Volume 3 Chapter 107: Filomena Nobility Academy Daytime Friendship Convention

Olsylvia Academy, by the first of the Six Major Academy Lakes, Virginia Lake. Grand Duke Bellina’s personal apartment building, “Pure White Heaven”. In a secret room at the top of Bella’s apartment building No. 1, the early morning sunlight was shining through the window, landing perfectly onto the large bed.

Sylvia opened her eyes and embarrassingly looked at Bella who was hugging her. At the thought of yesterday night’s absurd action, Sylvia’s blush did not reduce for a long time. Bella, who had already woken up at an earlier time, saw her embarrassed look.
“Sylvia, you were really unrestrained last night. You looked so conservative, I was really unable to tell, in the end…”
“Bella, I beg you not to say anymore. Please spare me, could you let me go back to report that I am safe and sound.”
Sylvia nearly wanted to faint at the thought of yesterday night. Bella, this witch, had not kept her promise last night. Obviously, she had already agreed to her unreasonable request but in the end, Bella had simply forced her to drink three bottles last night. After Sylvia was drunk, she lost control and revealed various kinds of seductive appearances that were seen by Bella.

“I will arrange people to help you to request a leave of absence. Please feel at ease staying here for three days. Darling, I will let you go back when the demon mark on your body is stable.”
“You… you have not kept your promise. I want to go back. Wait, please do not lean over. For the time being, I do not want to leave anymore.”
Sylvia’s plan in her heart could not be hidden from Bella who was an “old driver”. Bella, in one look, had seen through her thoughts which were to run back and try to break the “demon mark” that was left on her body.
Bella decided to leave Sylvia here for three days and when the “demon mark” had stabilized, it would be no use even if the Radiant God came over. The people who were lying over here were Sylvia and Laceman, and Laceman were already asleep. Last night, it was Princess Laceman who was the most high with Bella while Sylvia was only going along with it.
Comparing physical strength, Sylvia, the human girl, was no match for Princess Laceman, who was born from the Golden Dragon Race. Last night, Bella had placed her main focus on “taking care” of Princess Laceman. Her familiar demon, Demon World Princess Diaz, had already hid in Bella’s familiar demon dimension and it was estimated that she was unable to accept this absurd group entertainment activity.
As for Natasha, the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief, this time Bella was a “good person” for once and did not put her hands on her, sending her to the adjacent room. Natasha, who was naked, was not suitable to be sent back to her dormitory. If by any chance it was seen by President Lucia, it would be hard for her to explain.
However, Bella did manage to take advantage of Natasha. After Natasha was stripped naked by her, Bella could not justify it to herself if she did not take advantage of her.
“Sylvia, please have a good rest. I will love you dearly again tonight. Do remember that the mark on your body is proof of being mine!”
Bella’s right hand had stopped over at Sylvia’s chest and caressed the bosom which had the demon mark on it for a while before her hand reluctantly left. Sylvia’s whole face was continuously in a state of shyness. Towards Bella’s violation, she did not know what to do and could only pretend to be mute.
“Mistress Bella, I have already investigated. Yesterday night, the last person to go up the peak of Mount Vernon, which is at the Scripps Cemetery, was Norris, who is the vice president of St. Louis Church Academy’s Doors of Truth Society. As for the treasure he had taken, I have not yet investigated clearly.”
“Lola, thank you for your hard work. There is no need for you to continue to investigate this matter anymore. I thought the savior who was new would be a girl. And to think that I was looking forward to it. Going forward, there will be no need to investigate a savior who is not female.”
“Oh… If it is like that then subordinate has understood.”
Last night, Assassin Lola had, based on Bella’s order, gone to investigate the route used to descend from the peak of Mount Veron through the night. She heard that last night it was Norris who had gone up the mountain to save the world. But, she did not manage to get more information on Norris.
Bella had gone over to the adjacent bedroom. After she opened the door, she bumped into Natasha, who was about to leave the room. Bella felt that she had bumped into the other person’s softest place. When she was about to savor the aftertaste, Natasha had fallen onto the floor.
“Bella, you… What did you do to me last night, my.. Where are my clothes!”
Natasha used both hands to cover up her bosom and sat on the floor. Luckily there was a thick red blanket on the floor of the room so Natasha was not injured. Currently, her expression was more like bashfulness. After Natasha was drunk last night, she did not remember much about what had happened and could only vaguely remember that Bella had carried her.

