Chapter 883 – Have A Taste…

The one blocked was sent flying by Piggy.

Huan Qing Yan was delighted when she saw that happening and no longer hurried to escape.

After some time, two of the five spiders were burnt to death while the remaining three escaped.

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The burning spiders emitted blue smoke, signifying that it had been venomous.

A shocked Huan Qing Yan felt fortunate that she had not been within their range.

She was only wondering why she did not notice them earlier?

Huan Qing Yan used her mind to swept through the cave in her curiosity and discovered that the rocks in this place were preventing her mind from going through.

After the unexpected event, Huan Qing Yan left the cliff; the rain had already stopped.

Just as she wanted to continue her journey, she heard the sounds of steps coming from the forest.

A rough gauge estimated the group to have at least four or five people.

Along the way, she had also encountered other people, but she did not socialize with them, everyone just continue their way without bothering each other,

Huan Qing Yan had no intention to meet these people and chose to hide behind a thick bush of vines, planning to continue her journey after these group of people passed through.

This was a group of six, each of them looked hulking and powerful. The one leading was even more muscular with one of his eyes covered by an eyepatch, making him seem very ferocious. His cultivation was around Early Mystic Spirit Master. 

The others also did not look like they were kind people, the weakest amongst them was a Late True Spirit Master. 

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The men walked to the front of where Huan Qing Yan was hiding and stopped.

They took out some dried rations and started eating and drinking.

“Boss, is this far enough? Can we do our task safely now?” a scarred man said vulgarly.

The single-eye man looked at the terrain and said, “It should be good now! It is roughly six days of travel from the entrance, that bitch traveled quickly and had reached the center of the Desolate Great Forest. We will be able to do our task without being bothered by others.”

The men have been waiting for their boss to give the order, they spit the rations from their mouths.

“Dammit, we can finally act after following for so long!”

“Brothers, masks on, go!”

The men quickly wore the masks they had prepared…

Huan Qing Yan was on alert when she heard their words, had these men been targeting her?

However, she was unable to run as she was already surrounded.

These people knew where she hiding at all along!

She was not wrong when she detected someone following her!

Ice Shattered Bead was already held in her hand.

A huge blade slashed towards Huan Qing Yan and sliced away the thick vines!

A large black hand grabbed at Huan Qing Yan.

“Bitch, stop hiding. These daddies have been following you for several days, quickly let these daddies have a taste…”

Huan Qing Yan threw an Ice Shatter Bead, the hand turned into ice and spread out.

The bag of Ice Shatter Beads her master gave her have been mostly used up in Blood Moon Hidden Realm, there was not much left.

“F***, this bitch has some tricks up her sleeve. Looks like it is a fiery one Boss!” another person shouted.

Along with that shout, someone used a fire skill, burning the last of the vines away.

Huan Qing Yan became completely exposed in front of this group of men now.

At the same time, she caught sight of who was in front of her.

She froze a True Spirit Master.

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