Volume 3 Chapter 106: An Intoxicated Chief of the Disciplinary Committee

Olsylvia Academy, by the first of the Six Major Academy Lakes, Virginia Lake. Duke Bellina’s personal apartment building, “Pure White Heaven”. In a secret room at Bella’s apartment building No. 1, Natasha stood in the doorway, dressed in Olsylvia Academy’s standard uniform. She had found Bella in a room filled with the warm afterglow of amorous relations.

“Natasha, is there anything I can help you with at this hour? I am a very busy person.”
“Bella… could you put on a coat before coming out? These undergarments are too… You’re lucky that the Disciplinary Committee hasn’t placed any restrictions on the type of undergarments that the ladies can wear, otherwise I would have to issue you a warning.”
“Natasha, this is your fault then. Girls should be able to wear anything they want in their own hostels. That being said, there aren’t any boys around anyway. Honestly, it’s such a pity that you hide your own beautiful figure behind such conservative clothing. “
Bella had always been especially bold when she was in the hostel. Tonight, she was wearing a set of black lingerie, with a matching pair of sheer black stockings on her shapely legs. The room had a large balcony, which allowed the moonlight to fill the room and add to the sensual atmosphere.
Under the moonlit sky, Bella was exceptionally alluring with her revealed snow white skin. As Natasha was reserved by nature, she was almost embarrassed to look Bella in the eyes. She had never seen such enticing undergarments and would have never chosen anything like that for herself. Hopefully, she would not regret her decision to visit Bella here tonight.
As a hint of red blossomed on Natasha’s cheeks, Bella felt a rush of delight. Who knew that the chief of the Disciplinary Committee, usually so rigid and cold, would ever feel embarrassed? Bella could not help but wonder what intriguing expressions Natasha’s face would show if she was in her room instead. Bella preferred to sleep in her birthday suit.
“Natasha, come over here. Don’t you feel tired standing there?”
“Alright. Hold on, I don’t drink. I will have some fruit juice instead of what you’re having.”
“In that case, you don’t have to worry. This is just some fruit juice; it’s not alcohol.”
Both of them sat across from each other at a white table on the balcony. Bella took out a bottle of bright red juice and poured each of them a glass. Of course, this was not just fruit juice. To be accurate, it was a wine made from fermented fruit juice. Calling it fruit juice might be pushing it a little, but it was technically not wrong.
“What’s wrong? Are you worried about the juice? I shall drink first then.”
Bella saw that Natasha had held the cup up to her lips, refusing to drink. It seems that this lass was rather vigilant. No wonder she was the chief of the Disciplinary Committee. However, Bella had not added anything special to the drink. She was not insane to the extent that she would force herself on the chief of the Disciplinary Committee.
“Bella, this fruit juice tastes a little strange. What fruit was this made from?”
“Natasha, this fruit originates from my territory, Sarnia Duchy, and is one of the local specialities! Are you experiencing any discomfort? This juice is not for everyone.”

“I’m okay. It’s just that this tastes like… a little like… Never mind. Let’s move on to the main reason I’m here tonight.”

Natasha wanted to say that the strange fruit had tasted a little like blood. When she had used to hunt magical beasts, there had been one occasion where the beast’s blood had splattered onto her face, leaving her a deep impression of the taste of blood. But, other than feeling a slight warmth emanating through her body, she did not feel like anything was wrong.
The true name of this fruit juice was called the “Demon’s Feast”. It was a specially made wine that Demon Kings used when entertaining their most capable subordinates. This drink was made from the fruit of the Bleeding Tree – the “Demon’s Tomato”. If a human who was pure of heart drank this wine, they would immediately vomit. As Natasha did not show any abnormal reactions to the wine, it meant that at her core, she was not a purely good person.

Somehow, this lass had the potential to join the opposition camp. Bella silently poured Natasha another glass of “Demon’s Feast”. Since she had potential, there was no harm in drinking a few more glasses. Natasha would have no choice but to join her when she was addicted.
“Anyway, Bella, have you seen Sylvia today? She was the young maiden mage, your last opponent, in the competition this morning. Apparently, she did not return to her hostel this afternoon and her roommates have already sought the Disciplinary Committee’s help in finding her.”
“Sylvia… I haven’t seen her! It’s weird that she’s missing. Natasha, why are you looking at me that way? I hope you don’t think that I have something to do with this! I am a good person!”
“Bella, I am not suspecting you. It’s just that… just that I feel like you enjoy pursuing pretty girls like Sylvia, and there’s no reason why you would not try to bother her.”
“What injustice! I would not force a girl to do anything that she is unwilling to do. I swear on the Radiant Gods, I am a good person! Committee member Natasha, I truly have no idea where Sylvia has run off to.”
In the most irresponsible fashion, she had pushed the blame on the Radiant Gods who had been dead for almost a millennium. Natasha was only asking a casual question and actually did not suspect that Bella had done anything. Since Bella denied doing anything, she had no reason to pursue the matter.

Unbeknownst to her, Sylvia, Laceman, and the Demon World Princess Diaz were hiding inside the room’s large closet, which was spacious enough for the three of them to hide comfortably. Anxiously, Sylvia watched the situation unfold through the crack between the doors.

