Chapter 141 – Pressing On The Advantage


The Ice Soul Zombie’s spear pierced through Xu Dafu’s chest, but Xu Dafu’s dual spears had also pierced through the Ice Soul Zombie’s stomach.

An exchange of injury.

However, the healing speed of Ice Soul Zombie was surprisingly rapid, the two injuries caused by Xu Dafu had instantly closed. Although Xu Dafu also has a high recovery speed, he was unable to match the healing rate of Ice Soul Zombie.

“Eh? What is happening? It did not get hurt?” this was the first time Lei Xing saw a creature that as a faster healing speed than Xu Dafu, its injuries recovered in two short seconds.

“That is the uniqueness of Ice Soul, he needs to break its Ice Soul if he wants to win.”

An Ice Soul was one of the hardest ability to deal with in the same rank, but when an Ice Soul encounters a stronger enemy, this advantage will become quite useless. 

After shattering the Ice Soul, the fighting power of Ice Soul Zombie would experience a straight drop. However, Xu Dafu’s current fighting power makes it hard for him to break the Ice Soul so this fight would likely end in his defeat.

Although Xu Dafu was not a match for Ice Soul Zombie, that did not mean that Yang Tian would just let it continue without taking action.

Mental Disruption

Yang Tian silently used his mental power to harass Ice Soul Zombie; Han Dang felt that something was not right, but it was unable to detect Yang Tian’s tricks.

With Yang Tian’s current control over his mental power, it was indeed challenging for Han Dang to discover something had gone wrong.

Ice Soul Zombie would often expose some openings while attacking Xu Dafu, the latter initially did not know what was happening to Ice Soul Zombie and thought it was a trap deliberately set by his opponent. However, after successfully exploiting an opening once, Xu Dafu quickly recognized that Ice Soul Zombie was experiencing some problems.

Xu Dafu left multiple injuries on Ice Soul Zombie, but those were quickly healed. However, the healing had also resulted in a large consumption of its energy, and could only last a few more rounds.

At this rate, without the need to break its Ice Soul, the Ice Soul Zombie would be forced to stop using its Ice Soul due to the massive consumption.

Han Dang could see that something’s wrong with Ice Soul Zombie and could not let it continue, or it would be defeated by Xu Dafu eventually.

“The war drums are mustering the army?”

A series of drumming was heard from Han Dang’s side, Ice Soul Zombie decisively stopped fighting and charged back to its camp.

Seeing Xu Dafu had once again forced an enemy to retreat, the morale of Yang Tian’s forces soar to a new height, they roared in support of Xu Dafu’s victory.

Xu Dafu felt a surge in confidence upon hearing their roars.

Han Dang decided to pull back, it knew that the enemy’s high morale currently would only cause its side to suffer heavy losses should a battle breaks out.

“Lord, our morale is currently very high, we can use the momentum to charge out to deal heavy damage to the enemy.”

Southwest Camp Chief could not help but advise.

Yang Tian had the same thought, but he was worried that Han Dang was deliberately showing their backs to ambush them.

“Okay. Take the soldiers and flank them from both sides, I will take a team and attack them from the front.”


Southwest Camp Chief quickly gathered all the metahumans and split them into three groups, he would lead one group, Xu Dafu would lead the second, while Yang Tian would lead the third while riding T-Rex. They would attempt to surround Han Dang from three sides.

However, before they set off, Yang Tian got Lei Xing and Wang Yu to go to West Camp and South Camp. He wants a team from each camp to come to provide support, to guard against any possible schemes that Han Dang was planning.


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With a shout, the three teams charged towards Han Dang’s army.

Especially Yang Tian’s force, the domineering roars of T-Rex along the charge had significantly bolstered the morale.

However, Han Dang’s forces did not display any signs of a defeated army, they were still showing a strong military discipline.

Yang Tian frowned, did they really fell for a trap?

Dragon Roar

T-Rex acted immediately after Yang Tian’s attack command, a mighty, shocking dragon roar was sent towards the zombie soldiers.

Several zombie riders fell off from their horses, while some foot soldiers instantly died as their heads exploded.

Han Dang seem to know what was happening to the forces at the back and stopped the army from moving back.

“You must be their master?”

Han Dang addressed the black monster riding on T-Rex’s head.

“Master? You can think of it that way.”

“Then, your head is mine!”

Han Dang domineeringly made the declaration to take Yang Tian’s head.

Han Dang tapped the warhorse under it and jumped towards Yang Tian, it was planning to fight the latter on T-Rex’s head.

“Do you think my mount is the same as yours?”

Fire Dragon Claw

The two claws of T-Rex turned into dragon claws made of fire, a powerful heat assaulted Han Dang’s face.

Han Dang was only focused on Yang Tian, it did not expect T-Rex to display such a power that could match itself. Han Dang immediately drew the two sabers from his waist and blocked T-Rex’s attack.

Blood Bone Twin Sabers

Mid Rank 3 Weapons

Unfortunately, Han Dang was in mid-air and did not have a pivot point to borrow power. The strength of T-Rex slapped it towards the ground, causing a cloud of yellow dust to rise.

“What power.”

Han Dang could not help but to give praise.

Battle Start

The instant Han Dang touched the ground, the two sides entered the battle. The teams that were flanking had joined in the action at that same time.

The Early Rank 3 zombie and Ice Soul Zombie from earlier were now fighting Xu Dafu and Southwest Camp Chief respectively.

If Han Dang wanted to attack Yang Tian, it would need to defeat the T-Rex under him. What frustrated Han Dang, even more, was that Yang Tian was able to extend his arms like rubber, harassing Han Dang from long range.

Han Dang could not ignore the threat coming from Ravenous Wolf Blade.

Fighting with T-Rex while defending against Yang Tian’s attack had caused Han Dang to be placed in an absolute passive position with no chance to counterattack.

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Blood Shadow Clone

One body splits into two, two Han Dang appeared. Each Han Dang only possessed the power equivalent to two-thirds of its peak condition, but it had no choice but to use Blood Shadow Clone due to the two-prong attacks from T-Rex and Yang Tian.

Blood Shadow Clone also had a side effect, after combining together, the user would enter a weakened state for twelve hours. That was why most Blood Demonic Zombies rarely used the skill.

If they could not defeat their opponents, they would die.

“You are seeking death.”

Yang Tian thought it to be an incredibly thoughtless decision to use Blood Shadow Clone.

Giant Dragon Ram

The target was the two Han Dangs, with the current size and speed of T-Rex, it was made it hard for Han Dang to evade.

Han Dang did not expect T-Rex to launch such a powerful attack the instant it finished casting Blood Shadow Clone.

Blood Shadow Escape

The two Han Dangs turned into red shadows and avoided Giant Dragon Ram.

As the energy within Han Dang had been split into two halves as well, using Blood Shadow Escape consumed a significant portion of its energy.

 “Are you not worried about your current condition?” Yang Tian asked.

“So what? My forces are stronger than yours. All I need to do is to endure, and victory will be ours.”

Han Dang pointed towards the battlefield, it was unknown when another group of zombies had appeared, giving the zombies an advantage now; victory was only a matter of time for them.

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