Chapter 123: Telling The Reason

Ning Meng Yao didn’t actually do much, she just gave them a job and helped Madame Yang with looking for a good doctor. Ning Meng Yao had only helped them financially, yet they gave her spiritual satisfaction. How could she not be touched?

“That’s right. This isn’t your fault.”

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Ning Meng Yao nodded: “Aunty Yang, did anyone from Yang Xiu Er’s family asked you recently where Le Le has gone?”

Madame Yang’s knitted her eyebrows and she nodded: “Yes, once. Madame Luo came over  the other day and asked.”

Ning Meng Yao frowned. It was no wonder that they knew that Le Le would use that road, and waited there for her.

“Yao Yao, why do you ask this?” Yang Le Le gave her a strange look and asked doubtfully.

Sighing, Ning Meng Yao looked at Yang Le Le’s family with some helplessness: “This incident has something to do with Yang Xiu Er.”


“That can’t be true, right?”

Ning Meng Yao smiled bitterly. She too didn’t believe it at first. At the beginning, it was just a doubt, but Madame Yang’s words cleared everything.

“It’s true. Yang Xiu Er’s family’s financial condition has improved a lot recently. In fact, some time before Le Le’s incident, Yang Xiu Er had met up with someone in town. After that, her entire family’s life has changed.” Ning Meng Yao also didn’t want to think badly those villagers living a simple life.

However, Yang Zhu and his wife weren’t stupid. They were able to somewhat paint the picture from Ning Meng Yao’s words.

They knew that Madame Luo had changed a lot recently. She kept showing off in the village, bragging about how good her clothes were. She even boasted about her hairpin, which had displeased many others.

At that time, many were still wondered about how Madame Luo’s family’s situation became so much better than before. But now, it seemed that the reason was clear.

“I won’t let Yang Xiu Er off.” Yang Zhu scolded furiously.

Ning Meng Yao quickly stopped Yang Zhu from leaving before saying hurriedly: “Uncle Yang, let me settle this. Now isn’t the right time yet.” If they went to confront Yang Xiu Er now, she would definitely deny it and complain that they were bullying her. The end result would be bad if they didn’t have any evidence.

Yang Zhu looked at Ning Meng Yao, then he turned to his daughter. As the village chief, he felt miserable for not being able to protect his own daughter.

“Dad, don’t worry. Yao Yao will surely be able to help us.” Yang Le Le noticed that her father was at a loss, so she quickly comforted him.

Judging from Ning Meng Yao’s identity, it was obvious that the other party was definitely someone wealthy. The Yang family members were just simple villagers. It was selfish to say but it was the truth.

If Yang Xiu Er really had some kind of relationship with those people, it definitely wasn’t something they could deal with by themselves.

The only thing they could do now was to wait and see. Was it so easy to meet with those wealthy people? It was too dangerous.

“Then, Meng Yao, I’ll need to trouble you with this.”

“Uncle Yang, don’t worry. I’ll avenge Le Le.” Ning Meng Yao looked at them and promised coldly.

Yang Zhu smiled and nodded. He was satisfied.

Ning Meng Yao stayed with Yang Le Le for a little longer before going back.

While on the way home, Ning Meng Yao met Yang Xiu Er in the village. When Yang Xiu Er noticed her, she stopped in front of her and looked mockingly at her beautiful face before smiling coldly: “Ning Meng Yao, do you think you’re so powerful? One day you’ll regret being so arrogant.”

Looking at Yang Xiu Er’s smug appearance, Ning Meng Yao couldn’t help but laugh. Her laughter was full of ridicule: “Are you sure it’s really good to have connections with those people? Yang Xiu Er, you better be careful, else you will end up falling very badly.”

Yang Xiu Er didn’t care about what she said: “You are just jealous of me, aren’t you?”

Ning Meng Yao laughed: “Go tell those people who were following Le Le that Le Le is doing fine. If something happened to her, it would be hard for you to absolve yourself from the blame.”

Although Yang Xiu Er already had some connections with the rich people, when she saw Ning Meng Yao’s expression, she still felt fear and even took a step back. Moreover, when she heard Ning Meng Yao’s words, she panicked. How did Ning Meng Yao found out about it?

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