Natasha still had not noticed that anything was amiss. As chief of the Disciplinary Committee, she had been advocating chasing Duke Bellina, who was the Olsylvia Academy’s biggest problem student, out of the school. Why was she sitting across from Bella?
Bella and Natasha appeared to be old friends who had known each other for years and were simply admiring the moon and tasting beautiful wines together. One would think that they were extremely close! The feeling of unease in Sylvia’s heart began to grow stronger. If Natasha from the Disciplinary Committee were to defect, then this school would be doomed!
“Stop moving, little lass. It will be in your best interests if you are more cooperative later. Mistress Bella will let you experience bliss beyond your wildest dreams.”
Diaz stepped forward and pushed Sylvia into the depths of the closet. Ignoring Sylvia’s desperate pleas for mercy and futile attempts at resistance, Diaz took a piece of red cloth and blindfolded her. By this point, Sylvia had gotten resigned to her fate and had completely given up on her plans to seek Natasha’s help.
“Natasha, are you seeing this? There’s something unusual happening at the peak of Mount Vernon.”
“Bella, don’t bother yourself with this matter. The academy put out a notice that there will be a ceremony to worship the Fire Gods and informed the students not to congregate in the area.”
“Fire Gods… I don’t think this is the correct month for worship!”
“Bella, stop asking questions and just take the Academy’s word for it! I won’t have any more juice. I’m feeling a little… a little tipsy. Didn’t you say that this was not alcohol?!”
“Natasha, honestly, this is not alcohol! You have to believe me, this is just fruit juice. One more glass will not do you any harm.”
Calmly, Bella filled up Natasha’s glass to the brim. If a Demon King were to drink the “Demon’s Feast’, they would not get intoxicated. However, this would not be the case for a human. No matter how high Natasha’s alcohol tolerance was, she was only a young human maiden. At the rate she was drinking, it would only be a matter of time before she got drunk.
“I really can’t drink anymore. Bella, I want to leave.”
“Natasha, we are just two girls enjoying a few glasses of fruit juice. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t take advantage of you. If you are going to leave, then I have to look for President Lucia instead!”
“Fine, I’ll drink with you! Please don’t look for her.”
In Olsylvia Academy’s East Campus, at the peak of Mount Vernon, was one of the restricted areas – Scripps Cemetery. Three male saviors had brought their lackeys to slay magical beasts. Their opponents were the various Corpse Gods that had crawled out of the graves as well as the fallen holy spirits.

The male saviors at the scene were Scott, the God Chosen Knight, Adelaide, the God Chosen Mage, and Akmans, the God Chosen Holy Sword. Each of them had brought along a few of the lackeys whom they had recruited from Olsylvia Academy. Aside from the three of them, Norris the Redeemer was on his way with people from the church to provide backup.
Norris was still a suspect in the case of the Church’s Four Great Forbidden Books that had been stolen earlier. However, his restrictions had been temporarily lifted as the Radiant Church had assigned Norris a new mission. His assignment was to urge the two Holy Maidens, Hayley and Susan, to fulfill the Church’s arrangement. They were required to enter into a marriage with the royal families of the five major empires as a form of alliance.
In the central region of the Scripps Cemetery, Scott had put on his golden knight’s armor and was in the midst of an intense fight with a few thickset corpse gods while Akmans was engaged with some agile-bodied ones on the other side. Adelaide, dressed in a mage’s robes, was wielding his Five Colour Staff and sending bouts of magical attacks into the distance.
The combat ability of the corpse gods had far surpassed their estimations. Fortunately, they were able to think on their feet and had huddled together once they had realized that the situation was not right. It took the combined powers of three saviors to resist the attacks by the mob of corpse gods. As for the lackeys that came with them, they had run away at the first sign of danger even before the saviors had entered the cemetery.
“These zombies are impenetrable. Even divine artifacts have no effect on them. Swordsman, what’s happening over there?”

