Chapter 885 – Demon Man!

Several Ice Shatter Beads were thrown.

However, her opponents were already prepared for it and evade.

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Huan Qing Yan turned around to escape but was blocked by an invisible wall.

Someone within that group is proficient in spell formation and had her trapped.

Huan Qing Yan’s heart sunk.

The cultivation of these five men was not weaker than her and they were also well prepared. It looks like she had really encountered big trouble this time.

“Piggy, go!”

Pig spirit treasure flew out but in an instant, the spirit treasures of the others ganged up against it, placing it in a bad situation.

The one-eyed person did not step in but focused on staying alert of their surroundings, “A few adult men could not even handle a bitch, do you guys usually eat s***! Quickly strip her…”

The underlings’ attacks turned vicious after being scolded.

Huan Qing Yan might possess dual spirit treasure, but she was unable to escape due to the spell formation. These four men were all Late True Spirit Masters and they possessed relatively strong techniques as well; they were only holding back for the sake of capturing her alive.

Had they been planning to kill her, she would not have been able to last so long.

The scarred man sneered, “Bitch, us daddies are not looking to take your life. Why be stubborn and cause yourself to suffer? Let us daddies have a good time, we guarantee you will enjoy greatly…”

Suddenly, several things shot out of the forest.

The scarred man who was closest to Huan Qing Yan was struck in the head by something and he fainted.

A guard in black clothes suddenly appeared behind them. Huan Qing Yan looked at this person and found him to be familiar, it looked like one of the Ink Guards that protected her when she was assassinated.

Mo Liu!

When did he start to follow her? She never knew.

The one-eyed leader blocked the flying darts and sneered, “As expected, there is an Ink Guard following as well. This one has been waiting for you.”

“So you guys knew who you are offending? All of you are seeking your own death!” Mo Liu coldly said.

“Seeking death? Us daddies will not have started this profession if we are afraid to die. Hahaha, we will not waste this life if we can die on top of Ji Mo Ya’s woman!”

As he spoke, the one-eyed leader transformed, turning into a huge black wolf, he was actually a demon man!

After transforming into a beast, the one-eyed leader’s cultivation rose from Early Mystic Spirit Master to Mid Mystic Spirit Master. 

“So it is a demon man, no wonder all of you dare to offend the Young Master, you are planning to hide in the demon lands? You are too naïve!” Mo Liu’s expression did not change but worry could be seen in his eyes.

He could only handle the transformed one-eyed leader, as for Young Mistress’s side… he was unable to help even if he wanted to.

It was simply too many enemies about.

Huan Qing Yan got a shock by the sudden transformation of the demon man.

The masked men in front of her all snickered as they too started to transform. Hair started growing out of their bodies, turning them into wolves.

All of them are demon men!

One of the wolves said excitedly, “Damn, it might even feel better screwing a woman in our transformed state. Brothers, let’s go!”

The ugly wolves all howled and charged.

Their strength increased significantly after turning into wolves, their attacks were now filled with the power of wild beasts. Huan Qing Yan was finding it hard to defend herself as her outer robe was being shredded, slowly revealing her fair skin underneath.

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The rain started falling even harder.

Mo Liu was filled with murderous intent, he wanted to assist her but was stopped by the one-eyed wolf leader.

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