Chapter 139 – War Begins

“Boss, I have gathered everyone, is something big happening?”

Yang Tian, Wang Yu, Xu Dafu and Lei Xing have all gathered.

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“Bring some people and head to the other camps to bring some metahumans over to the Southwest Camp. At the same time, get West Camp and South Camp to take note of Southwest Camp’s status, they are to provide support to Southwest Camp the moment they noticed something wrong.”

Looking at Yang Tian’s stern face, Xu Dafu quickly went to complete his orders.

“Wang Yu, what is the progress of the energy magic equipment manufacturing in the other camps?”

“Of the Nine Great Camps, each possessed about fifty Rank 1 offense-type magic energy weapons. As for the Rank 2s, each camp has at most three of them.”

“Withdraw twenty Rank 1 magic energy equipment and one Rank 2 magic energy equipment from each camp and use them to support Southwest Camp.”

Due to Yang Tian’s request, the magic energy weapons manufactured by each camp were large-scale magic energy weapons. Even though they were only Rank 1, their wide-scale attack power was still pretty decent.


“Lei Xing, bring some mutated fruit and support to Southwest Camp.”


Yang Tian was also worried Demonic Blood Zombie Han Dang would target the other areas as well and decided to personally scout.

After the three of them left, Yang Tian entered Venom form and burrowed underground.

Heading towards the southwest direction, Yang Tian soon left his territory. At the same time, he activated Examine to prevent unexpected situations from happening.


“It is happening again.”

The King’s Spirit started to become active again, causing Yang Tian’s mental power to leak out. Yang Tian had no choice but to stop; if he was to continue in this state, he would undoubtedly be noticed by Han Dang.

Yang Tian remained underground for three hours before the instability ended, allowing him to continue with his task.

Rumble Rumble

Yang Tian sensed movement on the ground above and expanded his Examine range.

Thousands of soldiers and horses. Foot soldiers took up half, under the cold metal armor were rotten corpses, but they took each step with serious discipline as they moved forward.

Calling them well-trained was an understatement.

Leading the army was a figure in bronze armor with a large blade in its hand. Unlike the other zombies, its body was blood red, extremely buff and muscular.

Demonic Blood Zombie

That should be the great general of Wu Land, Han Dang.

A High Rank 3 Elite Zombie.

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Demonic Blood Zombie a type of zombies have a range of tiers. Han Dang was an Elite Demonic Blood Zombie, but Captain-Class Demonic Blood Zombie also exists.

Yang Tian believes that Sun Ce was also a Demonic Blood Zombie, just that it was General-Class. The name Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King was only a title it gave itself.

It was akin to Little Tyrant of the Three Kingdoms Era, just another title.

“As expected, they are heading for Southwest Camp and plan to catch me by surprise.”

At this speed, they would only need five hours to reach Southwest Camp.

Yang Tian needs to return as quickly as possible. He needs to know the progress of his instructions.

Yang Tian promptly rushed to Southwest Camp, increasing his burrowing speed by thirty percent.

Currently, Southwest Camp Chief was slightly startled after hearing the news brought by Xu Dafu, but he quickly reacted and coordinated with the latter.

The other eight camps had also sent reinforcements, magic energy equipment had also been prepared.

“Sir, is something about to happen? Why did Lord urge us to gather so many fighters?”

“I am not sure as well, we just need to follow our orders.”

Yang Tian had not explained anything to Xu Dafu, so the latter was not clear about the situation. Moreover, Yang Tian seemed to be in a rush, there was no time for Xu Dafu to ask for details.

Lei Xing had also arrived in Southwest Camp with large quantities of Red Fruit.

“This is roughly a quarter of our stock, right?”

“Boss’s orders, I am just following it.”

Lei Xing was also unclear about the situation, a quarter of their Red Fruits; nearly a thousand in quantity.

“Is that reinforcements from Central Camp?”

The reinforcements from Central Camp was much higher than the other seven camps, but they were also obviously different from the rest. That was because they were all experimental subjects of Ouyang Ge, the metahumans might look like they were of the same rank, but their fighting power varies greatly.

Moreover, their exposed skin revealed several stitched parts, people might even believe if they say they are zombies.

“I bet tonight’s dinner that these are all Teacher Ouyang’s work.”

“Get lost.”

Lei Xing could not help but jokingly scold Xu Dafu, anyone could see that these people were the handiwork of Ouyang Ge. Looking at their dull expressions, it was likely they would not hesitate to carry out any orders given to them.

“Is that the leader of the Central Camp?”

“That’s right, he might look fidgety, but he will carry out orders without any issue.”

“That’s all I need.”

Lei Xing was worried that the people from Central Camp would become a problem when they were needed, but it looks like it would not happen.

Southwest Camp Chief was confused when he heard Xu Dafu and Lei Xing’s conversation, he looked at the people from Central Camp and could not help but to start guessing what could be happening inside there.

As the people within Southwest Camp were preparing for battle, Yang Tian finally arrived.

“Boss, you are here.”


Southwest Camp Chief, Xu Dafu and the rest all went towards Yang Tian when he arrived.

“How are the preparations?”

“Boss, take a look and see if all this are enough.”

Yang Tian looked over and saw the armed metahumans and the magic energy weapons on the walls of the camp. Southwest Camp has been constructed to look like an ancient city with its four-meter high walls. Just that this was the initial phase and the construction was not yet complete.

“Still acceptable.”

“Your city construction speed… needs to be slightly increased.”

“Lord, as the camps have not come to an agreement, we are only able to build so much. Once we obtain the Lord’s decision, we will all modify and build according to your will.”

Each camp was currently building the camps into cities according to their own plans and so a unified command was needed.

“Let’s talk about this later. All of you make the necessary arrangements and prepare for battle.”


They knew that they were all here for battle. The metahumans under Yang Tian quickly got into battle positions upon order. The metahumans using magic energy equipment were all in their places as well.

Han Dang would likely reach in an hour.

In fact, only half an hour had passed when Yang Tian heard the sounds of the approaching army.

“They are…”

Xu Dafu and the rest could not believe their eyes, this did not look like zombies, they looked more like highly trained soldiers. However, the truth was in front of them, they could not help but accept what they were seeing.

T-Rex and Brain-Eating Terror Hog had also arrived at Southwest Camp.

The main fighting power against Han Dang will be T-Rex, no one else will be able to handle a High Rank 3 Demonic Blood Zombie.

“Sound the war drums.”

Boom Boom

The metahumans controlling the magic energy equipment must be in their optimal condition.

The only ones that were not showing any signs of nervousness were the reinforcements from Central Camp, their dull expressions were utterly void of any fear, one can wonder if they might even feel fear.

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