“It’s not too bad; it’s just that these creatures are too strange. My blade’s aura barely hurt any of them. Mage, I think it’s time for you to use the ultimate move, and do it quickly!”
“Do you think I don’t want to use my ultimate move? The magical elements in this area are far too thin to be of any use!”
This fight was abnormally strenuous for the three of them. As the night belonged to the dark creatures, if it were any other students, they would have been dead by now. It was practically a miracle that Scott and the others were able to sustain for so long. They were beginning to regret their decision to pick a fight that was beyond their abilities. Even though this was one of the best ways to advance levels, it was clear that this fight was beyond their capabilities.
“Scott, look! What is that light?!”
“Damn, who is showing off? It’s so blinding!”
“Hey, don’t look at me. Even though I’m a mage, my magical abilities are not light based.”
At the entrance of the Scripps Cemetery, Norris was holding a golden bible as he walked through the gates. With a bible in his hands, he was chanting the mysterious radiant incantations, as though he was a pastor in the midst of an exorcism.
Wherever Norris went, the millennia-old corpse gods stopped moving, almost as if they had been frozen in space by the holy light. As for the fallen holy spirits, they had already fled to their hiding spaces. The light emanating from Norris was so bright that night seemed to turn into day in the Scripps Cemetery.
“Why are the three of you still standing over there like morons? Get over here. The Scripps Cemetery is their territory, I can’t hold them off much longer. Other than in the graves, they can’t do anything to you now.”
Norris looked at the three saviors with a complicated heart. As a Redeemer of a high level unit, he knew that there were male saviors within the Olsylvia Academy.
The only thing was, Norris had not expected the saviors to be so thoughtless when selecting their training grounds. At their current level, they should not have stepped into the Scripps Cemetery at all as it was way out of their league.
Olsylvia Academy, Virginia Lake, Duke Bellina’s personal apartment building, “Pure White Heaven”, Bella’s building No. 1. Within Bella’s secret room, Natasha had already drank ten glasses of “Demon’s Feast” and was well on her way to being intoxicated.
“Bella, I… want to go home. Why are there four of you now…?”
“Natasha, you’ve had too much to drink. I think it’s best for you to rest here tonight!”
“Drunk? No way, I’m not drunk. I can keep going…”
Before Natasha could complete her sentence, she had collapsed on the table and fallen fast asleep. As it had been less than thirty minutes since her first glass, it was clear that the chief of the Disciplinary Committee was a lightweight when it came to alcohol.
Bella got up from her seat, walked over to Natasha and picked her up. Generally, young ladies were rather light and Bella could tell that Natasha was no exception. She could easily lift her up and cradle her in her arms.
“So hot… Bella, you bad, bad girl…. You’re the worst. Hate you…”
Natasha’s face flushed as she realized what she was saying in her drunken state. To be honest, she had not had much alcohol before, and her tolerance was mediocre at best. Somehow, in her carelessness, she had allowed Bella to get her drunk.

Natasha had not brought any weapons or scrolls with her, which clearly showed her lack of suspicion towards Bella. As a pillar of light shot up from the peak of Mount Vernon, where the Scripps Cemetery was, Bella turned to look at the dazzling beam of light which had completely lit up the night sky.
Even at such a distance, Bella could feel a rush of the holy aura. As a Demon King, she had an innate dislike for a pure, holy aura like this. It was an unmistakable yet indescribable feeling of loathing.
“That light is far too glaring. Neither Scott nor the other male saviors are priests. It seems like there are more saviors within the academy. What a bother!”
“Never mind, let’s help Natasha settle down first. Babes are more important. Since those male saviors are not here to look for trouble, I shall forget that I ever saw them tonight.”
Sylvia had already been dragged onto the large bed by Diaz, Bella’s demonic minion, and was now lying together with the Golden Dragon Princess Laceman. She was filled with horror when she saw Bella place a drunken Natasha on the bed and began to undress her.
“Sylvia, be quiet and do not make any unnecessary noise. It will not turn out well for any of us if you wake her up. Unless… you would like her to admire our little naughty session.”
After she had stripped Natasha bare, Bella did not do anything else to her. She simply took a washcloth, wiped her clean, and gently covered her with a blanket. After making sure that Natasha was comfortable, Bella took two pieces of cotton and carefully used them as earplugs to block out any noise that would cause her to wake up.

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“Very clever. You’re about half right. However, don’t worry, you will be one soon.”
“Please don’t do this. I beg you. I…”
Sylvia had barely gotten her pleas out of her mouth before Bella picked up a bottle of “Demon’s Feast” and poured it down her throat. She was firmly locked in Bella’s embrace and was unable to move a muscle. Helplessly, she could only watch as Bella forced her to drink this strange alcoholic concoction.
“Too hot.. Let me go… I… I’m begging you…”
“Just say yes, and you will not have to take this torture anymore. Sylvia, don’t you crave eternal life and more power?! If you are going to reject my offer, the entire case of wine will be yours for tonight!”
“That’s too much… I… Yes, I accept. Please… be gentle…”
Sylvia turned to look in the direction of Bella’s finger and saw the largest display case of wine that she had ever seen. It was two meters tall and there were at least twenty bottles of wine in it. If Bella really did force this much alcohol down her throat, it would be a fate worse than death. Sylvia had no choice but to submit to Bella’s tyranny and give in to her demands.
Diaz had slipped out onto the balcony to bask in the moonlight. She had decided to give Bella some privacy as she indulged in the ladies. Both of them had already shared many such experiences. If Diaz were to continue watching, she was afraid that she would not be able to resist the temptation to jump in and participate in the debauchery.

Diaz was once a princess of the Demon World and she retained some of her royal dignity and sensibilities. At the moment, she could accept Bella’s adorations if it were just the both of them but a ménage a trois or more was out of the question.

The Golden Dragon Princess Laceman watched Diaz’s retreating figure and was momentarily at a loss. Seriously, this Princess of the Demon World is too much. Forget the fact that she did not dare to remain in the room to watch, Diaz had the nerve to leave her here alone. Laceman had no choice but to take in the sight of Bella taking advantage of Sylvia. This forced voyeurism is making her really uncomfortable.

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