After she woke up this morning, she realized that she was stripped naked and was placed on an unfamiliar room’s bed. It was an obvious state of “after the event” and she felt alarmed. She thought of leaving hurriedly to explore when Natasha realized that there was not a piece of clothing in the room. There was not even a piece of towel and the silk quilt which covered her body had a high level of transparency.
“Is this not bullying people! Bella, that evil girl, did it on purpose. Natasha had hoped to slip back into her dormitory since it was still early and the majority of people in the dormitory had not woken up. She did not expect to run into the mastermind who had come to visit her.
Along with a light “snapping sound”, Bella had the room door locked with her hand and looked at Natasha with an ambiguous expression. Normally, this Disciplinary Committee’s Chief always set herself against Bella. Now she did not even have the courage to look straight into Bella’s eyes.
Natasha’s current look was too ambiguous, as she fell and sat nakedly on the red carpet. If it was a guy who came in and saw her alluring seductive appearance, he would have already pushed her to the ground and “execute her on the spot”. On the surface, it seemed that Bella had kept her composure but in her heart, she was already harboring bad thoughts.
“Bella, please do not come over. If you continue to come over, I will shout… continue to come over and I would not be polite anymore.”
“Natasha, you don’t have anything at all now. I would like to see, how you will be impolite to me.”
“You this… bad girl. Wait, do not carry me, I can walk myself.”
“The door is over the other side, Bella, what is the meaning of you carrying me in the direction of the bed! Stop, I am not a casual girl. Please stop, I beg of you…”
Bella moved forward to carry Natasha back to the bed. With regards to Natasha’s protest, she remained unmoved. She pretended not to hear and very carefully put Natasha on the bed. In her heart, Bella finally heaved a sigh of relief as Natasha kept twisting about restlessly in her arms.
The most annoying thing was that Natasha was not aware of it. With her being naked and twisting restlessly in Bella’s arm, it was a big temptation for Bella. A few times, Bella nearly could not control herself. If Bella had known earlier that Natasha was so restless, she would have directly tied her up like how she had treated Sylvia.
“Oh, Chief of Disciplinary Committee, why are you so quiet all of a sudden, I am not used to it!”
“Bella… I know that you are a good student. Can you help me to find a set of clothes first? After I’m dressed, we can discuss what had happened last night, is that alright!”
Facing a danger to her “chastity”, Natasha could only choose to compromise and lie to Bella. Now, Bella was still wearing the sexy set of black undergarments which she had worn last night. Her whole person was very close and Natasha sensed a trace of danger within this ambiguous atmosphere.
Before Natasha had seen Bella’s intimate relationship with Kriss, she sensed that this naughty girl could have a strange hobby regarding beautiful girls and Natasha’s heart would feel an indescribable nervous feeling; she was afraid that Bella would do “that” to her.
“So that was the case, but currently I did not bring extra clothes with me. How about, later I will go back and find some for you? Oh yeah, I cannot let you be naked as you will probably catch a cold.”
“Bella, you… please wait. Why are you taking off your clothes, when you are trying to find clothes for me? What … what are you trying to do? I am … I am not an easy girl.”
“Natasha, your thoughts are too dirty. Where have your thoughts gone to? I have about the same stature as you. You could wear my bra and stockings!”
“For me to wear your bra! This … Your bra is too … that. Could you give me an ordinary one! Those with more material.”
After knowing that Bella was not going to do bad things to her, Natasha’s tensed mental state finally relaxed. But the way that Bella was going to change out of that set of black sexy bra to give it to her, Natasha expressed a strong protest.
Beneath the surface, Natasha’s style was the strict chief of the Disciplinary Committee. For her to wear such an “anti-traditional” bra to go out and if by any chance she was seen by her dormitory roommates President Lucia and Vice President Aurora, then her dignity would be swept to the floor.
“Natasha, if you do not wear this, I will ask President Lucia to come up to deliver clothes to you. Also, the matter of you being drunk over here last night… You do know that my mouth cannot hide secrets and if President Lucia…”
“Don’t be like that, I will just wear… Please go out first, why are you still standing here?”
“Natasha, you have not worn this type of bra before; I shall be a good person to the end and personally teach you by hand how to wear. Next time, treat yourself better, do not wear such a tight bra. To me… that’s not right, yes… It is not good for your body”
“I will … wear it by myself, don’t come over and please release my hand.”
Just as Bella was in the room teasing Natasha, the whole of Olsylvia Academy started a brand new day. Although it was early morning, there were already many students who had gotten up and were doing morning exercise. Those students who had woken up were mostly students from Olivia Wizard Academy and Frank Civilian Academy.
The students of Filomena Nobility Academy and Euphemia Imperial Academy had no habits of waking up so early. The timing now was equivalent to 6 am in Bella’s past life. There was no use in waking up so early to go to class as classes would only start at 8 am.
Regarding the “Vulcan priest” that had happened last night at the peak of Mount Vernon, nobody mentioned it among the students and the reason should be that the school authorities had sealed off related news. Vulcan priest would only exist in summer and the current season was spring. Using such a fake reason, if the person was not a fool, basically they would be able to tell that the school authorities were telling lies.
Olsylvia Academy’s North Campus, Filomena Nobility Academy’s luxurious big auditorium, the time now was around 8.30 am. The place was currently holding a friendship convention between the two school branches: Euphemia Imperial Academy and Filomena Nobility Academy. This was one of Olsylvia Academy’s traditional practice activities during the second-week of school opening.
The friendship convention between the various school branches was filled with a long historical tradition in Olsylvia Academy. It was to deepen the friendship among the students of the school branches but among the five school branches, it was divided into three factions. Not every school branch student would have common topics to chat about.

