Chapter 138 – Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King

“Get the various large camps to guard and patrol their areas.”

Wang Yu understood Yang Tian’s meaning, he was unsatisfied with a group of metahumans suddenly appearing near the manor.


However, Wang Yu’s face was displaying some worry.

“What is it?”

“Boss, South Camp is near to the back mountain, do we need to…”

Yang Tian had considered what Wang Yu was worried about, but on the surface, they have maintained a peaceful relationship. Moreover, the secret treasure had fallen into the hands of the Zombie King, and until now, Yang Tian had been unable to determine what the secret treasure is.

The Zombie King used the secret treasure to cause the army and wolves to fight each other and even got Yang Tian and Metal Devouring War Wolf involved in the situation. In the end, Metal Devouring War Wolf became a corpse after being caught inside Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

“Get South Camp to focus on our own territory and not to step into the back mountain.”

Wang Yu quickly relayed Yang Tian’s orders, especially to South Camp, which was considered the most dangerous place for being nearest to the back mountain. There were still remnants of the mutated wolves within the back mountain and South Camp might encounter an ambush if they become careless.

Before the Second Blood Rain arrived, the global zombie waves also reached an end. The zombies have obtained a place on Earth as well.

Just that Yang Tian’s information network was still not well established; except for F City’s situation, he did not know anything about the status of the other areas.

“The zombie wave in Z City should have ended as well.”

Z City had wholly fallen under the control of zombies, but there were no methods currently available to determine the identity of the zombie king behind the zombies of Z City.

F City was located north of the manor, while Z City was southwest of the manor. When the time comes, he would have to strengthen the North, and Southwest Camp, especially Southwest Camp, the zombies within Z City were significantly developing themselves after conquering the entire city. The aftershocks of that development would reach them, it was inevitable.

Yang Tian also pondered on which areas to focus and develop, the development of magic energy equipment is a must, but an organization of a region must not only rely on magic energy weapons. Other areas must also be taken into consideration.

Chu Chu

Zombie King Mouse appeared in front of Yang Tian, it had burrowed in again.

“Did the Zombie King asked you to deliver something?”

Zombie King Mouse handed the Back Mountain Zombie King’s mental message to Yang Tian.

“It wants me to take a trip to the back mountain?”

“You can return. Tell the Zombie King I will go.”

Zombie King Mouse then burrowed underground again upon receiving Yang Tian’s reply.

The Zombie King of Back Mountain has become stronger, even the Zombie King Mouse had reached Early Rank 3.

This time, Yang Tian wishes to know the status of the zombie waves in other regions from the Zombie King.

Yang Tian left the manor and traveled to the back mountain alone.

The zombies within the mountain did not obstruct Yang Tian, a wide path would open up wherever Yang Tian was passing through.

“You are here. Sit.”

Zombie King had sat beside a tea table and asked Yang Tian to sit on the opposite side. There was a brewed cup of tea ready on the table, still emitting residual heat.

“Why did you call for me?”

“With your wisdom, you should have guessed that Z City had become the territory of zombies, right?”

“I was able to guess as much. Are you thinking of getting Z City? Is that why you called me? To help you?”

Zombie King drank a mouth of tea and shook its head:

“That is not the case. On the contrary, the Zombie King of Z City is eyeing your territory and is seeking my assistance.”

“Yet you are this information to me?”

Yang Tian was able to guess from the Zombie King’s tone that it had no intention of helping Z City’s Zombie King. Else it would not have called him over to tell him about this information.

“Do you know the identity of Z City’s Zombie King?”

“Oh, do tell.”

Yang Tian was quite interested, he was also very keen to know the identity of the Zombie King in front of him as well, but its mental power was not weaker than him and that had prevented him from learning its identity.

“General-Class Zombie, Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King”

“Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King?”

Yang Tian had some impression, but a pity he did not know much as he only rose up to power during the latter part of the post-apocalyptic era, there were many things regarding the early and middle period he does not know about.

“You will surely know its name, his name is Sun Ce.”


The apocalypse had caused the corpses of ancient men to be revived as zombies. Yang Tian had witnessed it in his previous life, but he did not know that the zombie that occupied Z City was the Little Tyrant Sun Ce of the Three Kingdoms Era.

“How strong is he?”


“What is Z City’s current situation? Did the Territory Contract appear?”

“All humans within Z City had fallen, the Territory Contract would surely have appeared. Moreover, it is no longer called Z City now, but Wu Land.”

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After turning into zombies, some of the ancient men would have retained some of their memories of their previous life, but there were also some who completely forgot about their past lives as well. Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King had forgotten most of its past memories, only a lingering few were retained.

“I believe this is not the only reason you called me here, anything else?”

“The information earlier is just a small favor, what I want is your Lucky Box.”

Yang Tian took out the Lucky Box, opening a Lucky Box does not guarantee something good would appear.

“This one?”


Yang Tian tossed the Lucky Box to the Zombie King without hesitating.

“Thank you.”

“No need. I also wanted to know what did the secret treasure contained in it?”

Hearing Yang Tian’s question, Zombie King frowned before replying:

“Awakening Pill.”

Awakening Pill was a very mysterious pill. To ordinary humans, it was just a tasteless candy, but to other creatures, it might be even more potent than miracle elixirs.

“Rather than being concerned about such unimportant matters, you should be thinking about how to deal with the Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King.”

The Zombie King was obviously trying to avoid the topic regarding the Awakening Pill, but his words were also logical.

“Will he come personally?”

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“He won’t. He would only be sending his great general, Demonic Blood Zombie, Han Dang.”

Even the great general of the Three Kingdoms Era had become a zombie? Moreover, it was a subordinate, this was indeed outside of Yang Tian’s expectations.

“Also, he has a total of five Demonic Blood Zombies under him.”

The Zombie King was reminding Yang Tian, Sun Ce has five other great generals of the Three Kingdoms Era who became zombies and were following under him.

When Yang Tian first visited Z City, he did not notice that so many powerful zombies were hiding within Z City. He had assumed that the strongest zombie of Z City was Captain-Class, only now did he understand that the zombies of Z City were no means weaker than the ones in F City.

Wu Land? Qin Land?

Yang Tian was now sure that the leader of Qin Land in F City was a person from the Qin Dynasty. Maybe that General-Class Zombie King was not even the real master of the zombies.

Yang Tian continued to chat with the Zombie King and confirmed something. Back Mountain Zombie King will not participate in the battle and will not be helping either force.

Yang Tian left the back mountain soon after, he needs to make sure that preparations were in place. It was currently his unstable period; as his powers were unstable, he was unable to personally take action.

Southwest Camp needed to ramp up its patrolling power, the Demonic Blood Zombie Han Dang might decide to launch a sudden massive attack to catch Yang Tian in surprise which thinking that the latter did not know anything.

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