply.

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