Chapter 884 – The Person As Well 

These group of people was all wearing masks, only their eyes were exposed. The one-eyed person possessed the highest cultivation and also looked to be the most vicious.

The gazes of the others were all filled with lecherous evilness, they looked at Huan Qing Yan as though they were stripping Huan Qing Yan bare with their gazes.

“Little Bitch, your body is pretty good. This daddy loves girls with a hot body, pleasant to the eyes no matter which position…”

Huan Qing Yan said coldly, “Who are you people? Why are you following me?”

The men laughed out loud, “You do not need to know who we are, didn’t you see that we have masked our faces? As for why we are following you? It is natural to take both your money and body!”

“That’s right. You did not even think twice and paid for a one thousand spirit stone map outside the forest entrance. You are undoubtedly a fat little sheep, why won’t we want to rob you?”

Huan Qing Yan did not believe that the situation was this simple. A thousand spirit stones were not much, would they really track her for several days just for a thousand spirit stones?

“If you are seeking wealth, I am willing to give all of you a million spirit stones to let me go, and I will not pursue this matter further as well. How about it?”

Ice Shatter Beads could only freeze someone with weaker cultivation than her. There were five more people, she will be unable to handle them by herself.

Moreover, the one-eyed leader was a Mystic Spirit Master too!

That fire that burned down the vines had been released by him.

His spirit treasure is a red-colored turkey that had mastered a fire technique.

Ji Mo Ya was still waiting for her. If she can use the money to solve the problem, she was willing to give up the million.

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Who knew the vulgar men instantly laughed when they heard it, “One million is too little. Us daddies have followed you for a long time, you should at least take out ten million spirit stones…”

“Fine. Ten million it is. However, you must swear that you will let me go.” In actual fact, Huan Qing Yan does not have so much spirit stones on her!

She was only trying to test their ultimate motive.

As expected, the vulgar stopped laughing instantly, they were shocked by Huan Qing Yan’s reply.

They cursed shortly after, “F***, this bitch is really rich. Looks like we are getting a windfall today.”

“Right, we want both spirit stones and person. Us daddies would not harm your life, let us enjoy you, and we will release…”

By then, Huan Qing Yan had some ideas about what was happening, this was certainly not random that they wanted to rob her, “Who sent you? What is their reward, I will give you double!”

Although she did not tell anyone that she was going to the Great Desolate Forest, she did leave behind some traces that might make it easy for someone to discover if they wanted to.

“Your mind is pretty good, but it is useless even if you double it. Us daddies have our honor…”

The one-eyed person coldly said, “Dammit, who told you guys to chatter? Quickly finish this up and then we leave.”

His cultivation was the highest yet he kept having the feeling that something might go wrong with this job, that maybe their lives would be in danger; causing his heart to feel unknowingly panicked and he does not want to drag the situation out any longer.

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At this moment, another heavy downpour arrived, drenching all of them. Huan Qing Yan had not maintained her disguise much after entering the Great Desolate Forest, causing her disguise to fall through.

“Yes, Yes. Boss, that bitch has a good body and great looks. Are you sure you do not want to have a go as well? We can let you enjoy her first!” a scarred face man said.

Huan Qing Yan knew that she should not panic but when she heard such vulgar words, her anger rose.

“Get lost!”

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