Chapter 137 – Mixing In?

The Second Blood Rain will be arriving in five day and other than the palaces globally, the plants and regions of the planet would experience a shocking transformation.

And the materials that Yang Tian mentioned would also be born at that moment, Rank 1 materials would literally appear everywhere.

As the Second Blood Rain approaches, the King’s Spirit within Yang Tian’s mind was also becoming active and would randomly release powerful mental pulses, Yang Tian was on the verge of being unable to endure it.

The next few days were Yang Tian’s unstable period, even Yang Tian was unable to guarantee his ability to maintain optimal condition.

After returning to the manor, Yang Tian remained inside and no longer traveled casually. Although his subordinates were mass making magic energy weapons, their lord, Yang Tian, never made an appearance to inspect.

However, things would never happen as planned. Someone soon knocked on his doors.

“Boss, someone came to visit.”

“Not meeting, get that person to leave.”


Xu Dafu did as commanded immediately.

“No need to hurry.”

Wang Yu quickly stopped Xu Dafu and said to Yang Tian:

“They are from Benevolence Land.”

Wang Yu roughly knew what happened in F City. She had favorable opinions regarding Benevolence Land, that was why she wants to tell Yang Tian the identity of the visitors. 

The person was sent by Guan Ren Zuo and have taken great risks to reach here.

“Let’s take a look first.”

Yang Tian slightly frowned but still agreed to meet him.

The person was covered in injuries, looking like he had experienced a great battle on his way here.

“Did Benevolence Land and Qin Land started a war?”

“No… no that.”

It was unknown if he was weak due to his injuries or due to hunger, he was only skin and bones.

“Give him something to eat and drink.”

A piece of bread and a bottle of mineral water was soon devoured, the person looked much better after eating the food.

“Tell me what happened.”

“It’s like this…”

Blazing Fire King and Guan Ren Zuo were in conflict, but due to Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, Blazing Fire King did not dare to do anything to Guan Ren Zuo. However, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage suddenly went into seclusion a few days ago for unknown reasons and Blazing Fire King used that opportunity to take action. Without Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, Guan Ren Zuo had no way to resist Blazing Fire King. That was why he sent someone to seek help from Yang Tian, it was initially a team of people, but only one arrived to contact Yang Tian in the end.

“Enter seclusion? Sky Hegemon Blade Sage has likely absorbed the King’s Spirit of Thirty-Six Paradise City and is experience fluctuations from the King’s Spirit due to the incoming Blood Rain. That is the real reason behind the seclusion that he announced.” Yang Tian thought to himself.

In this life, Sky Hegemon Blade Sage obtained the King’s Spirit of Thirty-Six Paradise City much earlier than before. Yang Tian was only wondering about the possibility of the previous city lord of Thirty-Six Paradise City appearance.

“What about Qin Land?”

“They are very abiding and has never taken a single step in Benevolence Land.”

Instead, it was infighting that happened. This was also expected, the current Blazing Fire King no longer served under Guan Ren Zuo like in his previous life, and has become a self-centered and ambitious Blazing Fire King instead.

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“Guan Ren Zuo sent you to seek assistance from me, but I am not strong enough to deal with Blazing Fire King, I am unable to help.”

Setting aside the fact that Yang Tian was currently in his unstable period now, even during regular times, Yang Tian would not have chosen to help as well. It was going to be a difficult task with low rewards.

“But, Sir Guan Ren Zuo cannot last much longer.”

“You can seek help from Qin Land. Didn’t the agreement states that you can seek aid from Qin Land when you encounter dangers?”

“We did suggest that to Sir, but he says it would be inviting a wolf into your chambers and we will have to pay the price for that. He would rather be killed by Blazing Wolf King than to seek help from Qin Land.”

“Then I am out of ideas, send the guest off.”

Xu Dafu pulled the person up and was about to throw him out.

“There’s trouble, a group of people has appeared outside.” the blonde loli came and reported.

Over the past few days, this blonde loli has finally been performing tasks directly assigned by Yang Tian, and Yang Tian had became astonished at her talent in the field of magic energy equipment. If she could develop and mature, she would undoubtedly become a powerful Gunmaster.

“The people sent by Blazing Fire King to kill my team has caught up.”

As expected, if the camps are not connected, people would be able to approach the manor through the gaps in their security. After the unstable period, the camps must be connected to form a defense line.

“How many people?”

“More than twenty of them.”

“Kill them all, no survivors.”

The team currently outside the manor did not know that death is approaching. A large tube with a diameter of a washbasin suddenly appeared on the walls of the manor and aimed at them.

“What is that?”

Someone within the team pointed at the tube. Unfortunately, by the time the person had noticed it, a bright light was being shot out from the tube and it turned him into a corpse.


A massive yellow laser shot at them with high destructive force. The entire team was wiped out with that shot.

Fluorescent Cannon

A Rank 2 magic energy equipment that could produce the power of a Rank 3 offense-type magic energy equipment. However, it has a cooldown period of 48 hours, it has both massive advantage and disadvantage.

Crazy Vine was next to clean up the field, turning the bodies into its fertilizers.

“Boss, it is done.”

Blonde loli return to update Yang Tian, the entire process had taken less than five minutes to complete.

“How… fast.”

The messenger did not expect the people that have been sent to kill him were just small fries that Yang Tian could easily deal with.

“I have helped deal with your obstacle, there is no need to thank me, you can return now.”

This time Xu Dafu did not pause and immediately toss the messenger out of the manor.

“Boss, something’s wrong with Charmeleon recently.” Wang Yu said.

“It’s nothing.”

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Due to the King’s Spirit, summoned beasts of the manor like Charmeleon would certainly display some oddities. Charmeleon has often been seen entering a deep state of sleep, while Crazy Vine Matrix was becoming exceptionally twitchy recently; problems might have already occurred had Yang Tian not forcefully suppressed Crazy Vine Matrix.

“How is the discussion between the architects of the different camps?”

“Hard to say, they might be weak humans during normal times, but when it involves their professional opinions, no one is willing to give in.” Wang Yu shook her head.

This was also what was giving her the most headaches, everyone has their take and approaches on this matter. Which one should she use? Wang Yu was unable to decide.

“Bring me all their plans the next time, I will make the decision.”

This should not drag any longer, Yang Tian decided to choose the plan closest to his ideas and proceed, it was better than to continue letting them dryly stare at each other.

“Understand, Boss.”

The main reason for Yang Tian’s slight anger was because people sent by both Guan Ren Zuo and Blazing Fire King had been able to approach the manor.

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