Chapter 140 – Ice Soul Zombie

The marching Demonic Blood Zombie Han Dang saw a crude city ahead of it. The humans in the city seem to be waiting for their arrival.

“Looks like we need to destroy that city in front.”

“Soldiers! Let us flatten this place!”

Han Dang raised its sword in the air. When the zombie soldiers saw the raised sword, they roared excitedly!

Rumble Rumble Rumble

The foot soldiers were in the center while the cavalry was at the sides, charged towards Southwest Camp.

However, Yang Tian will not be allowing them to approach uncontested.

Only allowed on

“Rank 1 Magic Energy Cannons, get ready.”


Boom Boom

The area of attack of Rank 1 Magic Energy Cannons was vast, each cannon strike was unable to kill the zombie soldiers but was undoubtedly able to cause them injuries. Moreover, there were a total of fifty Magic Energy Cannons mounted on the walls.

Twenty-Five cannons in each round of attack, after the first round ended, the next round followed closely after.

Han Dang understood at that moment that the city in front was well prepared for them and immediately ordered a retreat. If the army continues to receive such attacks, they will suffer heavy casualties for sure.

Yang Tian did a rough estimate and counted five thousand zombie soldiers and cavalry, which was excluding the zombie horses under the riders.

Fifty Magic Energy Cannons could only stop their momentum temporarily.

Different from humans, zombies do not require rest, it was simply a tireless machine. When Han Dang noticed that they only have fifty Magic Energy Cannons, it will not hesitate to launch a forceful siege.

As expected, after a short pause, Han Dang continued the attack.

“Other than the Magic Energy Cannon, what other magic energy equipment do we have?”

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“The Flame Cannons are ready.”

Rank 1 magic energy equipment, Flame Cannons. Its maximum heat was only 100 degrees Celsius, but armor worn by the zombie soldiers should be able to conduct heat and injure their bodies. 

With a hundred Flame Cannons, it should be enough to let the zombies have a good time.


A series of shots were fired.

A sea of fire covered the zombies, but unless the brains of the zombies were cooked, they would still be able to continue their assault. Han Dang did not issue any order, the zombies braved through the burning flames and attacked the city.

The remaining magic energy equipment were those small-scale ones and currently equipped on metahumans.

The first zombie soldier that reached the city walls were the first to experience it.

A magic energy weapon pierced the skull of the zombie soldier, but several more soon replaced it and those were attacking the city gates.

Either smashing their bodies against the city gates or attempting to jump onto the walls of the city… all sorts of engineering methods were replaced by using their bodies, this was also one of the terrifying aspects of zombies. They do not possess the complex emotions or high intelligence of humans, but they would flawlessly execute the orders of their commander.

“Defend it.”

Yang Tian had already ordered every metahuman within Southwest Camp to defend.

The metahumans of Central Camp possessed similar traits as the zombies, they displayed no fear when facing against zombies. Either the heads of zombies were smashed by them, or they die under the claws of the zombies.

It was also fortunate that the first wave of attackers was Rank 1 zombies, Southwest Camp was able to defend the assault.

Han Dang ordered a retreat and set up camp outside the city.

Yang Tian also arranged for shifts, preparing against any night attacks.

Fortunately, Han Dang did not launch an attack that night.

On the second day, Han Dang brought the zombie soldiers to the city seeking a duel.

Han Dang sent an Early Rank 3 zombie for the duel.

A commander against commander duel like ancient times. The duels were used to boost the morale of their own forces while bringing down the confidence of the enemy, that was why the commanders sent to fight must possess enough ability.

Han Dang sending an Early Rank 3 zombie for the duel was for this very purpose. Moreover, even if their side lost, they would not affect them much due to the low-rank zombies’ lack of emotions. On the contrary, Yang Tian’s side was already weaker than them and could not afford to lose morale.

“Dare to duel?!”

The Early Rank 3 zombie shouted in human language from below the city walls.

“Dammit, it is too cocky, let me go face him.”

Xu Dafu instantly wanted to go fight.

“Ride out on Brain-Eating Terror Hog as well, let’s see how it could win!”

The Early Rank 3 zombie was riding a Rank 2 zombie warhorse, it could not be compared against a Brain-Eating Terror Hog. Yang Tian intent was for Xu Dafu to use Brain-Eating Terror Hog as a mount to obtain a swift victory.


Xu Dafu held both Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf Spears and rode out of the city gate on Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

“Skin and bones, watch my spear!”


As both sides fought, Xu Dafu’s momentum was obviously suppressing the Early Rank 3 zombie. The roars of Brain-Eating Terror Hog was also causing the zombie warhorse to become unstable.

Relying on the difference of their mounts, Xu Dafu held the advantage in the first clash. Also, as a Carnivore, Xu Dafu’s fighting method was to exchange injury for injury.

The Early Rank 3 zombie could only be beaten back regularly due to Xu Dafu’s attacking methods. In theory, it should be the one using such a fighting method, but Xu Dafu was using this style of fighting with much more proficiency than his opponent.

“Skin and bones, here comes my spear.”


Xu Dafu hacks down with his spear, causing the blade used by the Early Rank 3 zombie to be broken into two. The Early Rank 3 zombie could only retreat back to its camp after the loss of its weapon.

The first duel was won.

Due to Xu Dafu’s victory, the morale of Southwest Camp was boiling high.


The voices came from Yang Tian’s side, their morale was pressing down against the zombie army.

Han Dang knew that it was not good and quickly send a Mid Rank 3 zombie to fight Xu Dafu.

Ice Soul Zombie

Even the armor it was wearing was emitting frosty energy, the warhorse it rode also had ice attribute.

It also used the same weapon, a long spear. A Rank 2 weapon.

Its weapon and mount were weaker than Xu Dafu, but its rank was higher than Xu Dafu.

“It will be the same even if another comes out. I did not manage to kill that one earlier on, I will kill you instead as a replacement.”

Due to the victory of the first round, Xu Dafu’s morale was very high, he raised Chasing Tiger Driving Wolf Spears and attacks Ice Soul Zombie.

An Elite Zombie

At Elite Tier, it was at the same tier as Xu Dafu, Xu Dafu was unable to obtain an advantage in this area as well.

Ice Soul Zombie swiftly countered Xu Dafu’s attack.

Bang Bang

Only after the exchange did Xu Dafu discover how power Ice Soul Zombie was. Ice energy seeped in and obstruct Xu Dafu during each exchange of blows.


Xu Dafu quickly cast his ice attribute skill, three huge icicles shot towards Ice Soul Zombie.

The opponent did the same and cast Icicle as well, but the icicles it created was slightly harder than the ones made by Xu Dafu.


Xu Dafu’s Icicle attack failed, even Brain-Eating Terror Hog unconsciously took several steps back after the exchange. 

“I don’t believe this!”

Xu Dafu separate Driving Wolf Soft Spear while using Chasing Tiger Steel Spear to attack Ice Soul Zombie, the Driving Wolf Soft Spear waited like a venomous snake to ambush Ice Soul Zombie should an opportunity appears.

Unfortunately, Ice Soul Zombie would not give Xu Dafu a chance, each attack it used on Xu Dafu was even more ferocious than the previous, Xu Dafu was having a hard time enduring the barrage.

“Do you think I will be afraid?”

As the attack of Ice Soul Zombie was about to land on Xu Dafu, the latter decided to ignore it and targeted Ice Soul Zombie’s chest with Chasing Tiger and Driving Wolf at the same time.

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