The St. Louis Church Academy was a faction by itself and they symbolized divine right. With regards to matters like the friendship convention, they basically would not attend. At this time, they should be at Kelvin Chapel doing collective prayers and would not have the time and energy to hold those mortal activities.

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Frank Civilian Academy and Olivia Wizard Academy belonged to the same faction as both sides of students were mostly commoners. The relationship between both sides was part of a historical tradition that improved their relationship. After the Students of Frank Civilian Academy revealed their outstanding innate skills, they would mostly be transferred into Olivia Wizard Academy to further their studies.
The last faction was the Euphemia Imperial Academy and Filomena Nobility Academy. Both sides of students were wealthy and respectable students and had many common topics to talk about. Because all of them were either of royalty or nobility so in their conversations they would abide by the basic etiquette. They were not like the next door commoners academy whereby there would be scenes when they would come to blows when they were in disagreement with each other. These scenes were basically not seen over here.
“Prince Luke, I am the eldest son of Duke Sami. I am happy to see you, This is a little goodwill from my old father to the emperor, please pass it to him on my behalf.”
“Brother, you are too polite. On behalf of my father, I will accept this little goodwill.”
“Prince Luke, if you do not mind, how about we recognize each other as brothers! It just so happens that my family and your royalty family are accepted as long-time family friends.”

“You are a wonderful brother and I, the elder brother will accept. Attendant, please bring over good wine!”
During this banquet, which was celebrating peace with songs and dance, there was a young blonde beauty sitting at a table quietly. She didn’t seem to fit in; at least other people would be busy with various “power transactions”. She was the only one quietly staying over there. If the background context was similar to her, it would have made people felt very peaceful.
But on the chest of the blonde beauty was a ducal lapel badge which blinded people and made people incapable of overlooking her presence. The unique decorative design of the duke had already exceeded ninety percent of the status and position of students in the Nobility Academy. The heir of a dukedom and the current duke had different standings.
When the heir of the dukedom met the duke, they would first need to perform the nobility ceremony. Many guys from the Filomena Nobility Academy had wanted to go forward to greet the beautiful duchess and looked forward to an episode of “power transaction” but they had regarded face as all-important and thought that they would be laughed at by people if they first performed the nobility ceremony. Thus, they could only form a group to watch from the sidelines.
From a distant place, Bella looked at the group of boys who wanted to say something but hesitated and felt speechless in her heart. These guys were really annoying; if they really wanted to have a “power transaction”, they should just move forward and greet. They were acting coy like girls. If they really wanted to mingle, they would need to have no sense of shame. If they could not put down their faces, then how could they continue on the transaction!
This gathering happening during the day was out of Bella’s expectations, considering that this banquet would have large amounts of “gentlemen”. Bella managed to persuade all her dormitory roommates not to come to this gathering. In any case, the attendance was mainly voluntary and it would be alright if Kriss and the others did not attend.

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As for Angel, Noesha and the other lolita female servants, she could not bring them even more. Their current fake identities were personal female servants of Grand Duke Bellina and bringing them would be even more dangerous as compared to bringing Kriss and others. Who knew how many “lolicon” were over here!
Because Bella wanted to enjoy the lolis by herself, she did not even bring her strongest bodyguard, the darkness attribute loli, Lolita. Currently, as Bella seldom had no beautiful girls to accompany her, she planned to taste the wine and eat breakfast in peace and quiet
The good wine used in this banquet was the famous wine “Song of Marais” from Manasvir Empire. The tradition was that it was from the Manasvir Empire top-ranked wine brewer aristocratic family, the founder of the Marais aristocratic family and proud works of Marais the bartender.
The metaphorical meaning of the name of this wine was because people would easily get drunk off this wine. A drunkard who had a good capacity for liquor would become drunk and sing a song after drinking a jar of “Song of Marais”. The banquet had specially designed small and exquisite wine cups to prevent the royal and noble students who loved to drink wine from directly drinking one big cup and acting foolishly after failing to hold their liquor.
In front of Bella, there was an empty jar of “Song of Marais” and it directly intimidated a big group of royal students who wanted to greet her; they retreated.
This proposal of toasts to each other would need to be finished and if by any chance Bella’s proposed toast was a jar, then most royal students would “fall down” after a jar. Considering the honor of the royal family, most royal students chose to observe and this was the reason why no one had disturbed Bella.
“Oh, Grand Duke Bellina. You have empty space over here, I hope you do not mind me sitting over here!”
“Oh, President Isaman… Princess Isaman, it’s you. You deserve praise for your courage, let me toast a jug of wine to you.”
Bella strongly resisted laughing and put on an act to push a jar of “Song of Marais” in front of President Isaman’s seat. Isaman’s expression was still filled with a normal smile but at the moment when Bella said that she wanted to propose a toast, the corner of her mouth moved upwards slightly. This seething expression was caught by Bella’s sharp eyes.

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